End Roe—and then fight the primary cause of abortion

The conception of children out-of-wedlock is never considered or examined as the underlying foundation for such difficulties, though more than 85 percent of all abortions are performed on women who are unmarried.

An abortion protester in Washington holds a crucifix in front of the U.S. Supreme Court May 5, 2022, following the leaked opinion suggesting the possibility of overturning the Roe v. Wade abortion rights decision. (CNS photo/Evelyn Hockstein, Reuters)

“One third of all pregnancies in Detroit ends in abortion.” Such was the shocking May 22, 2014 headline of the Detroit News in huge black letters above the fold. The article reported on statistics for the year 2012 released from the Michigan Department of Community Health. The distressing numbers revealed that while there were 18,360 women who became pregnant in Detroit, 5,693 of these pregnancies resulted in the deaths of unborn children killed in abortion. Reporter Karen Bouffard cited “public health officials” who blamed the Detroit abortion rate on “poverty and dwindling access to affordable contraception.”

I quickly responded and on May 28, 2014 the Detroit News actually published my op-ed. I can speak with a certain authority on this subject, as can my husband Edmund Miller, who runs a Detroit sidewalk counseling apostolate and pregnancy help center called Guadalupe Workers. Since 1977 I have stood outside abortion centers in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit and have helped hundreds of women turn away from abortion, providing many of them extensive material assistance. Edmund has been doing the same since 1986. When the Detroit News article cited “poverty and dwindling access to affordable contraception” it barely scratched the surface why a third of all Detroit pregnant women flocked to the doors of abortion centers. My op-ed pointed out:

Sadly, health care experts, social workers, educators and clergy are simply unwilling to discuss, much less even admit, the true causes of Detroit’s staggering abortion rate.

After 35 years of helping inner-city women in crisis pregnancy, I can say with confidence that the abortion cocktail is mixed with two lethal ingredients: sexual activity without marriage and the irresponsibility of men who beget children and do not father them. The article itself noted that nearly 90 percent of women obtaining abortions in Detroit are unmarried. These are women who face motherhood without the support of an intact family, a husband, or at least responsible live-in boyfriend who supports her and nurtures his children. This causes women to experience poverty, low-self esteem, abandonment, a sense of being overwhelmed and unstable personal circumstances. This leads women, often coerced by their boyfriends, to the doors of Detroit abortion centers.

Poverty is very real in Detroit, but we also need to honestly consider how non-marital sexual behavior and absentee fathers contribute to poverty — how these elements hold women back from jobs and educational opportunities. And throwing more birth control pills at women will not get at the real source of Detroit’s economic problems or tragic abortion rate either. Heal the family, call men to responsibility and you will do much to bring life back to the Motor City for the born and the innocent unborn.

It is now quite likely that in Dobbs v. Jackson the United States Supreme Court will reverse Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Court ruling that has led to murder of sixty-two million unborn children. The Court’s decision is expected by the end of June. Over twenty states are poised to ban abortions, or at least seriously restrict the killing of the unborn. Even if all the Court does is uphold Mississippi’s fifteen-week abortion ban, the central issue of the Dobb ’s case, thousands of unborn children will be spared death. For those who believe in the sanctity of human life and long to see the right-to-life of the unborn respected, all this is good news indeed.

Addressing the primary cause of abortion

However, here’s the bad news. The pro-life Protestant churches, the pro-life Jewish congregations, the Catholic Church, and the pro-life movement must all recognize and address the primary cause that has led to sixty-two million murders of the innocent unborn. It is one thing to outlaw abortion. But we must face, in practical terms, the major cause of abortion—children being conceived outside the bond of marriage.

Even the 2014 Detroit News article admitted that 90 percent of all pregnancies in Detroit were out-of-wedlock. Here are some statistics to ponder. According to the Center for Disease Control, in the year 2020, the latest year such statistics were reported, 40.5 percent of all births were to unmarried women. The rate of such births to white women came in at 28.4 percent, nearly one-third. Among black women the rate of births to unmarried women was 70.4 percent. Broken down by age, the rate of births to unmarried white women between the ages of 20 to 24 was well over 50 percent at 56.6, while births to unmarried black women in the same age group was a soaring 89.6 percent.

I recently had a disturbing conversation with a close family member. He was against ending legalized abortion until the pro-life movement resolved the reasons women seek abortion. Nevermind how unjust it is to keep members of a whole people-group subject to extermination until those reasons are resolved! Nonetheless, we must indeed take seriously why it is that women do seek abortion—and will continue to feel the “need” for abortion in a post- Roe era. These statistics from the CDC tell the whole story:

Among the 42 areas that reported by marital status for 2019, 14.5% of women who obtained an abortion were married, and 85.5% were unmarried … The abortion ratio was 46 abortions per 1,000 live births for married women and 394 abortions per 1,000 live births for unmarried women.” The statistics for each state, listed in Table 7, are even more disturbing. In 2019, within the state of Florida 52,629 unmarried women obtained abortions, 83.9 percent, compared to 10,136 married women who obtained abortions at 16.1 percent. In Illinois 33,868 abortions were obtained by unmarried women, 90.5 percent, compared to 3,575, 9.5 percent, obtained by those who were married. In a less densely populated state such as Iowa, 2,925 unmarried women obtained abortions, 82.2 percent, while 633 were obtained by women who were married, 17.8 percent.

I’ll add my personal anecdotal experience. In the last forty-five years, I have logged in thousands of hours as a sidewalk counselor outside of abortion facilities. I have met and talked with hundreds of women scheduled for abortion. The vast majority of the unborn children about to be aborted were conceived out-of-wedlock—I could easily say up to 95 percent. Of the many women I have been able to turn away from abortion, over these forty-plus years, only four of them were legally married, and one was in a common law marriage. And contrary to the usual pro-abortion accusation flung at pro-lifers, my group—Citizens for a Pro-life Society—provides extensive follow-up to the mothers who choose life, sometimes providing material aid to mothers for years after the babies are born!

In most cases, I have never actually met the fathers of these saved unborn children. Most of the women we help are minorities—blacks and Hispanics. A consequence of conceiving children outside of marriage is the absent fathers—men who beget children, but never actually father them. This lack of material and emotional support is what leads many unmarried women to the doors of abortion facilities.

In 2004, the Allan Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, conducted a survey of 1,209 women who obtained abortions at 11 large abortion facilities. The focus of the survey was to gather information as to the reasons women sought abortion. Those participating were permitted to list more than one reason that led then to choose abortion. Seventy-three percent of the women stated that “they could not afford a baby now” and forty-eight percent stated they “did not want to be a single mother or was having relationship problems.” Financial burdens and relationship issues are common reasons why women seek abortion.

But the survey failed to account for the source of such problems. In other words, the conception of children out-of-wedlock is never considered or examined as the underlying foundation for such difficulties, though more than 85 percent of all abortions are performed on women who are unmarried.

Abortion and the disordered sexual ethic

Abortion is a very peculiar kind of murder. Unlike other instances of unjust killing, abortion is inherently connected to human sexuality—connected to sexual practice. I will put it bluntly: abortion on demand is the consequence of a disordered sexual ethic. Indeed, it feeds off such a disordered sexual ethic. The abortion industry depends on the vast majority of women conceiving children outside of marriage, as such conceptions make up 85.6 percent of the business of abortion. Shut off that pool of customers and the abortion industry would go out of business in a week. The disordered sexual ethic upon which abortion providers depend is sexual intercourse without the security of the marital commitment, as it is the marital bond that erects the protective wall around those conceived in such bonds. The numbers prove this to be the case!

One cannot argue with the numbers. Shut off sex outside of marriage and the primary “need” for abortion will also be shut off.

The sixty-year-old so-called Sexual Revolution ushered in our current era of sexual activity divorced from marriage, sexual activity divorced from procreation, made possible by the invention of reliable birth control methods, most notably the invention of the birth control Pill. Now that men and women could engage in sexual intercourse without fear that children would be conceived by such actions, marriage itself is simply not required in order to establish a stable family environment in which to welcome and raise children. We are living in a time of sexual explosion, an era in which it is simply taken for granted at every level of society that there is no inherent moral connection, no moral requirement at all, for sexual activity to be related in any way to marriage, love, commitment or responsibility.

We need look no further than Planned Parenthood to see how the denial of the inherent connection between sexual activity, marriage and children leads to abortion. One third of all unborn children killed each year in the United States are put to death in a Planned Parenthood abortion center, over 300,000 annually. And what is Planned Parenthood’s sexual ethics? According to this organization, sexual activity is whatever the person wishes it to be—casual sex, multiple partners—it simply doesn’t matter. After studying Planned Parenthood’s sex-ed programs, which start as early as elementary school, the pro-life group Live Action has stated:

Planned Parenthood’s sex ed programs attempt to normalize inappropriate sexual behaviors while allowing them to build a customer base. They teach teens to think that sex at a young age and with multiple partners is not only ‘normal’ but ‘safe’ and tell them to go to Planned Parenthood for services. When that sex fails to be safe as promised, those teens will head to Planned Parenthood for STD testing, pregnancy testing, and ultimately, abortions.” It is impossible to deny that sexual activity outside of marriage, without commitment, without responsibility leads to abortion. Planned Parenthood itself demonstrates that abortion feeds off a disordered sexual ethic.

Their answer, of course, is more contraceptive use. But contraception has created a false confidence that sexual activity will not result in the conception of children. Even the Guttmacher Institute admitted in a 2018 report that over fifty percent of women who obtained abortions used a contraceptive method in the month they became pregnant, 54 percent in the year 2000 and 51 percent in the year 2014. This contraceptive failure rate led to the killing of thousands of unborn children. And yet, for those who support legalized abortion, the answer to ending the “need” for abortion is greater use of contraception as the Detroit News article advocated.

Perhaps it is true that contraceptives have resulted in fewer abortions. Without contraception the overall abortion rate would be even higher among the married and the unmarried. But simply increasing contraceptive use among the number of sexually active women is a superficial response to a deep and complex human problem. Whether they used contraception or not, the overwhelming majority of women who obtain abortions are unwed. A contraception-saturated society does not alter this fact. Nor does it alter the fact that children conceived out-of-wedlock are more likely to be aborted.

In 1987 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued Donum Vitae, the “Instruction on Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation”. That incredibly insightful document observes that not only must the human being’s right to life be respected—what must also be respected in how human beings come into existence. In other words, how one is conceived is a human rights issue. The very manner by which we are conceived is a question of human dignity. While Donum Vitae was especially focused on the problem of artificial reproduction, its moral principles apply to the problem of children conceived outside of marriage. The document teaches:

The child has a right to be conceived, carried in the womb, brought into the world and brought up within marriage…a child is a gift, ‘the supreme gift’ and the most gratuitous gift of marriage … For this reason, the child has the right, as already mentioned, to be the fruit of the specific act of love of his parents; and he also has the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception.

Roe v. Wade may soon be overturned. The reversal of Roe, a Supreme Court decision that was “egregiously wrong from the start,” to quote from the leaked Alito written opinion, will open up new opportunities for the legal defense of the unborn. However, we must give attention to the other pro-life task—rejuvenating a cultural awareness that human dignity requires sexual activity, marriage, and children to belong together. That is, the creation of a true culture of life.

But perhaps it is too late. Perhaps the Sexual Revolution is so complete and so entrenched that reversal is impossible. Yet, the truth still needs to be spoken. Still, we need to recognize the primary moral problem that leads to abortion, and better appreciate the other work that needs to be done. Of course, in bringing up the issue, one risks becoming a pariah of society—accused of being a prude, of being judgmental, of being a throw-back to the 1950s. But if we really wish to end abortion, we must at least begin to recognize and address the disrespect for life that first occurs in sexual activity outside the bond of marriage, an activity that creates causalities of a disordered sexual ethic—the unwanted unborn conceived without love—and who die without love.

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About Monica Migliorino Miller 8 Articles
Monica Migliorino Miller is Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, teacher of theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, and the author of several books, including The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church (Emmaus Road) and Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars (St. Benedict Press).


  1. “Perhaps it is too late.” Please God forbid that this is true. At this time of Pentecost, we can and must appeal to the Holy Spirit – that he will raise up companions for courageous Monica Miller and others who provide hope to spiritually abused women. (In the case of spiritual abuse, the abuser can be the woman herself who is suffering from the terrible sin of silencing her God-given conscience, her voice within pointing the way that is right, warning against the way that is wrong.) Women are now subjected to a form of generational larceny, larceny most foul. They are deprived of their moral heritage, their natural moral inheritance. They are carefully taught to ignore the voice of conscience; indeed the voice may be so muted by the loud demands of propaganda that it can hardly be heard at all.

  2. Interesting that the author has chosen to ignore the small, but growing initiative by too few bishops to deny communion to the proponents of abortion. Granted she address the materialistic abortion issue, first pragmatically with material support with no reference to addressing the issue theologically to clients whose chose behavior has put their salvation at risk.

    • Just because an essay on Topic A does not mention Topic B doesn’t mean the author is “ignoring” Topic B. A quick glance through Monica Miller’s essays at CWR shows that she has addressed the matter of pro-abortion Catholic politicians more than once, including in detail in this April 2021 essay, which begins with the statement, “President Joseph Biden’s advocacy of legalized abortion while continuing to receive Holy Communion is the crucial issue confronting the Church in America today”, and this May 2021 essay that takes a long look at the strong disagreement between Abp Cordileone and Bp Elroy over Holy Communion and pro-abortion politicians.

      • Having been in the movement a long time, I’ve admired the author a long time and appreciate her reemphasis on a culture war that reflects concern for our moral decline. She has noted all aspects of this tragedy in her many writings including her noting the many stupidities of those “against” but soft on abortion: it’s unpleasant but we shouldn’t really stop putting babies through the meat grinder until we create a utopian society as though continuing to put babies through meat grinders would not be an obstacle to utopia.

        Nonetheless, we need to emphasize the need to fight the culture war within the Church. The author reiterating the point that we cannot have an abortion culture without having a contraceptive culture is critical, but we cannot have a contraceptive culture without a Catholic Church having taken on the public mantle of cowardice for more than half a century. And now we have a Pope, when he reveals glimpses of his actual thought and is not pursuing political cover with doubletalk pretending to be orthodox, is at odds with much Catholic doctrine. Among his now forgotten silly ideas was his suggestion, several years ago, to form a commission to “restudy” Humanae Vitae as though this might magically yield a conclusion that what was discussed and disparaged ad infinitum for years could really have meant the exact opposite of what everyone has known it does mean for years.

        I was a young pro-life atheist at the time of its promulgation and the contraceptive/abortion connection was self-evident to me, or to any sane person, yet wimpy bishops simply ignored theologians who derided its wisdom when they should have publicly denounced them and threatened them with laicization. Witnessing their cowardice was a delaying factor in my eventual conversion.

        The primary cultural battle continues to be internal, in our own Church. It means realizing that calumny doesn’t mean being silent about stupid people in high places, it means affirming natural law all the time which means right is right no matter who or how few are right, and wrong is wrong no matter who or how many are wrong. We have to confront evil all the time, in all places.

  3. I favor ending Roe. And when it ends, my state will become one where abortion is forbidden.
    Not sure that will last long though, because, yeah, the tax payers are not going to want to continue to foot the bill (considering the national debt, they can’t even if they wanted to), and I do not see the various denominations (including Catholic) being willing to talk about non-marital sexual activity or out-of-wedlock-births.

  4. A thoughtful article. I don’t agree with every last point. I particularly question the statement, “Without contraception the overall abortion rate would be even higher among the married and unmarried”. Lila Rose and Jennifer Roback Morse are two who haven’t given up on the possibility of restoring what was lost in the so-called Sexual Revolution.

  5. Monica, You rightly trace the cause of abortion back to “a disordered sexual ethic,” but of course it is possible to go back further, to the source of that disorder. Like the Mississippi, it has many tributaries.

    One is certainly the sexual revolution which burst upon us in 1968. Has no one noticed that the Woodstock generation was the first to have grown up with an ethics distorting instrument in their living room, imported by their parents? Beginning with the arrival of television in the family hearth, there has been an insistent walkdown of our morals. I had a ringside seat on this, being a child in the mid-fifties when it first arrived in our home. Even on radio, the Jack Benny show, for example, there were salacious double entendres, but with television the audiovisual impact was enormous. Something mildly indecent would come on. One did not want to be a prude, get up, cross the room and turn it off, but the following evening there would be something worse, but only mildly. Our hearts were gradually hardened, and a distorted sexual ethic took hold.

    So far as the black community is concerned, I think they were doubly impacted and I was of the opinion for years that television was impacting them far more forcefully. For one thing, because of the welfare state, they had more time. Unemployment was more prevalent. And so I was not surprised when as a delivery man in the early nineties I had occasion to deliver a television to a black family on the near west side of Chicago, I found myself delivering a fourth television to a family that already had three playing simultaneously in three different rooms. Surely television has been very effectively preaching a counter-gospel for years on sexual matters, but, parenthetically my guess is that the “gun violence” of the inner city derives from the exciting “shoot-em ups” pouring into the black home, and every practically every home, for that matter. The imagination is the practical intellect, and our imaginations have been stoked with an infinity of bad example.

    Another precipitating cause of the sexual revolution and distorted sexual ethic is despair, for Scripture speaks of those who give themselves up to sensuality out of despair. It may seem “a bit much” but the entire nation,and perhaps the West, turned a corner on November 22, 1963. We had been, or thought we were living in Camelot, but then our king was assassinated. A sensuality inducing despair settled over us, and within a year the drug culture began to take off. Specifically I remember reading an alarming article around this time of marijuana use among teen agers in the near north suburbs of Chicago. Again, because of their far more difficult circumstances, despair seems to be impacting the black community more forcefully.

    Then, of course, there is pornography, wished upon us by Hugh Hefner in the early fifties. How can it be that no one is saying that pornography is a major contributor to abortion, and a prime distorter of our sexual ethic? Of course, we are shocked, shocked by “hard core pornography” but gladly put up with the entry-level “soft pornography” that finds entry into many good families in many ways.

    If imagination is the practical intellect, how can a young man whose imagination is filled with delicious fantasies not hope to realize them with the young women of his life?

    As Monica’s article suggests, we need to be insistent that a distorted sexual ethic is murderous in effect, for one thing. Crucial also is that a healthy sexual ethic is promulgated among the young by insisting that all families have access to school choice, where the Ten Commandments can be taught.

  6. Thank you for your years of dedicated work in this area of pro life. This is the best article that I have read on this issue. It is very sobering. I think that “perhaps it is to late” sums up our current situation best. Sexual liberation has let the cat out of the bag and it is too late to get it back in. Civilization is now captive to its technology and, short of devine intervention, its path is set on a road to self destruction Just witness any croud and you will see over 90% of then looking at a hand held screen oblivious to the people they are with. We have become islands of self absorption and pleasure. There is no objective truth outside of ourselves. How can there be an escape from all this? Even so come Lord Jesus.

  7. Thank you for pointing out the apparent obvious.

    Also worth investigation would be rates of serious abuse (physical and/or including emotional) against children by married vs. unmarried mothers. Are there increased rates of ‘domestic’ violence against unmarried vs. married women? Rates of criminal behavior of those raised in single-parent homes vs. those from 2-parent homes? Victim rates of same? Such indices would be difficult to tease out, but common sense suggests a probable/possible positive correlation. All these are likely correlated with poverty which definitely correlates with the single-parent family.

    • Not at all difficult to tease out abuse rates by marital status. I discuss that in my book, The Sexual State, in the chapter on propaganda for the Contraceptive ideology. and I interviewed a detective who has investigated over 500 cases of sex crimes against children. He and his colleagues know very well that children are safest with their own biological parents, married to each other. https://youtu.be/VWoyNSOCk6s

  8. I think the bigger problem is atheism and agnosticism among the child-bearing, well-educated population of the world. My son is travelling Europe this summer on a travel scholarship and has the opportunity to talk and hang-out with fellow 19-25 year old peer travelers from around world. When I asked him what religion they were he has told me that with few exceptions: That most have told him that they believe God is a fairy tale; That they don’t care about work because they can always find net-based work from home; That they don’t want to get married much less have kids: Claim to be gender neutral: Are ok with sex with any person or thing as long as it is not illegal; and believe that Life is about new experiences and fun adventures. Luke 15:11-32? I hope they return. I think my son is a committed Catholic but I pray for him everyday day that he has the strength to continue to swim up-stream. It’s hard because he is confused and the Papacy is not helping, especially when they elevate go-with-the-flow advocates like Cupich and McElroy. Like our wise parish priest says to us at every mass, “We must pray unceasingly”.

  9. Another tributary of despair, and therefore of a disordered sexual ethic, is the extremely dark imaginative world in which young people live, their videogames, movies and music. For that matter, the literary “canon” to which they are exposed in school surely does nothing to lighten their hearts. “To Build a Fire” by Jack London is a case in point from my own secondary education. In the Yukon, the protagonist falls through the ice getting his feet and legs wet and must build a fire to dry out and survive. After much ado, and overcoming many reversals, he finally succeeds. The fire is roaring. But he has built it under a snow covered pine. The snow falls and extinguishes the fire. The message colonizing the imagination of the reader is, nothing you do will work out. This sort of thing is a paganization of the imagination: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

    Such is the imaginative world of our young people, contributing heavily both to child murder in the womb and very likely in the classroom as well. In fact, one could easily make the case that practically the entire imaginative world of young people is an implicit argument for suicide, and if for suicide why not murder? And if for suicide, then surely ( as a preamble to complete self-destruction) for sexual suicide as well, namely homosexuality and transgenderism. Homosexuality threatening is surely a convincing “argument” for making very sure of one’s heterosexuality by extra-marital love-making. “The passions are the most persuasive preachers” and we have made it our (very profitable) business to elicit the darkest passions from our young people, hence the gravely disordered murderous sexual ethic.

  10. Would the Detroit News publish Mrs Miller’s op-ed today? It has only been eight years, but it seems a generation ago given the manic events and changes since then. I lived in metropolitan Detroit at that time until 2019. The media has become considerably more reticent since 2014. Justice Alito’s draft decision on Dobbs v.Jackson is thoughtful, insightfully critical of Roe v. Wade, deeply researched and highly readable (a skill he shares with Justice Thomas and the late Justice Scalia.) Of course the Court’s weakness has been courage of conviction. We will see.

  11. While essayist Monica is hopeful with Roe possibly struck down, prelates Cordileone and others taking action she has doubt of a reversal of moral disorder, “perhaps it is too late. Perhaps the Sexual Revolution is so complete and so entrenched that reversal is impossible”.
    Monica Migliorino Miller correctly associates abortion with sexual disorder. This is where the battle is. What makes that battle seemingly hopeless, although we are compelled to do battle is the profundity of the disorder manifest in widespread now virtually universal acceptance of homosexuality [in the spectrum of all its deviate forms]. This singular deviation from natural law is an abomination, not only protected by judiciary, but promoted on all levels of society including indoctrination of our youngest.
    That the Church is actually moving toward accommodation of this abomination [for now limited to adult same sex relationships] is manifest evidence that a most egregious evil has penetrated Christ’s Mystical Body. Unless there is a miraculous reversal we can be assured Christ will respond. My anxiety and prayer are for the seeming vast majority who will be unprepared.

  12. Added to my comment is the apparent universal pro abortion preference of practicing homosexuals. The very act of deviate sexual behavior is by nature antilife, a contempt of life usually revealed in stridency.

  13. If all people would only practice chasity for the state of their lives so many social ills and sins would disappear.

  14. ‘ O Blessed Lady , place us in the Divine Fire where we belong and share with us the Immaculate Conception ‘ – that prayer as a part of the Flame of Love devotion came as a surprise – the kind of good surprise that the Holy Father speaks about with the expectant joy of a child’s trust in Santa 🙂 ; God’s goodness in making the graces of the I.C available for the asking , even when persons do not wear the miraculous medals ( not discounting added benefits of same ) graces of the event of I.C . that took 2,000 years of preparing a holy line through warfares and such too against the enemy targetting the line that was to bring forth the Chosen Woman ..

    The Love in the Most Holy Trinity as a holy , pure innocent Love ; the Immaculate Conception said to have been a mystical, non carnal event as would have been in the case of Adam and Eve before The Fall …pagan faiths have often countered that truth , projecting all sorts of distortions of human fallen nature on to ‘gods’ and likely that the effects of Freemasonic ties and holds with relate of other faiths have contributed to a rather similar error in subtle ways into Christian circles too.

    The true freedom in The Spirit – as Love that cherishes the other without being possessive is the great blessing of our faith . Same would likely get more recognized through devotions such as the above to help avert the idolatry of passions for persons to become more capable of the holy , innocent Love in The Spirit … teens and college kids to have healthy relationships , focusing better on studies and worship ..same for the rest of the society and families .
    The PRIDE would be in the related Peace, Rich In Dignity Eternal and the rainbow – a sign of God’s promise of order and beauty for creation , not of flood waters of carnal depravities ..
    The Synods to help model same make same wide spread as the Reign of the Divine Will in The Spirit ..

    FIAT !

  15. Where this article loses all credibility to me is with its implication that abortion providers are some kind of “lucrative industry” preying on helpless people. In fact, the average cost of an abortion has remained stagnant – at less than $500 – for over 30 years. Were it such a money maker, clinics would not be closing down at such a rapid rate. Intimating large profits for a largely money – losing (or barely money-break even) industry is a weak argument to make and compromises more compelling and persuasive realities.

    • hi John
      There are economies of scale in the Planned Parenthood financial model. The most notable is the Federal funding the organization enjoys.

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