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Special Report

A Turning Point?

May 15, 2011 Joseph A. D'Agostino 0

It’s a safe bet that most American Catholics don’t know that Brazil is the largest Catholic country in the world. They might guess Italy, France, or Mexico, but Brazil has far more Catholics than any […]

The Pope Was Right

May 14, 2011 Joseph A. D'Agostino 0

While on his way to visit Africa in March, Pope Benedict noted that condom promotion had not halted the spread of HIV on that continent and, in fact, may have made the situation worse. Predictably, […]


The Uses and Abuses of CycleBeads

April 26, 2011 Joseph A. D'Agostino 0

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the world’s premier pusher of population control on Third World peoples, has recently cottoned onto a form of natural family planning (NFP). Long a global promoter of hormonal contraceptives […]


An Unnatural Disaster

April 25, 2011 Joseph A. D'Agostino 0

The earthquake in May that rocked the Sichuan province of China and caused an enormous humanitarian disaster there prompted some in the mainstream media to notice a massive human rights violation in that Communist country, […]