Catholic film on “the transgender explosion” to premiere October 8th

An interview with author and filmmaker Don Johnson about the making, purpose, and release of Dysconnected: The Real Story Behind the Transgender Explosion.

"Dysconnected: The Real Story Behind the Transgender Explosion" is a new film from author and filmmaker Don Johnson; it will premiere on October 8, 2022, at Freed Theater on the Christ Cathedral Campus of the Diocese of Orange, 13280 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, California. (Images:

Don Johnson, a Catholic filmmaker based in Anaheim, California, will premiere Dysconnected: The Real Story Behind the Transgender Explosion, a new film on the transgender phenomenon sweeping the nation, on Saturday, October 8, from 6 to 10 p.m. at Freed Theater on the Christ Cathedral Campus of the Diocese of Orange, 13280 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, California. The event will include a panel discussion and opportunity to meet Johnson and some of those interviewed for the film, including “detransitioner” Daisy Strongin, billboard activist Chris Elston, therapist Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, teacher Brenda Lebsack and Erin Brewer of Advocates Protecting Children. The film also includes interviews with Daisy Strongin, Ryan T. Anderson, Abigail Favale, Christopher West, Carl Trueman, Margaret McCarthy, Michael Hanby, Benjamin Wiker, and others.

Dysconnected, which is executive produced and distributed by Ignatius Press, will be available for purchase after October 8th through Ignatius Press or available to be streamed online. For additional information about the film, including purchasing tickets for the October 8th premiere or to buy the film or stream it online, visit

Johnson is a former Evangelical Protestant and evangelist who converted to the Catholic Faith and entered the Catholic Church in 2015. “I read my way into the Church,” says Johnson, “Studying history and doing apologetics as a Protestant led me into the Catholic Church.” He is a public speaker and the author of the recently published book Twisted Unto Destruction: How ‘Bible Alone’ Theology Made the World a Worse Place (Catholic Answers, 2022); visit his website at

CWR: What led you to make Dysconnected?

Don Johnson: I am the father of four children, including three girls who are either teens or close to that age. I have observed the teen girl world for the past 10 years, and it is a disaster. My wife and I are protective parents, but we know enough of that world to know it is horrendous. My last movie was entitled Unprotected: The Untold Story of the Sexual Revolution, which focused on the sexual revolution and effects of widespread use of the birth control pill. Although I didn’t plan it this way, Dysconnected has turned out to be a follow-up of that film; the transgender movement follows in a logical progression from the sexual revolution and is Satanic in nature. And, it is overwhelmingly girls who are transitioning.

CWR: How did you select the name “Dysconnected”?

Johnson: It is a play on the words disconnected and dysphoria, as in gender dysphoria. God made us for unity with our bodies, families and reality. The trans movement is a disconnect from that. Our God is a God of unity; Satan wants to tear apart that unity. It sums up the film.

CWR: What surprised you most in the making of this film?

Johnson: I was surprised how pervasive the transgender movement is. Just a few years ago, none of us had heard of it, but today it is quite a significant movement. I have a friend who is a fourth-grade teacher, who reports to me that something like 30 or 40 percent of her students are somewhere on the transgender spectrum, whether it be changing their names or pronouns, or something more involved. It involves a broad range of activities; being “non-binary” is the thing right now.

But I also came to see how dark the whole movement is at its roots. It is a fad, like Goth was in the 90s, but transgenderism is much darker, and more insidious at its core. I don’t blame the girls who are sucked into it, or even the teachers who go along with it to save their jobs. The real evil is being done by those who promote it at the higher levels. It is a dark, anti-family, anti-person movement.

CWR: In the opening of your film, we meet “detransitioner” Daisy Strongin. We see her years ago as a young teen revealing the scars of a recent double mastectomy.

Johnson: Yes, it is shocking. It is self-mutilation. I could have been more graphic in the film than that, but I chose not to. I could have shown images of surgeons ripping out portions of a person’s forearm, or taking chunks of a person’s thighs to be molded into a phallus.

CWR: Body parts that don’t work, they just appear like parts that do.

Johnson: Yes. That is the sad thing about gender reassignment surgery. Once you’re done, parts of your body no longer work to any degree. They instead may be forever medical patients, using drugs for the rest of their lives, as the body may not be able to produce the proper hormones to keep them going. At no point in the future will they be able to live lives like the rest of us.

CWR: I noticed that Daisy, after detransitioning, still has the deep voice of a man. Is that related to her taking of testosterone? Will her voice ever go back to its original feminine sound?

Johnson: It is related to her use of testosterone. Unfortunately, over the course of years the voice deepens, and it never changes back. She’ll have that deep voice the rest of her life. The regret of many of the people in this situation is immense.

CWR: Dysconnected talks about some of the factors leading girls with gender dysphoria into the transgender movement. The first one you mention is autism.

Johnson: Yes, about 30 percent of those transitioning are on the autistic spectrum, although some people think that number is higher. This is because people with autism are more susceptible to being sucked into cult-like behaviors. They don’t fit well into neuro-typical social situations, and being accepted into a transgender group is a way for them to feel better socially. They tend to get hyper-focused on one topic or a small number of topics, and then they make a decision and are locked into it. They think, “Yes, transitioning is the answer to my problems.” People with autism are often not comfortable in their bodies, and can’t control their bodies as they’d like, and then come to accept the lie that the reason they are uncomfortable is that they have been born into the wrong body and need to change.

CWR: The film also touches on widespread porn use as a factor leading girls to transgenderism.

Johnson: Yes, porn is the sexual objectification of women, and the reality is that women don’t like to be objectified, but hate it. They are treated like objects. Porn is also becoming increasingly violent and sadistic, and girls are being exposed to it at younger and younger ages. It leads some girls to decide, “I don’t want to be a girl anymore.”

CWR: Girls with gender dysphoria have psychological and emotional issues that need to be addressed, or so say those you interview, and are led to seek hormone treatments and surgery to improve their situation.

Johnson: Yes. It is similar to years past when we did lobotomies on overly emotional women. It was non-scientific, a quack medical approach to a problem that is a psychological, spiritual and personality-related condition.

CWR: Many therapists today are not attempting to help girls with these problems, but affirming their desire to transition.

Johnson: As Ryan Anderson points out, there is a new movement in therapy that is the opposite of the way things should be. Therapists today are supposed to affirm a decision of your choice to be someone other than you are. Rather than affirm to a girl that she is a girl, if she expresses an interest in being a boy, we’re going to try to convert them into being a boy by giving them a body more like that of a boy. In many states, it is illegal for therapists to do anything else; therapists have to engage in affirmation therapy, which may include converting girls into something else than what they are.

If someone comes to a therapist with anorexia, would we want the therapist to say, “You’re right, you are overweight, let’s get you some liposuction”? In the same way, if a girl comes to a therapist and says, “I feel like I’m a boy,” do we want the therapist to say, “Okay, let’s make you into a boy”? Affirmation care is a misnomer. It is actually the opposite. Not long ago, what some deride as conversion therapy would just be considered therapy, and would not be outlawed.

CWR: Some transgender activists like to say, “Better to have a trans kid than a dead kid.”

Johnson: This is what parents often hear from trans activists: if you don’t allow your child to transition, he or she will commit suicide. As our therapist says in the movie, it is emotional blackmail. You’re not supposed to use a suicide threat to get what you want, but that is what they are doing now.

But it is a lie. If you look at countries that have good data on those who have transitioned, such as Sweden, you see that suicide rates for those who transition go up, not down. Transitioning does not fix anything; people are not being healed. They may have a brief reprieve—Daisy said she felt better for three weeks—but eventually suicide rates go up.

CWR: The debate over transgenderism ultimately comes down to competing views of anthropology and human life.

Johnson: It does. It is a debate about the meaning of life and what it means to be a person. The traditional view of Western Civilization is that God made man in His image and likeness, to love Him and others, and with a purpose in life. The trans movement views the person’s body as disconnected from his identity. The real us is an ethereal thing, a ball of ideas and emotions, which has nothing to do with the body. It is gnostic dualism; the body is a tool we can use but can be discarded. It is not the real us. This is an ancient heresy, a resurgence of the ideas of thinkers like René Descartes, who told us, “I think, therefore I am.”

The so-called “transhumanists” see this very clearly. They see us as a ball of ideas which can be downloaded into a computer so that we can live forever as robots.

While the average teenage girl struggling to make it through life is typically unaware of this, what is really being pushed is a dualist view of the body, a revolt against reality, and ultimately, a revolt against God. That is what makes this movement so dark, it says, “I will not submit to being a creature of God.” It is anti-God and anti-family at its root.

But, fighting against nature and reality is a losing proposition. In the end, all it does is cause pain and suffering.

CWR: Some of those you interview assert that a contraceptive society leads it to become a society that embraces transgenderism.

Johnson: Widespread acceptance of “the Pill” in the 1960s was key to our separating our personhood from our bodies. It was a disconnection of who we are as people and from the inherent meaning of our bodies. When the feminist says a woman should sterilize herself through the use of contraception, what does it mean to be a woman? It means she is separating herself from her reproductive capacity, which is intimately tied up in her being a woman.

As humans, we are made in the image and likeness of God, and as a part of that, we procreate. When we intentionally eliminate our ability to procreate, sex distinction is no more. The sexes are interchangeable; why not change our gender if we want? If we start with contraception, transgenderism is a logical follow-up. If you accept that womanhood is not connected intimately to a woman’s body, then there is no reason to exclude transgenderism.

It is important to note, however, that there are many feminists who oppose the transgender movement. They are derided as “TERFs,” or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

CWR: The trans movement is also anti-parent, some of those you interview say, and try to keep parents in the dark about what they are saying to their children.

Absolutely. I didn’t see this as clearly before I made the movie. Why is it so anti-parent? Because transgenderism is anti-body, and does not see the body as part of one’s identity, and the body is intimately tied to your parents and is how you came into the world. If you fight against reality, you are going to fight against the body, and therefore the nuclear family, which is tied into your bodily existence.

CWR: You also describe transgenderism as a cult.

Johnson: It is a cult. They do all the things that cults typically do. They cut you off from other sources of authority, tie you into charismatic leaders and a group into which you are endeared, and if you ever dare to step away, you are entirely excluded. As detransitioners will tell you: I was a star, then I began asking questions, and I was out. The love and acceptance were gone.

The trans movement also uses its own language. They refer to your pre-transition name as your “dead name,” for example. Once you transition, that name and your former identity are dead to you. That is total cult behavior. Your new identity now is with this group.

CWR: There is also a great deal of money some can make on the trans movement.

Johnson: Yes. It used to be that the medical profession would have to wait for sick people to show up for treatment before they could make any money. But in the trans movement, you take healthy people, make them sick and dependent on the drugs you give them for the rest of their lives. You’re talking some real money here, and you can treat anyone, marketing your services to the healthy and creating a new class of patients.

CWR: Your film also notes that the real evil is not in the confused teen who transitions, but in those higher up in the movement who promote it and should know better.

Johnson: Yes. It is not the kids’ fault. We should be very accepting of them and their struggles. We want them to be whole and happy, and are sorry they are being mistreated by this industry. It is destroying lives. There is a Reddit group of destransitioners who, I believe, are 40,000 members strong. They are angry at the ideologues who are pushing this agenda.

CWR: Without giving away the ending of the film, there is a surprise that happens in Daisy’s life that shows her overcoming to some degree the effects of her time in the transgender movement.

Johnson: Yes, it is a hopeful story. I hope more trapped in this movement can move towards a more joyful, fulfilled life as she has.

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Jim Graves is a Catholic writer living in Newport Beach, California.


  1. The cave-in to using the preferred terminology of those who push the “transgender” barbarism goes on and on, alas.

    Just a few points of logic/rational assessment for consideration:

    Since there is no such thing as “gender reassignment surgery” (the preferred terminology of the advocates who push this irrational fantasy that “gender reassignment” can be done), how about all people of good will actually calling it what it is…at all times and in all places? It is simply Body Mutilation Surgery. Any further explanation that might be needed in discussions, etc. would involve pointing out the unscientific and irrational motivations of those who seek and/or promote such surgery under a false name and bogus description of what really takes place.

    Also, since nobody can “transition” from one sex/gender to another, then it is impossible for them to “de-transition.” As such, properly identifying what takes place involving a surgery to try to undue some or all of the effects of Body Mutilation Surgery would require recognizing it as Attempted Body Mutilation Reversal Surgery. It is a good thing to safely attempt such reversals of mutilation, but again, no “de-transition” from one sex/gender back to a “former” one ever takes place as is falsely claimed.

    • The “Transgendering” process is rightly named “Mutilation” surgery.

      I hope to interest my parish in getting this Documentary and showing it.


  2. What an inconceivable, monstrous, retchingly disgusting — and desperately sad — movement.

    Thank you, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Graves, for exposing our odious culture’s trans madness in all its fulsome putrescence.

    To me, the denial of the biologically determined sexes proves, as nothing else could, that American Catholics will vote for Democrats no matter what vile, inhuman, purely evil initiatives they propose.

    Saddest of all are the intentionally mutilated victims of this trans insanity. We should be praying for them every day.

    Catholics who support Democrats have the blood and misery of millions on their hands. And their souls.

    Godspeed, CWR. The truth you are telling is vital if we are to be saved.

  3. I would be convinced that the PBS series “Frontline” is commendably unbiased if it paid to show this film, even if it had to be shown in two parts.

  4. *Interesting to learn here that autism might be a major cause of the impulse to live as a transgender person.
    *There seems to be more autism now.
    *That then makes me wonder:
    *What’s causing the increase in autism?
    *Will there ever be a cure or treatment for autism?
    *There also seems to be an increase in narcissism now. The Ayn Rand philosophy openly promotes narcissism as a virtue, and many people fall in love with the Ayn Rand philosophy, including some prominent political leaders in the USA.
    *Both autism and narcissism seem to include a lack of normal empathy for and a lack of normal social relationship with other people. Both autism and narcissism seem to include an intense focus on self and a rejection or non-recognition of social norms and cultural traditions.
    *Will there ever be a cure or treatment for narcissism?
    *What’s the ultimate cause of all these social pathologies in our time?

    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has an undated document, last reviewed on March 22, 2022, titled What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? The article makes it clear that this is a complex topic that is the subject of much current research.

      I was most surprised by this finding:

      “ASD occurs in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. It is more than 4 times more common among boys than among girls.”

      See also this article, at a source I had not seen before, that goes into the history of the attempt to determine the cause or causes, and the details about why answering this question is so difficult:

      What causes autism? What we know, don’t know and suspect
      by Andrew Whitehouse
      Bennett Chair of Autism, Telethon Kids Institute, The University of Western Australia
      Published: February 18, 2016 2.20 P.M. EST

    • Ive always wondered how much is simply an ever widening of criteria for the diagnosis and how much is a real increase resulting from changes in environment?
      One thing that has changed in the past few decades is the constant exposure of children to electronic screens and another is routine ultrasounds in utero.

        • Thank you Mr. Larry. Yes, that’s another environmental change.
          If autism actually is increasing as opposed to just having the diagnostic boundaries widened then I’d be looking at what children and parents have been exposed to that they might not have been exposed to in the past.

  5. The cave-in to using the preferred terminology of those who push the “transgender” barbarism goes on and on, alas.

    Just a few points of logic/rational assessment for consideration:

    Since there is no such thing as “gender reassignment surgery” (the preferred terminology of the advocates who push this irrational fantasy that “gender reassignment” can be done), how about all people of good will actually calling it what it is…at all times and in all places? It is simply Body Mutilation Surgery. Any further explanation that might be needed in discussions, etc. would involve pointing out the unscientific and irrational motivations of those who seek and/or promote such surgery under a false name and bogus description of what really takes place.

    Also, since nobody can “transition” from one sex/gender to another, then it is impossible for them to “de-transition.” As such, properly identifying what takes place involving a surgery to try to undue some or all of the effects of Body Mutilation Surgery would require recognizing it as Attempted Body Mutilation Reversal Surgery. It is a good thing to safely attempt such reversals of mutilation, but again, no “de-transition” from one sex/gender back to a “former” one ever takes place as is falsely claimed.

    *The rising tide of the Transgender impulse is, I believe, significantly a consequence of our society’s fierce and widespread denial that our genetic makeup determines our destiny.
    *Society and teachers tell every student that every single one of them can be the next Albert Einstein science genius or the next Tiger Woods golf star, if they just apply themselves.
    *Young people are told over and over again that they can be whatever they want.
    *But that is a Big Lie, or a utopian fantasy.
    *The truth is that high achievement is a combination of hard work, good education, and good genes.
    *Without the good genes component, all the hard work and education in the world won’t make a Tiger Woods or Albert Einstein.
    *So, now, despite that fact that genes make a boy a boy, and make a girl a girl, more and more of them take the message that they are already being told, “You can be anything you want,” and are applying it to gender.
    *Why not? If the saying “You can be anything you want” is promoted as being true in the realms of academics, athletics, career, economics, etc., why shouldn’t it also be true in the realm of gender?
    *A further note: Why does our society and educational system so fiercely and widely promote the “You can be anything you want” falsehood?
    *Could it be that the upper crust levels of our society (who mostly control the government and wealth of the nation) want our meritocratic system of economics to be seen by all as being fair and just, so that there will be no governmental interventions into the economy such as are prescribed by Catholic Social Doctrine?
    *The 45th president of the USA has said (and these are exact quotes):
    “I’m a big believer in having good genes.”
    “You know, the racehorse theory, there is something to the genes.”
    “I’m a gene believer.”
    “I mean, believe me, it’s good genes. We believe in genes, right? We’re allowed to say that.”
    “This great state, the state of Tennessee, was forged through the sweat and sacrifice of tough pioneer men and women, tough people, good genes you have, good genes.”
    “Well, I guess I have good genes.”
    “They were tough and they were strong. You have good genes, you know that, right? You have good genes, a lot of it’s about the genes. Isn’t it? Don’t you believe it? The racehorse theory, do you think we’re so different? You have good genes in Minnesota.”
    “This is good genes, I think, right? There are genes involved here, right? Pat Grassley, right? Good genes. What’s the relationship, Pat, huh? That’s good stuff. You got good stock.”

  7. The children that weren’t aborted are now being sterilised in the trans movement. Any way you look at it it is all a part of the push to reduce the population numbers.

    • you realize that we are horribly overpopulated? ever been out of the states? go to any developing country and you can very clearly see that they are struggling because of the ridiculously high pop numbers. there’s a reason for the food and water crises. crawl out of your little hole, worm, and see that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

      • So nice of you to wish other people out of existence because “‘we’ are horribly overpopulated.” “We” obviously doesn’t include you. If it did you would show the way by example and reduce the population starting with yourself, instead of volunteering others for that duty.

  8. Regarding Transgendered persons and the Catholic Church: ponder Joan of Arc. Ponder the recent Belgian Bishops blessing of Transgendered persons. Ponder most of all Pope Francis’ statements on transgendered persons.

    The Pope “has full, SUPREME, and universal power over the WHOLE Church, a power which he can always exercise UNHINDERED.” Cathechism # 882.
    The College of Cardinals, all younger than 80, elects Popes and requires at least 66% votes. Francis will have it on 1/14/23 when Cardinal Bagnasco is 80. He need not appoint more before then, given his 16 new ones, who shall replace 80 year olds through Cardinal Sandri on 11/18/43. Expect Francis to appoint 15 new Cardinals after that date, only 14 months away, who would replace 15 Cardinals through Cardinal Cardozo, who turns 80 on 10/10/44. On that day in 2 years, Francis College Cardinals will be 77%. If Francis retires when he turns 90 on 12/17/26, then he will appoint 83% of the College.
    Benedict is 95. Francis shall be 95 on 12/17/31 if he is Pope. It is possible. Current College members, who are not “Francis Cardinals,” shall be only 6 then. 7 Cardinals were born before 1960; new Cardinal Marengo is 47. They shall elect 2 successor “Francis Popes”, and more shall follow: the same with Francis Cardinals and Francis Bishops, who shall appoint Francis Heads of Seminaries, who shall appoint Francis faculty, who shall teach seminarians to become Francis priests.
    Francis also changed US Bishops appointing 131/273 who are younger than 75, which is when he can retire them. That is 5 fewer than 50%. The 5 turn 75 by 11/19/22. Others turn 75 in the next 5 years from large dioceses (Detroit, Los Angeles, Newark, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Orange County), and 2 are the President and V.P. of USCCB. Soon, Francis Bishops shall control USCCB (retired Bishops cannot vote) and its agenda.
    To those who have resentment toward Francis, remember the saying: “you don’t have the numbers.” They shall have fewer numbers and more resentment with each new day. There is nothing they can do about it, given Catechism # 882.
    Remember Benedict is the cause of Cardinal Bergoglio being Pope Francis because Benedict would be Pope had he not retired, making Francis his Papal legacy. Remember it was the Cardinals appointed by Benedict and John Paul 2 who elected Bergoglio Pope Francis. THEIR Cardinals created Francis. Look to them and to Benedict.
    Benedict also is the cause of Francis not being able to retire before Benedict dies because having 3 living Popes is an ontological impossibility for the Church. Benedict alive creates another Francis Bishop to appoint another Francis Seminary Head to appoint another Francis Seminary faculty to create another Francis priest.
    To those who have resentment of Francis, they can thank Benedict for their resentment. I thank God for retiring Benedict. May Benedict live a long life. The Papal irony of more resentment of Francis caused by Ratzinger is a Papal gift that shall keep on giving.

  9. A more accurate term for the current psychomedical euphemistic babble, “gender reassignment,” is “sexual lobotomy.” The original frontal lobotomy scheme promoted itself as the cure for certain mental illnesses, personality disorders, and misbehaving females. The remedy, as we know, left the patients permanently harmed, needing care for the rest of their lives.
    Current research findings show a strong correlation between atypical neurological persons and gender dissatisfaction, especially those on the autism spectrum. Sexual Lobotomy leaves adolescent patients permanently harmed, infertile, and needing medical, if not psychiatric, care for the rest of their lives. These patients do not reach adult reasoning capacity until age 25 and cannot consent to this medical procedure.
    Catholics call other euphemistic medical babble what it is: pregnancy termination: “murdering an unborn child, assisted suicide or euthanasia: “murder,” and so on. It is time for Catholics, people of faith, especially all parents, and people of conscience everywhere to stop the Orwellian double-speak and call this lifelong mutilating sterilization what it is: SEXUAL LOBOTOMY.

  10. Obviously I have not yet seen the film. But the description raises several questions for me. The first is there is a clear distinction between ideology and advocacy by trans activists on the one hand, and clinical and scientific evidence on the other. I work in health care and the people we see who are suffering from gender dysphoria are ordinary people like you and me, but they suffer from deep pain caused by gender incongruence. This is a diagnosable and treatable condition that affects about one-half of one percent of the population. While lots of cultural “gender-bending” is popular right now, the patients we see are not playing games. We should be careful to distinguish cultural fads from real medical need.

    The vast majority of kids who experience some kind of gender confusion outgrow it by puberty; during this time they do not need any treatment — no drugs, no surgery, nothing. They just need support and safety.

    For those who do not outgrow it, the suicide attempt rate is very high and should be taken seriously.

    I just returned from a huge scientific conference on transgender health. I assure you there were no attempts to recruit or influence anyone. In fact, careful assessment and caution before treatment, especially with young people, was a recurring theme. You can see for yourself if you read the recently published Standards of Care by WPATH.

    • One of my family members works in a hospital surgical dept. that deals with this issue. They are assured that no person is referred to them for mutilating surgeries unless they’ve been first carefully assessed by a psychologist. A psychologist in turn, has shared that they invariably send young people on for surgery because they’d fear for their job if they did not do so.
      So here you have everyone involved in the scenario, including the patient, operating on false information. Standards of care look grand on paper but in action it can be a whole different thing. Especially when political & cultural pressures are applied.

    • Hi, Father:

      And thanks for your many services to the Church. With respect to the current issue under discussion, please see my previous comment from a few days ago that explains why we must always be very careful and vigilant in purposely avoiding using the favored terminology favored by the wokies and fellow travelers in both writing and conversation without at least including proper qualifications, like using quotation marks in writing to make it clear that such terms are not legitimate nor are they acceptable as describing something that is objectively false.

      Accordingly, nobody is “trans” or “transgendered,” and nobody can “transition or “de-transition,” and so on. Do not use their favored terminology just to be polite, or for discussions, and so on.

      If you find wisdom in this approach as I believe you will, freely pass it on to your flock and others as well. As you know, even the smallest concession to language manipulation in support of an anti-God agenda can cause great harm, and this is certainly occurring regarding the “transgender” movement.

      God Bless.

      • This is very true Doc. Engineered language is hard to get away from using but we need to do our best in resisting it. If we don’t, we may not have the same choices in the future. Free speech is something we can take for granted.

  11. It’s good to note that the entirety of the sex revolution fed into this, but we know how this phenomenon is the culmination of all destructive trends in Western culture including moral laxity within our Church, disconnecting itself from reality over the course of decades, regarding how catastrophic the effects can be when we “accompany” broken lives, “on their journey,” as invincible idiots like to say, so blinded by egocentric pretentions of enlightenment over actual courage to provide them with moral and spiritual help.

  12. Tell me you’ve never researched “transgenderism” without telling me you’ve never researched “transgenderism”
    we do NOT get HRT and surgeries after just telling someone, “i’m trans.” we need to go through years of therapy and medical assessments, during which they often try to force us to de-transition, and only after 2-4 years are we put on another waiting list to get the hormones, and only after about 3 years of HRT, we finally get put on a waiting list for 1-5 years to get the surgeries. disgusting. this type of person genuinely exists, and has these opinions. horrible. they are intentionally spreading misinformation, trying to get people to believe them. i am both terrified and furious.
    Being trans has nothing to do with being autistic, coming from a trans aspie. We are not ” more susceptible to being sucked into cult-like behaviours”, we aren’t aliens, we are people, we are not stupid.
    We are human. We have brains, hell, most of us have significantly higher IQs than NTs. We are normal.
    Us trans people have struggled for centuries to have our voices heard even a *little* bit, and now that we aren’t being murdered for it, it’s a problem? You have to be kidding me. (See stonewall movement, Cooper Donuts Riot, Compton’s Cafeteria riot, just to name a few. 2021 was seen as the world’s “deadliest year” [for trans people], from the New York Times. quote: “375 transgender people were killed this year (2021), a figure that has risen since last year’s total of 350.

    The report authors say this makes 2021 the ‘deadliest year’ of violence against gender diverse people since records began. One in four of those murdered were killed in their own home.”
    From Wikipedia and “Venus Xtravaganza was strangled to death in New York City on 21 December [1988]. Her body was found four days later, shoved under a hotel bed.” Venus was a trans woman——an actress——who acted in Paris is Burning. Her murderer was never found.
    “Shelby Tracy Tom was a Canadian transgender woman working as a sex worker in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who was killed by Jatin Patel on 27 May 2003.” Patel wasn’t charged with a transgender hate crime because “while having sex with her, he noticed her surgery scars, and he panicked as a result and strangled her.” The cops “attempted to classify her death as a hate crime,” but Patrick Dohm, associate chief justice of the supreme court at the time, said “the crime was not motivated by hate, because he did not know of her transgender identity when meeting her, and thus could have not targeted her for it.” Patel’s defense attorney used a gay panic defense as part of his defense of Patel, who pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter, and was sentenced to nine years in jail.” (He wasn’t arrested for killing a trans woman, he was arrested for killing someone.)
    I have more examples. I have court cases, hearings, trials, movements, history, essays, and more. I will fight for us. I will do anything for future trans children to feel safe.

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