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Extra, extra! News and views for January 25, 2023

Here are some articles, essays, and editorials that caught our attention this past week or so.*

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Accusations Against Pavone – Laicized priest Frank Pavone was accused before his laicization of sexual harassment, grooming behavior, and coercive physical contact with young women. Pavone was accused of ‘sexual misconduct’ before laicization (The Pillar)

Targeted pro-life centers – “A Buffalo medical office was firebombed and vandalized by pro-abortion extremists claiming to be affiliated with the group Jane’s Revenge following the leak of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.” FBI Offers $25K Reward for Information about Attacks on Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers (National Review)

Loss of Liberty – “The last several years have revealed something we never wanted to believe. Major swaths of the leaders of our public culture—in government, media, and industry—have been lying to us.” To Be Ruled by Liars (The Epoch Times)

Letting Go, Living on the Land – For the first forty-five years of my life, I had no interest, knowledge, or experience in either farming, agrarianism, or distributism. Then my wife Marilyn inherited a small portion of her family’s farm. “Life From Our Land” Revisited (Marcus Grodi)

Sitting on the Fence – “The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, has confirmed in a BBC interview that he believes that sexual immorality is not sinful.” Archbishop of York says sexual immorality is not sinful (Christian Concern)

The T-Word – “If LGBTQ+ individuals are truly “traumatized” by the fact that their unions are not sanctified by an institution that was already socially and culturally irrelevant to most English people when I was at school in the 1980s, then the bar for trauma is, I fear, heading in a subterranean direction.” The Church of England Takes a ‘Third Way’ on Gay Marriage (First Things)

The Problem of Evil – “Alvin Plantinga is famous for developing a “free will” defense of moral evil which argued that God could have a reason for allowing that evil in light of God’s decision to create free persons.”Hard Universalism, Grace, and Creaturely Freedom (Church Life Journal)

Spirit of the Times – “Robert Hugh Benson wrote Lord of the World in 1907, just four years after the Wright brothers invented the airplane and seven years before the bloodbath of the Great War.” My Kind of AntiChrist (The Catholic Thing)

Artificial Neural Networks – “While various forms of machine learning have been around for decades, our world recently witnessed a quantum leap forward in AI technology.” GPT-3 and the AI Revolution: Machine Learning Just Got Really Crazy (Salvo Magazine)

Content Warning – A months-long Townhall investigation reveals disturbing new details about the affluent LGBTQ-activist couple accused of sodomizing their young adopted sons—now ages 9 and 11. TAPES: We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here’s What We Found. (Town Hall)

Continuing the Fight – There are some important lessons that have been and need to be learned by those fighting for the most vulnerable members of our society. There are also challenges that must be addressed. Lessons and Challenges as the March for Life Continues (Association of Mature American Citizens)

Not a Role Model – There is nothing unique in Prince Harry’s story. The same plot applies to all who have walked down the selfish, disastrous road of postmodernity, where every tradition and social structure must be questioned, and every narrative denied. How a Fairy Tale Prince Became an Anti-Hero (The Imaginative Conservative)

New Media Studio – “Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic media organization filed for a Rochester building permit this week for a “Word on Fire Rochester Studio Facility on the second floor of the Wells Fargo building” at 21 First St. SW.” New Catholic media studio to open in downtown Rochester (Post Bulletin)

ChatGPT – School systems across the country are grappling with whether to ban the new tool outright, or allow students to use it to help under the right circumstances. DC Region Schools Ban AI tool ChatGPT (WTOP News)

(*The posting of any particular news item or essay is not an endorsement of the content and perspective of said news item or essay.)

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  1. Thank you, the articles are informative and interesting. The Prince Harry article is well worth reading, very good writer. The Father Pavone accusation is sad, must say that now I am finding it difficult to make any more donations tp Priest for Life. What to do?

  2. @The Problem of Evil
    We’re inquisitive creatures. That’s a good thing. Not when we seek entry into the mind of God.
    Fr. James Dominic Rooney, OP brilliant Dominican theologian enters where angels desist. His thesis in a larger than ordinary nutshell is that God’s rationale for permitting evil is to bring good out of it. There is some scriptural reference, the great Apostle for instance that alludes this, God permitting Israel to defect that salvation would reach all eventually Israel. And Augustine, that God permits our waywardness at the beginning of his creation that he might display his mercy [does God require to prove his love to himself?].
    I believe in saints, although I’m not obliged to accept as Gospel everything they might muse [although Paul’s theorem makes sense since sin was already a factor].
    Fr Rooney ends with a soupy finale God wanting to throw us into the eternal fire yet heartstruck, the beloved humanity clinging in want, God succumbing in an eternal embrace of love.
    How about this? Isn’t it more consistent with the divine nature, despite omniscient awareness of the Fall from grace, that out of his infinite good, benevolent intent, his prescient love he creates regardless of where the chips may fall? That foreknowledge of evil events cannot prevent that love from being expressed, making us in his own image with the freedom to love him since love is love only if freely given?

  3. “Sitting on the Fence” (#5) mentions the Lambeth Conference of 1998. But, going back even before the sexual devolution of 1968, at the 1948 Lambeth Conference the long-defeated (from 1930) Anglican minority still told it like it is:

    “It is, to say the least, suspicious that the age in which contraception has won its way is not one which has been conspicuously successful in managing its sexual life. Is it possible that, by claiming the right to manipulate his physical processes in this manner, man may, without knowing it, be stepping over the boundary between the world of Christian marriage and what one might call the world of Aphrodite, the world of sterile eroticism?” (Citation by Cardinal John Wright, “Reflections on the Third Anniversary of a Controverted Encyclical,” St. Louis: Central Bureau Press, 1971).
    “The world of Aphrodite”?

    Among the pseudo-Catholic illuminati, the real “seamless garment” weaves together contraception, then abortion, then blessing of the active gay subculture with gay “marriage,” then resonance from the German non-synodal uprising, and then Cardinal Hollerich’s signaled reversal of the inborn and entire natural law (and therefore the Catechism) on sexual morality.

    Clever guys, or whatever, these seamstresses:

    The marginalized “facilitator” bishops defer to their synodal block parties, the “aggregated, combined and synthesized” diocesan reports defer to word-merchant “experts,” the harmonized “continental” phase then defers to the worldwide and tautological Synod on Synodality, then this body is in the incomparable hands of Cardinal Hollerich, who then defers to moral cliff-walker Fr. Radcliffe to kick off the climax master debate.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  4. I suggest that Catholics and Church of England members who are Christians give the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrel, a present. It could be via one of those online fundraisers. He will be provided with a trip to Jerusalem, a rental of a horse, and a map. He will be pointed in the direction of Damascus, and told to ride. It worked once before.

  5. The T-word went along with the P-word, “pain and trauma”; and for now both got shelved. Maybe pigeon-holed. Whether as a stop-gap measure for the Church of England, or intra-period transitioning, it surely has the approval of the to-be-crowned King of England the head of that Church. As such it would correlate nicely his vision of the Anglican Communion, as he claims that to be, remaining flexible in the inter-religious dialogue while yet now matching the expressed views of Pope Francis, on the particular matters homosexual and their otherwise “sensitive” content. Whatever is gained accrues to the power of the monarch who assents to both the civil law legalization and to the Anglican blessings and arrangements; from his magnanimity.

    It nonetheless serves to reveal and underscore the error in the Pope proclaiming specialization of laws for homosexual “civil union”!

    ‘ The pastoral office, it is said, is entrusted to the Church; she preaches for the faithful but does not teach for the theologians. But such a divorce of preaching and teaching is most profoundly opposed to the essence of the biblical message. It merely rehashes that division between psychics and gnostics, whereby the so-called gnosis of antiquity had already tried to secure for itself, a free zone; which in reality placed it outside the Church and her faith. ‘

    – Joseph Ratzinger, The Nature and Mission of Theology ( Ignatius, trans. Adrian Walker, original 1993, Johannes Verlag, at page 62 )

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