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Nowhere Over the (Prideful) Rainbow

It is passing strange how what was once a symbol of sacred sanity and human hope is now a symbol of sexual insanity.

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With June comes the Rainbow. You can’t miss it. In fact, you may not miss it. Despite how anyone feels about it, despite your religious views, despite your conservative affiliations, despite the tradition of sexual morality, the appropriated banner of the LGBTQIA+ movement will be forced into our consciousness in neighborhoods and foisted upon our consciences in places of business.

But as the rainbow once flew for wistful dreamers who had faith in an on-high benevolence, from the wide-eyed Noah to the starry-eyed Judy Garland, the somewhere over the new rainbow is nowhere.

It is passing strange how what was once a symbol of sacred sanity and human hope is now a symbol of sexual insanity. Evil has an uncanny knack of subverting the most sublime icons into sordid ideologies. But that is no reason why God cannot turn it back to His own purposes—and, besieged though we are, Catholics can participate in that divine purpose.

The rainbow, of course, is among one of the most striking and beautiful apparitions of creation. There are few other events for which people almost call other people’s attention to it. And our response to it should be that of Romantic poet, William Wordsworth:

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!

Instead of rejoicing in the dramatic glory of the rainbow, those who choose natural law and moral truth and created beauty recoil, whether helplessly or heatedly, at the band of colors that flap from doorways, shopfronts, business lapels, and Internet ads. The pervasive insignia is one that discourages instead of encourages. Instead of remembering the rainbow as a sign that God will not relinquish us in times of cultural collapse, we remember how far culture has collapsed.

And it has fallen fast, as well. The origin of Pride Month hails from June 1969 and the Stonewall riots, which were protests against the New York City police in their efforts to close a gay bar, which, together with homosexual activity, was illegal at that time. Demonstrations continued every year to commemorate the uprising and in 1999 President Bill Clinton dubbed June as Pride Month.

But it wasn’t then what it is now. Two decades ago, there was messaging of “tolerance” that hovered here and there, but today, as we all know, the LGBTQ movement has grabbed the megaphone with a pressure to move beyond tolerance to acceptance and even normalization. That is the devilish objective at the end of the Pride rainbow, with a strategy of exposing the young and the weak and the subservient to this disordered lifestyle and make it part of a hyper-sexualized cultural landscape by sheer force.

But for all the noise and flash of Pride Month, their Rainbow might prove as flitting and fleeting as the glorious arc of light (which remains, by the way, a thing of beauty despite political corruption). Adherence to the promotion is probably pretty flimsy and perhaps beginning to show it flimsiness because, like all things of evil, there is a good deal of cowardice in their ranks. Though in small ways, people of common sense are beginning to push back, and we are seeing some surprising retreats and waffling, as with the L.A. Dodgers drama and their promotion of the drag group the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Bud Light’s transgender debacle, Target’s pressurized removal of LGBT-themed merchandise, and actions taken by Floridians empowered by presidential candidate Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

But it’s not that surprising to see cracks in the façade, since it is a façade and not really a foundation—one that is more embedded in crony capitalism and ideological toe-lining rather than sticking up for trampled minorities. Once the bottom lines start getting affected, corporations will shift, and Catholics should remember this when lodging complaints or making known their decisions to boycott and coordinate boycotts, as they should certainly do. The rainbow of pride and Divine disdain can be torn down, and the rainbow of humility and Divine dependence can be restored.

The rainbow has, over the epochs, symbolized the promise of God’s protection and presence, and even a bright intermediary between man and God. So the Greeks had swift-footed Iris bring the will of Zeus to heroes. So the Nordics had the Rainbow Bridge Bifröst connecting Asgard to Midgard. So the Irish had the legends of shoe-making Leprechauns that hid golden treasures at the rainbow’s end. So all retread or recapture or rephrase the heavenly Hebrew covenant after the great Flood.

That rainbow of Scripture, tradition, myth, and folklore is one that has a meaning behind it that goes beyond itself. It is a luminous transcendence. But the rainbow of Pride Month cannot go beyond itself because it is a symbol of selfishness—a symbol of self-centeredness, self-righteousness, self-indulgence, and self-service. It leads nowhere beyond the self, let alone to higher planes of earthly compassion and heavenly discourse. It is not a covenant in any sense of the word. It is an empty, power-grabbing ideology that is too specious and spineless to die on the hedonist hill it sits on. Pride comes before the fall.

That’s all pretty rough to say, but it isn’t said without charity. There is a fine line between condemning a lifestyle and condemning the one who lives it or the ones who support it—but that is precisely the line Catholics are called to tread. It is a difficult balance and not one that is struck through the extreme legislation we are seeing out of Uganda, where President Yoweri Museveni’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill punishes homosexual acts with life imprisonment and even death in aggravated cases involving rape and sexually transmitted diseases. Though to say life imprisonment and death are going too far, it is not wrong for a society to level penalties against unnatural, immoral, unsafe, and sinful behavior. As a nation, we have fallen under the spell of tolerance, as can be seen in the harsh objections to the Ugandan law by so-called conservative political, leaders like Senator Ted Cruz.

Neither is there excuse for so-called Catholic attempts to minister and assist homosexual or transgender people by having “Catholic” events in connection to this movement, such as the “Pride Mass” scheduled this month in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This is nothing less than an outrage, and Fr. Doug Boud and the deacons assisting him should be stopped and silenced, as they—perhaps with good, but wildly misguided, intentions—are using the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to promote, or even honor, what is an agenda of sin. We should have Mass for sinners, but not for sin. [Editor’s note: While editing this essay for publication, news broke that the “Pride Mass” has been cancelled by Bishop David Zubik.]

Loving acceptance lies not in a loving acceptance of lies. At the same time, there is a fine line between condemning a lifestyle and condemning the person who lives it. All the dimensions have to be taken into account, as far as it is possible, and in this lies a Catholic strategy for justice and victory. And it will take a little Catholic imagination to bring heaven and salvation back to the rainbow and a lot of Catholic bravery to stay sane amidst the insanity.

And the sun may, someday, break through the clouds and bring back the rainbow that promises that there is a somewhere over the rainbow where all men and women can be united in Love. In the meantime, let your hearts leap up.

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Sean Fitzpatrick is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College and serves on the faculty of Gregory the Great Academy in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania. He teaches Literature, Mythology, and Humanities. Mr. Fitzpatrick’s writings on education, literature, and culture have appeared in a number of journals including Crisis Magazine, Catholic Exchange, the Cardinal Newman Society’s Journal for Educators, and the Imaginative Conservative. He lives in Scranton with his wife, Sophie, and their seven children.


  1. It seems all that people of faith need to do as far as the rainbow symbol is to reclaim it. We know what the original meaning of it is.

    • Well said mrscracker. It was hijacked. More people need to be aware of the true origin of The Rainbow 🌈 the biblical origin.

  2. Note that the homosexual rainbow flag is a counterfeit rainbow, just like every action that tries to make evil good. That flag has 6 colors, and the number 6=incompleteness. The rainbow that we see in the sky has 7colors which can be seen by the human eye. The number 7 is complete, as in the seven days of creation and rest. The natural rainbow of course has so many colors, we can’t see all of them. I would love to take the rainbow back, but how?

    • We could make a 7 colour rainbow design & start using that emblem on umbrellas, bumper stickers, t-shirts-wherever we see the counterfeit version currently.
      And thank you for bringing that up. So many things connected with the gender confusion movement are non-scientific also. If it’s not a missing colour in the rainbow it’s ignoring unchangeable male & female chromosomes.

  3. About the rainbow thingy, here’s a side story…Some guy named Vozhd (“leader”) Joseph Stalin already did this trick in the Soviet Union back in 1929. In addition to widespread purges, and to keep the factories on schedule, and finally to redefine the institutions of religion and the family…

    Vozhd Stalin replaced the seven-day calendar with a five-day calendar. The five work brigades of the “workers’ paradise” were first branded with numbers. But when this didn’t take, each brigade was then assigned a color of the rainbow! The members of individual families were divided into different colors and regimented into different work schedules under the new five-day weeks. Under this color-coded diversity, gatherings of community and family were impossible, especially for religious observances.

    Much to be preferred, surely, is today’s flashy spread of gender theory, with the cancel culture, the consumerism of Black Friday, the near erasure of Good Friday, and of Mothers’ Day–all now upstaged by a full thirty days (!) of Gay Pride Month.

    This holiday graffiti imposed on the blank wall of digitized post-society in 1999 by Vozhd Billy Boy Clinton, the rake whose sophisticated digital corruption in the Offal Office then had him mouthing in the same breath the great mystery of the universe: “it all depends on what the meaning of is, is.”

    So, now, for a full month the rainbow banner flying alongside the national flag at city halls and national emb-ass-ies around the world.

  4. The LGBT degenerates are soldiers in the war against Christians and Christianity. The moral law and the person of Jesus offends them. This war began 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. It has many fronts and many weapons and many soldiers among them people like Joe Biden and his iconic son Hunter. Yet, most Christians, at least those in high places, do not seem to understand this war and that they are the targets. Sen. Dianne Feinstein grilled Amy Comey Barrett about her “dogma” living loudly in year and exposed the nature of this war. But, did Barrett “get it,” did any Catholic? I doubt it.

  5. “When a religious scheme is shattered (as Christianity was shattered at the Reformation), it is not merely the vices that are let loose. The vices are, indeed, let loose, and they wander and do damage. But the virtues are let loose also; and the virtues wander more wildly, and the virtues do more terrible damage. The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone. Thus some scientists care for truth; and their truth is pitiless. Thus some humanitarians only care for pity; and their pity (I am sorry to say) is often untruthful.” – G.K. Chesterton

    Thus, some notion of “love” is let loose and it attaches to behavior that under a Christian moral scheme, would be undeniably grotesque, anent the current month. Thus, some notion of “justice” is loosed also from its Christian moorings and sets about enslaving real Justice which is based on behaviors to a facsimile of justice based on skin-color and “victim-status” using such other terms for virtue like “diversity, inclusivity, and equity”, i.e. D.I.E., and I could go on and on. Freemasons, Marxists, skeptics, atheists, haters of God and goodness have sown the seed of discontent into the wind and our generation is reaping the whirlwind.

  6. Well, God bless Bishop Zubik for quickly cancelling it, scheduled for Corpus Christi no less, good grief. But it seems to me problematic to say, as the bishop also did, that he wants the diocese to be welcoming to the LGBTwhatever “community”. A community centered around an evil behavior, whether it be the activities of the Mafia, or various sexual sins, should not be welcomed as a “community”. Can not the individuals so afflicted and behaving can be helped without giving that silent blessing of apparent approval to their “community”?

  7. In case anyone missed it – there was a 3 hour show on ABC last night on ‘The 1619 Project’. I watched for about 3 minutes – completely predictable. It was very laudatory of the whole deal and ANYone who objected even remotely was immediately labeled a racist, or SARC ALERT!! (gasp!!) A BAD PERSON.

    In addition we now have the sisters of perpetual indulgence fouling up the air in L.A., as if it weren’t foul enough already.

    If this whole thing weren’t so pathetic it would be funny.


    It’s both – and it’s scary.

    • The 1619 Project is just incorrect/incomplete history. It’s a shame that can’t be pointed out without getting into all sorts of ideological arguments, but each side seems to have selective reasons for arguing about it. At the end of the day all history texts are skewed one way or the other. This is just another example.

      • Hi, mrscracker:

        Actually, “Project 1619” is much, much worse than just another version of a “skewed” history text. It is an egregious and malevolent revision of history in order to promote the objectively false claim that slavery was the centerpiece and primary motivating force of America’s founding and subsequent history, which is completely absurd. As a result, more ongoing hatred of white people is promoted based on the lies of Project 1619.

        Also, at least some 5000 schools throughout the US have adopted Project 1619 into their curriculum, and it also includes Study Guides to push the narrative of black victims being oppressed by white people that still continues today, and that revenge is necessary to “right the wrongs” of the past and today.

        There are indeed numerous errors throughout Project 1619, and in response to leading historians of the slavery period who pointed out more than 100 significant errors, including ridiculous exaggerations and outright lies, the writer behind the Project, Nikole Hannah Jones, responded that the historians who criticized the flaws were just “old, white male historians” who did not deserve to be taken seriously.

        In sum, Project 1619 also makes the same kinds of claims set forth by racist organizations like “Black Lives Matter” in proudly but falsely maintaining that anti-black racism is part of the DNA of “White America,” and that’s why the year 1619 (incorrectly but still widely assumed to be the beginning of slavery in the US) was chosen to make it look like anti-black racism is, again, what America has always been about and what motivates white people still today.

        And so, sadly, Project 1619 is not just a skewed, incorrect, and incomplete version of history. It is a completely fabricated tale that purposely promotes a form of evil (unjust vengeance) disguised as righting wrongs of the past allegedly still prominent today in other forms.

        • I’m no fan of the 1619 project but slavery was in fact what made the colonial economy turn in North, South, and Central America & elsewhere. Especially after the American Revolution when British convicts were no longer available to be sold cheaply into indenture.
          It would have been helpful for the 1619 Project to point out that a person of colour was the first legal chattel slave owner in the British American colonies. And that free people of colour were generally prosperous & not infrequently slave owners themselves. Some purchased their own family members because of state laws limiting the number of free “blacks”. It was a way to keep families together. But other free people of colour were very affluent plantation owners with many slave laborers. Skin colour wasn’t originally a factor in slavery but it ended up being that way in Anglo America.

          Our standard texts usually ignore that the British freed at least one of Washington’s slaves plus thousands of other Black Loyalists who aided the British cause during the Revolution. They were evacuated by the British to Nova Scotia along with “White” Loyalists. Their descendants live on there today.

          Personally, I question both the 1619 & 1776 narratives. I think we made a bad call back then & by avoiding the Revolution/Civil War of 1776 we might have ended slavery decades earlier without a drop of blood being shed. And we’d very likely have avoided our 2nd civil war & all the endless foreign interventions & land grabs like the Mexican War, Spanish American War, etc.
          But we can’t go back & fix history. Sadly.

          • Looks like some moral equivalence is at play in your comment, mrscracker, but it’s not a close call between Project 1619 and the 1776 Project. Project 1619 is at its core and intention quite malevolent, and so it deserves no respect from all people of good will. 1776 does not suffer from anywhere near the amount of intentional misinformation pushed by Hannah Jones and fellow travelers in Project 1619. As such, 1776’s narrative is much more trustworthy than Project 1619, and again, it’s not a close call when looked at with a critical and objective eye. In fact, a simple and most telling comparison is the following: Project 1619 pushes dishonest and malevolent critical race theory nonsense, while the 1776 Project rightly stands against the many falsehoods of critical race theory.

            Now, if Project 1619 would stick to the actual facts of the practice of slavery (including economic realities) exercised by Great Britain in America prior to the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War, it would be on more solid ground, but as I set forth in my previous comment, Project 1619 is clearly not just an alternative narrative of history with a few mistakes and omissions. It is intentionally a dishonest re-writing of history to promote the evil notion that anti-black racism is part of the DNA of white people, and as stated in my previous post, such is used to promote unjust vengeance against white people and white culture (Western culture) today.

            One of the authors I recently mentioned in another combox (Dr. Kathleen Brush) also writes very informative articles on such topics. Please take just a few minutes to check out the following online article “America Would Be A Better Place If We Taught The Truth About Slavery” (Jan.5, 2023).

            I believe you would also find Brush’s short book “Racism and anti-Racism in the World: before and after 1945” quite rewarding. Unlike Hannah Jones, Brush is a true scholar who documents her work with numerous footnotes and other references so people can check the accuracy of her statements and claims.

            Remember: Only Truth (not false narratives) Sets Us Free. 🙂

  8. Well put. On the continuum of justice and mercy, it’s very hard to find the fulcrum, the balance point. It’s like the teeter totter of my youth, the big bully on one end would bounce down hard throwing the unsuspecting weakling flying into the air only to land on the pavement below with a bleeding knee. We must seek sanity, understanding and mercy. It’s not we and they, but rather us. We must not compromise, but we can seek to understand. May God bless us ALL in these difficult days.

  9. I’m the father of six children, several of whom are in the LGTBQIA+ community. My second youngest (28 years old), posted something today that I’d like to share.

    “One of my biggest regrets in life was hiding who I was or changing to fit in better because of what a church told me. They said “hate the sin not the sinner” or “it’s okay just don’t act on it” or “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”. Well, when I realized my social circle does not have to come from a church I realized how much hurt I had placed on myself by denying a side of me.

    I started dating, I came out as bisexual, and I was “free” to express myself. But self-doubt and self-sabotage made me believe physical intimacy meant they wouldn’t leave. I learned the hard way, many times, that that is not true.

    So, I stayed single. I worked on myself. I discovered what makes me happy. I learned what letters in the LGTBQIA+ acronym feel like home. And my goodness, do I feel like quite a few of those letters: Asexual, Panromantic, Gender-fluid, etc. but the one I come back to is Queer.


    And you cannot stop this queer train because I’m marrying a woman in September!!

      • None. They grew up in a traditional religious family and attended church for many years. As adults, they are free to choose their own path. And as their father, it is my duty to love them.

    • Just wondering, here, at what age and exactly how “queers” discover their omnidirectional and anti-binary freedom of “expression”? Sociologists seem to avoid such “longitudinal” studies….

      Limiting ourselves to three questions:

      FIRST, do we have an anecdotal clue from the famous novelist Andre Gide, a self-divided bisexual, who had something to say about getting locked-in (!) early? As portrayed by a biographer:

      “[Gide] emphatically protests that he has not a word to say against marriage and reproduction (but then) suggests that it would be of benefit to an adolescent, before his desires are fixed, to have a love affair with an older man, instead of with a woman. . . the general principle admitted by Gide, elsewhere in his treatise, that sexual practice tends to stabilize in the direction where it has first found satisfaction; to inoculate a youth with homosexual tastes seems an odd way to prepare him for matrimony” (Harold March, Gide and the Hound of Heaven, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1952).

      Better to conflate a marriage parody with marriage parity.

      SECOND, what about addictions in general, that is, overindulgence by anybody in digital and virtual reality games, for example?

      Research finds that addictions produce corresponding neuro-chemical and possibly cellular changes in the brain itself, e.g., dopamine which is responsible for reward-driven behavior. A recent study completed at University College London and using MRI technology (magnetic resonance imagery) strongly implies that a habit of lying, for example, tends to suppress the part of the brain (the amygdala) that responds emotionally to a “slippery slope” pattern of small and then larger lies (Neil Garrett, Dan Ariely and Stephanie Laxxaro, Nature Neuroscience Journal, October 24, 2016; reported by Erica Goode, New York Times, October 25, 2016).

      An interesting finding, this, given that the alternative of hard genome research concludes that there is no gay gene. And, further, that the few relevant “markers” in the genome are much less significant influences in gay behavior than are non-genetic factors such as absentee or abusive fathers, environment, sexual abuse, or early experimentation…What we might label as today’s pandemic “Gide Factor.”

      THIRD, extrapolating from LGBTQ dating/promiscuity, why do we find bottom-feeder (double entendre intended) cardinals now signaling that moral theology, and sexual morality in particular, is out of date compared to new and mysterious “sociological-scientific foundations”?

      Apparently, the trick of “accompaniment” is, more-or-less, to go with the flow and validate homosexual actions. And then, maybe to be so inclusive (!) as to discover that binary men and women are equally free to express themselves intimately, physically, and promiscuously outside of real and indissoluble marriage. Depending upon circumstances, of course, and “pastoral” discernment!

      It’s a faith-thing only. Like graffiti on stone tablets. To hell with the morality of the sixth and ninth commandments.

    • Simply acting upon what makes you “happy ” can have tragic results. Our correctional facilities are full of folks who acted upon their desires without the constraints of conscience.

    • I cannot understand why you posted this. That lifestyle of your child is the antithesis of all that is holy and pure. So, happiness is the yardstick that she measures her life?“Take up your cross and follow Me.” Prayers for conversion of your children.

      • I posted it to share my daughter’s experience in the church. God loves all of us, and yet the church does not. Read what Jesus had to say about those who identify as LGTBQA+. Nothing. His harshest criticism was against the religious.

        • “God loves all of us, and yet the church does not.”

          Which is why the Church destroyed Sodom and Gomarrah, correct? (Sarcasm off.)

          Sigh. You clearly have problems understanding the nature of love, which never affirms or ignores what is false or disordered, even while desiring and seeking the good of the other. And, in fact, the two must always go hand in hand.

          Do you think that when Jesus said he comes to fulfill the entire Law (Mt 5) that he meant everything except the Law’s condemnation of fornication, adultery, and homosexuality?

    • And your point here is? Are you proud of the fact that your children are living in rebellion against God? It’s not about love; it’s about truth and obedience.

  10. psalm 33 : By the word of the Lord the heavens were made.” People of Faith know the rainbow in the sky comes from God,the others come from men. What was intended as tolerance has been hi jacked by the LGBTQ+ political platform who show no tolerance for Christians. The moral law and the Person of Jesus offends them as shown by the LA Dodgers, Bud Lite and Target etc. debacles. God is in His Heaven laughing at the political woke agenda knowing it too will pass and His rainbow will still be seen in the Heavens.

  11. When reading the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector I can’t help but notice which modern groups have pride movements that are very vocal in their public statements.

  12. The Glory of the Christian Rainbow and the Satanism of Its Inversion
    Peter Kwasniewski, Ph.D.
    May 31, 2023

    The Glory of the Christian Rainbow and the Satanism of Its Inversion
    Peter Kwasniewski, Ph.D. May 31, 2023


    It is a very ancient understanding of the spirit of Antichrist that it mimics and mocks Christ. It takes what is His, and inverts it. A moral or doctrinal inversion of a Christian symbol perforce becomes a demonic symbol. For example, an upside-down cross—if it is not in the very specific context of a depiction of the Apostle Peter, who was martyred upside-down—is an anti-cross or a rejection of the cross of Christ. That the rainbow, sign of God’s covenant with restored creation, was affixed to a flag representing grave depravity and even the misanthropic destruction of humanity (since “God created them male and female”), is already a clear sign of the spirit of Antichrist. But we are given one more indication of this, hiding in plain sight. The demonic symbol represents the rainbow with six colors—that is, according to ancient numerology, the number of man—and not seven, the number of the divine, as in a natural rainbow.

  13. A culture in a death-spiral in so many ways. Followers of Christ have been called apart from the world. We live in it as we must but we are not of it.

  14. God’s rainbow was hijacked, and I totally agree that we should take it back. This country was founded on Judeo-Christain beliefs. So far that we have strayed from those values, but We The People can reverse the perversion that has occurred.
    The party and ideology of tolerance and inclusion is anything but. If you do not agree with their mindset you are a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, fascist, Nazi, or a domestic terrorist.
    like stated above, at first it was tolerance and acceptance. Then it morphed into this twisted mindset of child perversion. Why is it so important to this alphabet soup to read to children and perform lewd acts in front of them? Why must the lifestyle choice of a minute percentage of the population dictate “normalcy”? Why are pedophiles so stigmatized by what they are, and are seeking acceptance as MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons). They even hijacked the alphabet soup flag to make one of their own. Blue is for boys, light blue is for young boys, white is for babies, pink is for young girls, and darker pink is for girls. Is that not sick and twisted????
    We are being hit from every angle. Media, advertising, sports, and shopping. It starts with us, speaking up, spending our money on companies that share our values, and spreading the gospel. Attend Mass, and remember, atheism dies in the foxhole. God never abandoned us, we have abandoned Him.

  15. We’re talking about the Rainbow here, having been hi-jacked by the LGBTQ mob. But what about the word Pride? When you are proud of something, it is for something wonderful. I don’t see that now in the way that used-to-be beautiful word is being bandied about a gang of degenerates.

    • Is there a sin more fundamental than the sin of pride?
      We need incessant homilies on the Sin of Pride.

  16. All those words just to say what Sr. Dorothy John taught me in first grade: “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” Catholics used to know that rather instinctively.

  17. The law needs to get involved with these matters. Socrates was put to death for “corrupting the youth” of Athens. The publication of materials promoting any immorality ought to be outlawed. This would include, but, not be limited to, pro-unborn-child-murder and pro-sexual-perversion.

  18. “Hijacked” is the appropriate word, even for the hippies. Regardless of what one might think about the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia was born and buried a Roman Catholic. He preferred the Latin mass, in fact. I was in San Francisco, the day he died, and for several years, before and after, in the Haight-Ashbury. I watched this unfold with my own two eyes.

    The modern rainbow clique didn’t begin with the gay community. It began with a Native American prophecy.

    The pride community continues to piggyback the worldviews and visions of not only indigenous Americans but cultures everywhere, only to return to its own preoccupation with itself. With their true colors exposed, these people are about as inclusive as any hate group you could name; they represent a very small minority in comparison with the rest of the world.

    Media often gives us a false impression of reality. It’s important to remember that. The 60s and the 70s weren’t just about a sexual revolution, and the cultural revolution which took place wasn’t necessarily defined by the protégés of Karl Marx. I think Roger McGuinn, of The Byrds, still attends church with his family.

    As for myself, I’m still one of those long-haired hippies. I won’t let them define what that means for me. As far as Bill Clinton’s “Gay Pride Month” goes, I plan to simply ignore it.


  19. All too often the word orientation is used where the word temptation should be used. When it comes to sex the words sin and temptation appear to have been banished from the modernist vocabulary.

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