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Somewhere South of Sodom

January 16, 2013 Anthony Esolen 0

It’s a Saturday, and Mr. James Lott is seated in his favorite chair in the living room, reading the newspaper, or pretending to read it.  His eyes scan the page, he knits his brows, he […]


The Vampire State

November 8, 2012 Anthony Esolen 0

“They live in the northernmost community in Canada,” said the fellow at the hamburger joint. “They’re Inuit, and have been living there for more than 2,000 years. They used to follow the caribou herds from […]


Listening to the Experts

August 28, 2012 Anthony Esolen 0

When the novelist Sigrid Undset was making her way from atheism to the Catholic faith, her most powerful guide was the Dominican laywoman Saint Catherine of Siena. The central moral insight in Undset’s most renowned […]


Not a “Swerve,” but a “Slouch”

August 20, 2012 Anthony Esolen 0

According to The Swerve, the award-winning book of intellectual history by Stephen Greenblatt, the event that jolted the western world from its religious somnolence was the discovery, by the book-finder Poggio Bracciolini, of an old […]

Film & Music

Paint-by-Number Hymns

July 5, 2012 Anthony Esolen 0

“Are you interested in painting, sir?” asks the cheerful curator of the modern art museum. “No, not me,” says the detective.  He passes his hand across his rumpled hair.  “Now, Mrs. Columbo, she’s different.  That […]

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A New Conservatism?

May 10, 2011 Anthony Esolen 0

“This year will mark a great opportunity for conservatives,” said the voice over the radio, by which he meant that one style of politician wholly committed to the cramped secular vision of man would triumph […]


No Communion Without Communication

April 25, 2011 Anthony Esolen 0

It is with some trepidation that I review Russell Shaw’s new book, Nothing to Hide. Shaw has been a stalwart defender of the truths of the Catholic faith, and as a journalist and communications director […]