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Cardinal Marx: ‘The Catechism is not set in stone. One is also allowed to doubt what it says’

CNA Staff   By CNA Staff

Cardinal Reinhard Marx marks ‘20 years of queer worship and pastoral care’ at St. Paul parish church, Munich, southern Germany, March 13, 2022. (Image: erzbistummuenchen/Facebook.)

Hamburg, Germany, Mar 31, 2022 / 08:10 am (CNA).

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx said in an interview published on Thursday that the Catechism of the Catholic Church is “not set in stone” and “one is also allowed to doubt what it says.”

The cardinal made the comments in a seven-page spread in the March 31 edition of the weekly current affairs magazine Stern, reported CNA Deutsch, CNA’s German-language news partner.

Marx, the archbishop of Munich and Freising, is one of the most influential Catholic leaders in Europe, serving as a member of Pope Francis’ Council of Cardinal Advisers and president of the Vatican’s Council for the Economy.

He spoke about the Catechism in response to a question about “how homosexual, queer, or trans people are to be accommodated in Catholic teaching.”

He said: “An inclusive ethic that we envision is not about being lax — as some claim. It is about something else: encounter at eye level, respect for the other. The value of love is shown in the relationship; in not making the other person an object, in not using or humiliating the other person, in being faithful and dependable to each other. The Catechism is not set in stone. One may also doubt what it says.”

He went on: “We discussed these questions during the family synod, but there was reluctance to set something down. Even then I said: There are people living in an intimate love relationship that is expressed sexually. Are we really going to say that this is worthless? Sure, there are people who want to see sexuality limited to procreation, but what do they say to people who can’t have children?”

Marx’s comments are part of a growing push within the German Church for changes to the Catechism’s teaching on homosexuality.

Earlier this month, Bishop Georg Bätzing, Marx’s successor as chairman of the German bishops’ conference, agreed with a journalist’s assertion that “no one” adhered to the Church’s teaching that sexuality should only be practiced within marriage.

“That’s true,” Bätzing said. “And we have to somewhat change the Catechism on this matter. Sexuality is a gift from God. And not a sin.”

He was speaking after participants in the German “Synodal Way” voted in favor of draft documents calling for same-sex blessings and the revision of Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

In February, another prominent European Church leader, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, S.J., was asked by the German Catholic news agency KNA how he dealt “with the Church teaching that homosexuality is a sin.”

He replied: “I believe that this is wrong. But I also believe that we are thinking ahead in doctrine here. The way the pope has expressed himself in the past, this can lead to a change in doctrine. Because I believe that the sociological-scientific foundation of this teaching is no longer correct.”

Hollerich, the archbishop of Luxembourg, will play a central role in the upcoming Synod on Synodality in Rome, serving as relator general. He is also president of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE).

The Catechism, which Pope John Paul II described as “a sure norm for teaching the faith,” says: “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’ They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

“The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.”

It continues: “Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.”

Cardinal Marx celebrated a Mass marking “20 years of queer worship and pastoral care” in Munich earlier this month.

In his interview with Stern, Marx was asked about the Mass and whether homosexuality was “recently still considered a sin in the Church.”

He said: “Homosexuality is not a sin. It is a Christian attitude when two people, regardless of gender, stand up for each other in joy and sorrow.”

“I speak of the primacy of love, especially in sexual encounters. But I must admit that 10 or 15 years ago I myself could not have imagined that one day I would celebrate this service in this way. Now I was very much looking forward to it.”

Cardinal Marx’s interviewer noted that there was a rainbow flag before the altar at the Mass. He was asked whether Rome had contacted him about it.

“In the past few years, I have received several letters on the subject, but I think I am doing the right thing,” he said.

“I’ve felt freer to say what I think in recent years, and I want to move Church teaching forward. The Church is also changing, moving with the times: LGBTQ+ people are part of creation and loved by God, and we are challenged to stand against discrimination.”

“The Church may be slower in some things, but that is a development that is happening everywhere. Most companies just a few years ago would not have accepted openly homosexual board members.”

When the interviewer said that no company defined homosexuality as a sin in its statutes, Marx said: “What is it with you and sin all the time? It has to be about the quality of relationships. This issue has not been adequately discussed by some in the Church, you are right.”

“But sin means turning away from God, from the Gospel, and you can’t impute that to all people who people who live same-sex love and, on top of that, say: away with them.”

Marx was also asked if he had ever blessed a same-sex couple.

He replied: “A few years ago in Los Angeles, after a service where I preached on unity and diversity, two people came to meet me and asked for my blessing. I did it. This was not a wedding ceremony, after all. We cannot offer the sacrament of marriage.”

The Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reaffirmed in March 2021 that the Catholic Church does not have the power to bless unions of people of the same sex.

The Vatican statement, issued with the approval of Pope Francis, sparked protests in the German-speaking Catholic world.

Several bishops expressed support for blessings of same-sex couples, while churches displayed LGBT pride flags, and a group of more than 200 theology professors signed a statement criticizing the Vatican.

Priests and pastoral workers across Germany held a day of protest last May during which they conducted blessing ceremonies attended by same-sex couples.

Marx’s interviewer suggested at one point that the cardinal himself had “no sexuality.”

“Of course I am — like everyone else — a sexual person,” said the 68-year-old Church leader. “I also have a sexuality, even though I am not in a relationship.”

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  1. Perhaps revelatory for Cardinal Marx is that there are inclusions within the Catechism that are indeed set in stone. Doctrine belonging to the Deposit of Faith, some of which are elicited directly from the Decalogue, others Natural Law, others revealed by Christ to the Apostles.
    Pansexualism, Queerdom, is not a whatever sex you believe you are Realm, when biologically you’re otherwise. Unless you mutilate what God gave you in defiance to the Almighty’s ordering of nature. That disfigurement doesn’t change the truth. Pan or Trans is a deviation from the truth. A most adversarial Antichrist proposal. “The value of love is shown in the relationship; in not making the other person an object, in not using or humiliating the other person, in being faithful and dependable to each other. The Catechism is not set in stone. One may also doubt what it says” (Wayward Anthropological theorist Cardinal Marx). Happy smiling faces holding hands blissfully does not spell sanctity. Good feelings don’t distinguish good from evil. Rather, similar to reprobate Aaron [until Moses returned him to his moral senses, God intended to rightfully destroy him] the engraver of the Golden Calf and its high priest of worship. Idolatry. Satanic. An egregious affront to the divinity.
    We’re facing a very similar serious dilemma that continues to infect Catholicism now being supported by the German Synodal Way and tacitly by the inaction [a word of disparagement now and then a quoting of scripture is equivalent to a wink and a nod] of the Roman Pontiff. Impossible? It’s occurring before our eyes. At least those of us who haven’t yet become blind.

    • Hello Father Peter. Cdl Marx is a Liar. I believe he is a gay marxist who wants to create schism, to protestantize our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Em and I are in our mid-70’s and, with the time we have left, we will stay and fight for our Church. We will do our best to stop these evil-doers from winning. God Bless.

  2. So the trads were right? Using the Cardinals’s logic, it seems we CAN question the teachings of Vatican 2 as described in Catechism. Cool. Thanks Cardinal Marx!

    Of course, Marx doesn’t mean to be intellectually consistent. He only makes this argument because it serves his agenda. These guys get very clerical and demand obedience the minute you question them. The double standard is glaring. It really is hard to take them seriously anymore.

    PS: notice the teachings that Marx and his ilk never question are the ones surrounding their power as a bishop?

    I want to know, why do I have to listen to Marx if he himself can question and be disobedient to Church teaching?

  3. We read: “Sure, there are people who want to see sexuality limited to procreation…”

    The cardinal babbles (as in Babel) from a FALSE PREMISE. Fully human (and therefore Catholic) morality already affirms both the procreational and the truly unitive aspects of sexual intercourse. Out of step are contradictory (!) actions (not predispositions) that preclude procreation altogether.

    The cardinal, apparently incapable and unwilling to entertain more than one idea or fact at a time, humiliates such integral truth and relational richness. And elementary logic. He would bury these truths in order to embed his deluded fantasy into the Mystical Body of Christ.

    ST. AUGUSTINE had an expression for this—”fantastica fornicatio” (the prostitution of the mind to its own fancies). And barely yesterday, ST. JOHN PAUL II said it this way: “As Teacher, she [the Church] never tires of proclaiming the moral norm…. The Church is no way the author or the arbiter of this norm” (Veritatis Splendor, , n.95). Butt, bring it on, says MARX, homosexual tunnel vision, with superficial editing of the Catechism as his end game, so to speak!

    And then, from a broadened perspective, we have this:

    “Late marriages and small families became the rule, and men satisfied their sexual instincts by homosexuality [!] or by relations with slaves and prostitutes. This aversion to marriage [easily redefined!] and the deliberate restriction of the family by the practice of infanticide and abortion was undoubtedly the main cause of the decline of ancient Greece, as Polybius pointed out in the second century B.C. And the same factors were equally powerful in the society of the Empire….[and now today].” (Christopher Dawson, “The Patriarchal Family in History,” The Dynamics of World History, 1962, p. 163).

  4. Simply unbelievable.

    Marx eliminates the unitive aspect of the sexual act in marriage…on purpose. What better way to promote a biological sexuality only and to throw Christianity under the bus.

  5. Depends on what he means by “set in stone.” If he means that there might be human errors in the text that need correcting, of course; that is a problem with any human effort. If he means that certain applications of doctrine can change over time to adapt to new conditions, that is also a given. As Pope Benedict XV reminded us back in 1914, we must be prepared to do “old things in new ways.” If he means that doctrine can change, he is mistaken.

  6. Granted the homosexually inclined [in all its forms] require our care. That is, spiritual care that is Christocentric. Therein is the faith issue that’s leading both homosexual and priest or bishop who follow Cardinal Marx’s accommodation of a disorder rather than spiritual healing centered on Christ, the perennial doctrines of Catholic Christianity on the path to perdition.
    If we truly loved the sexually disordered person, we would restore them to Christ. Cardinals Marx, Hummes, Farrell, Cupich, Grech, Hollerich et al prelates closely attached to Francis, practice a nominal Catholicism that is largely secular in practice, at least on this major issue. Most, true to that predilection are most often not strong antiabortion advocates.
    Secular in outlook and diluted in their faith, presumed efficacious scientific studies, the growing practice worldwide, they find in this greater conviction than what is revealed in our Apostolic tradition.

    • As for the “presumed efficacious scientific studies,” what say the synodal waywards about the demonstrated absence of any homosexual gene? In the human genome only a “few” markers of little consequence:

      From the news release: Five of the genetic markers were “significantly” associated with same-sex behavior, the researchers said, but even these are far from being predictive [!] of a person’s sexual preferences. “We scanned the entire human genome and found a handful – five to be precise – of locations that are clearly associated with whether a person reports in engaging in same-sex sexual behavior,” said Andrea Ganna, a biologist at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Finland who co-led the research.

      He said these have “a very small effect” [!] and, combined, explain “considerably less than 1% of the variance in the self-reported same-sex sexual behavior” [!]. This means that non-genetic factors – such as environment, upbringing [alienation from the father?], personality, nurture [early sexual experimentation?] – are far more significant in influencing a person’s choice [!] of sexual partner, just as with most other personality, behavioral and physical human traits, the researchers said.

      But as the other Marx’s marionettes said of countervailing evidence against economic determinism, “we will decide this matter politically.”

      • Indeed Mr. Beaulieu. The so called gay gene issue is ultimately moot because you don’t need gay genetics to have gay sex. All modern society’s internet, social media and political explosion of focus on the subject has accomplished is to greatly expand bi-sexual behavior. Gay sex, although it can sometimes be sincere emotionally, is not sexual intercourse. It is mutual masturbation. You need a gene for that?

      • Good research. And has Andrea Ganna made a comparative study of similar minute patterns of other genes in persons and their correspondence to behavior?

        • Not “other genes,” but here, mere “markers.” As for related research on addictions, there’s this…

          Even a relatively innocuous modern addiction—-overindulgence in digital and virtual reality games—-is found to produce corresponding neuro-chemical and possibly cellular changes in the brain itself, e.g., dopamine which is responsible for reward-driven behavior. The computer programs program us!

          Also, a recent study completed at University College London (using MRI technology) also strongly implies that a habit of lying tends to suppress the part of the brain (the amygdala) that responds emotionally to a “slippery slope” pattern of small and then larger lies (Garrett/Ariely/ Laxxaro, Nature Neuroscience Journal, October 24, 2016; reported by Erica Goode, New York Times, October 25, 2016).

          Lies escalate and the Father of Lies lies at the beginning, so to speak. The German synodal wayward is a prime example.

          • Peter, I’ve thought, theoretically that our freely willed thought patterns, intentions may effect chemical change, imbalance especially if such are disordered. That the imbalance at times is engendered. German psychiatry prior to WWII initiated treating psychiatric patients with psychotropic medicine that beneficially modified the chemical imbalance. Today as you’re aware the best treatment seems both counsel and medication.
            Consequently, what we may find specific to forms of disordered behavior may be the result of the behavior not the cause.

  7. I am quite sure Cardinal Marx and friends would also agree that a good Catholic can disbelieve the existence of Jesus and God, so long as their contributions to Church collections continued.

    • Its time to jettison the German “church” as represented by Marx. Aptly named, Marx and his allies, are clearly looking for revolution , for schism. Let them either commit to clear orthodoxy or excommunicate them. We don’t have the luxury of any more confusion! Pope Benedict’s statement about a smaller but more “pure” Church wasn’t just an observation it was normative. Marx’s German “church” will fit right in with Germany’s liberal Lutheranism in bleaching authentic Christianity right out of the Gernman culture!

    • If you had ever had the experience of immersion in the theological academy as I did working for years in an Ivy League “trans-denominational” divinity school you would be confirmed in your determination. What we know to be the mysteries of the faith are nothing to these scholars than confections requiring analysis and deconstruction. That accomplished in their drunken state of self-deception the fruits of their labors are ready for publication. Publish or perish — that is the game. The theological academy is sadly a nest of vipers. The exceptions exist but are increasing difficult to find and, even worse, subject to suppression by calumny and professional disparagement. I will never forget a noted feminist theologian questioning, at a faculty meeting, if Catholics “do” theology.
      Authentic Catholicism is held in utter contempt across the spectrum of faith communities. The likes of Marx, and they are legion, are often ironically small men subsumed in self-contempt desperate to be acknowledge credible by those who subsist in odium fide.

    • This Cardinal offered his resignation to Pope Francis some months ago. It seems the Pope is supportive of the new Luther

    • I hesitated to post this, since it will inevitably be perceived as the churlishness of the spiritually immature. Then, I thought, there’s really nothing for me to lose.
      Beachhouse parties on the German riviera, the Kaiserbäder, and Swinemünde can be quite expensive.

  8. According to Cardinal Marx, one can question the catechism.Especially in matters of sexuality. Because it appears that the Cardinal thinks the CHURCH has to conform to secular society and the current lack of morality there. God forbid anyone committing sin actually be told point blank that they ARE sinning ( Joe Biden anyone?) because that might hurt their feelings.Elimination of mean tweets, elimination of the possibility of ANYONE EVER having their feelings hurt, trumps all else in society. Even the total collapse of society itself. It is more important than even the fall of the Roman empire. Because all that serves the opinions of Cardinal Marx. Marxism. A variant of Marxism, much like this one , is already a proven failure. Lets not try that again. But, it may be too late. Behavioral standards of many kinds are dead. Hence the spectacle of one Hollywood star attacking another on live TV over a “joke”.

  9. The thought processes of atheists are as predictable as water is damp, especially atheists without self-awareness that they effectively are atheists, the sort who believe it is possible for truth to change, since they do not believe truth is the immutable reflection of the unchanging perfect mind of God. Neither do they have sufficient wisdom to believe that God, were God to exist in theory, would not be such an idiot of a God that He would have sadistically forgot to inform the peoples of the past with the necessary innate truths to lead virtuous lives if their free wills aspired to basic decency or holiness.
    Atheistic prelates are especially boring and predictable when they can perceive nothing demonic about capitulating to and keeping up with what Scripture uses as a metaphor for evil, “the ways of the world,” or to adopt the world’s slanders that the Church has no compassion or ever has had compassion for the weak. If a prelate has decided to abandon wisdom, can he at least be questioned to try to explain how it came to be that their mindset is such that greater than 98 percent of gays support abortion? When Catholics used to be Catholics, we understood that we delude ourselves about our sinful lives. We do this a lot. Every day.

  10. And we, for our part, are free to doubt what “Cardinal” Marx says as well. It is important to remind ourselves that the red color in the vestments of the office of Cardinal is an outward sign that the individual holding that office is willing to die a martyr in witness to the Catholic faith.
    I am not reading anything coming from this particular “cardinal” except his willingness to abandon the Catholic Faith for the p
    selfish pleasure of sodomy.
    Let us continue on our way to follow Christ to the summit of Calvary, and let this lost, dazed and confused bird go his way. As such, we likely shall not cross paths again. He has had his 15 minutes of fame. Give him no more.

  11. In reading this article on Cld. Marx, somehow I thought of Arianism and how Arius would not give up on his heretical teaching. His pride was all encompassing. As a result, how God disposed of him was rather appropriate.

  12. What is totally insane about all this is that there is a solution: leave! Go join like minded people.

    If you no longer believe in what the church teaches then join that group that believes what you do. There are plenty such groups starting with the Anglicans and Lutherans.

    These priests are just outright liars. Hypocrites. They go through the pretence of being Catholic when they no longer are because they don’t believe Catholic teaching. Atheists who pretend to believe in God.

    But then I suppose that is the whole point – they want to corrupt and wreck the Church and they are almost there. Hating beauty they want to make the Church ugly. Abhoring virtue they want to celebrate sin. Where else could that come from but from the serpent himself.

  13. I’d wager that while Cardinal Marx doesn’t regard the catechism as “set in stone,” his own views and those of his synodal colleagues are immovable, non-negotiable and binding on the rest of the peasants.

  14. All of God’s words are set in stone. It’s really sad that Catholics almost never go to the bible to get their teaching and instruction, but rely on man’s catechism filled with man made traditions. Cardinal Marx is the Carl Marx of the Catholic faith.

    Matthew 19:4-6 “Haven’t you read (apparently not!),” Jesus replied, that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

    • Save your bigotry for another forum. Catholics use the book they created, the Bible, all the time, of which the entirety of our Catechism is based. Nothing in the Catechism is man-made as your religion hatred, perhaps unintentional but implicit nonetheless, would have it.

  15. Reptilian rationalizations emerge reflexively from this pathetic individual and his confreres in the Teutonic episcopate. One is left to wonder what fuels his contempt for the faith and the faithful. What nails down his obstinacy in persevering in his office when, ultimately, Catholicism is nothing but a sociological entity serving some secular purpose in his self-deceit. What are the advantages to him to remain on the stage katholicism provides when there are multiple alternatives to him to stand in the limelight — or maybe in protestantism he would merely fade into the wallpaper.
    There is nothing good to be said of this Marx or his allies in mendacity. He is a scandal. That he is provided the long leash says everything about the current state of the Church. Jerusalem sacked and burning.

  16. I know a man who lived the “GB” portion of the LGBTQ lifestyle, and came out of the abyss of that, and now suffers the ravages of AIDS and other STDs. He says this of men like Eminence Marx: “It is insane for adults to teach others, including children, that it is OK for a man to inseminate the intestines of another man.”

    We all know another man, some 2000 years ago, who sternly warned false shepherds about the judgement they will face: “It would be better for that man that he had never been born.”

    It is “sobering” (to put it lightly) to acknowledge that the anti-Christ ideology and behavior of “Eminence” Marx and “Eminence” Hollerich and “Eminence” Cupich, etc etc, are all “players” and “Coordinators” are all at the service of the Pontiff Francis.

    These men are false shepherds, and we must obey the command of Jesus and pray for them, because Jesus commanded that we are to “love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.”

    Amen Lord, your word is Truth.

  17. Indeed Mr. Beaulieu. The so called gay gene issue is ultimately moot because you don’t need gay genetics to have gay sex. All modern society’s internet, social media and political explosion of focus on the subject has accomplished is to greatly expand bi-sexual behavior. Gay sex, although it can sometimes be sincere emotionally, is not sexual intercourse. It is mutual masturbation. You need a gene for that?

  18. These Marx-ist German bishops are in urgent need of a new spiritual home. I do hope Pope Francis assists them in finding one.

  19. The Church has faced Many Heresies and has defeated them all so far. Most of the Heresies in the past where in relation to Transcendent Truths such as the Dual Nature of Christ, or the Reality of the human person as both Body AND Soul. Since Satan has failed at derailing the entire Church (though he led many astray) with these previous heresies, he is finally trying to stay out the realm of Transcendent truths, and now is attacking the truth’s of God’s shown in nature. Again, this attack is directed at God himself in the humanity of Christ, but it’s directed towards all humanity. It is an attempt by the enemy to create a division between what is human nature as made by God, and our human free will. What this heresy will be known as in the long run it’s difficult to know, but let’s just describe it as the heresy of Human nature as a malleable function of our free will. It is to posit that somehow our nature is not dependent upon God’s inherent design for us, but instead is dependent upon our own free will. Satan is cunning, since he knows our free will is our most God Like attribute, and yet it was our free will which was the beginning of sin entering into humanity through our first parents. God Gave to Adam and Eve the job to tend creation, but the tree of knowledge of good and evil they were forbidden to partake in. Of course, Satan delights in seeing humanity deform our own understanding of our nature. Satan delights in seeing us destroy the Goodness of God in our very selves. Cardinal Marx, like many confused and deceived bishops before him who promoted heresies in the past, is a willing participant in the game plan of Satan, even if he himself does not know this! By divorcing Free will from reason, and couching it terms of ‘compassion’ and ‘journey’, he speaks the same words of Satan in the Garden; ‘You will not surely die!’ Satan must have seemed very comforting and empathetic to Eve in her desire for the sin of disobedience. You could almost Say that Satan ‘accompanied’ Eve into her sin of disobedience. Oh yes, by enabling humanity in the Sin of Disobedience against our Nature, Marx, and others who give cover to sexual vice, especially that which is contrary to human nature (homosexuality, transgenderism etc…), these prelates and priests are full cooperator’s in the deception and destruction of those who are tempted to these unnatural sins. The Church needs to stand up to this heresy, condemn it or else many will perish.

  20. “Sure, there are people who want to see sexuality limited to procreation, but what do they say to people who can’t have children?” -Cardinal Marx

    “TRUST IN GOD” is what we say, and so should Marx. Sarah/Abraham and Elizabeth/Zechariah couldn’t have children either, yet God blessed them with Isaac and John the Baptist. The impossible is possible only with God. But He does it in a way that respects male & female complementarity. NEVER has He made possible natural conception (i.e., no outside human intervention, like IVF, sperm donors, surrogates) of a child between same-sex partners. Why? Because that’s not how He made us, nor what His will is for us.

    We each bear crosses, and some are harder to bear than others. Persons with other than heterosexual desires must TRUST IN GOD to help them carry their cross and lead a chaste life. ALL of us must turn to His truth, not our self-proclaimed “reality”; to His will, not our own selfish desires.

    Cardinal Marx and his kind are bowing down to demonic cultural forces simply because they are popular, and many of their flock would vanish overnight if they held firm to the eternal truths of our faith and the Word on matters of human sexuality. I pray for their repentance, and may God have mercy on them for leading others astray. “What a man believes depends upon his philosophy, not upon the clock or the century.” -G.K. Chesterton

      • It’s refreshing to see some lay people finally waking up to the hypocrisy of the Catholic church. Read the scriptures more closely and compare it to the churches traditions……what an eye opener!

  21. I thank God that His Eminence, Cardinal Marx and his likes, are coming out plain. Who is still in doubt that we’re at the end times? Satan and his minions have been battling the One Church founded by Jesus Christ on the faith expressed by St Peter. The firm promise of Christ still stands: “The gates of the netherworld cannot prevail against it” Let’s buckle up our weapons of faith and engage the Devil and his agents. The Sacraments are our greatest weapons- The Holy Eucharist, Confession, etc. Let us fight to the point of laying down our lives. God bless us all as we engage in this battle for souls. Communion of reparation-on the Tongue and kneeling. “Shine your eyes” my people will say. Your soul and mine are worth the fight.

  22. Something’s missing; and it is, teleology. What is the end of it? The thing that is being aimed for is not shown to be faith.

    Something else is missing; and it is, ontology. What is the integrity of it? The thing that is in process lacks cogent elements.

    Maybe they will say something like, “The end IS the relationship – the relational continuum. Because our interest is accompaniment. This was how the primitive church was.” In which case I think they have not proven their case.

    Cardinal Marx is also demonstration a survey method, I think. He is eliciting responses and fielding information that can be gathered up and formulated into “new norms” in the “Walking Synod”. They will not be new though.

  23. Much of the evils wrought by Nazi Doctor experimentation in World War II concentration camps, are the direct antecedent to these modern abominations: concentration camp experiments, twin studies, and the like, have led to IVF and other monstrosities by the medical community today. As an RN and NP, I will tell you this, all transgender operations mean money to doctors and hospitals and the unnatural hormonal changes create a “permanent patient” and cash flow for surgeons and physicians and pharmaceutical companies. Attack this from not just moral grounds, but economies/financial as well. President Biden states all government FORMS will now have a section for male , female and “x” as gender. How much money will this cost the American taxpayers to change ALL their many forms? Tax payers should know those financial numbers.Fight insurance companies being allowed to cover the surgeries and the medications. Hit this not just from the moral high ground, attack the pocketbooks. Make it financially non viable for the medical community. The Doctor who started doing these sex change operations in Telluride, Colorado decades ago is not working for free. Don’t allow it to become mainstream financially. Cut off the flows of cash supporting these unscrupulous and amoral surgeries. These patients need psychiatric help, not permanent patient hood. As for the Bishop Marx, yes, he is a heretic; but if there was no money supporting his articulations, no one would be listening and he’d be sent to a small parish. Given time to repent, and then excommunicated. Hit every aspect of this in all those wide varieties of interconnected spiderwebs of the pocket books. The battle will be shortened.

    • Honestly, I would like to see the children who went trans surgery or therapies and the like to be allowed to sue the doctors (and parents) for medical malpractice, if–when the children get to be an adult–things are not so rosy (and they are not likely to be rosy). That ought to help put a stop to the insanity.

  24. Karl Marx. Adolf Hitler. Helmut Kentler. Reinhardt Marx. Georg Batxing. Germany is a nonstop source of evil, perverted people spreading their poisonous ideas to the rest of the world.

  25. The reason Jesus calls our first Pope, St. Peter, ‘Satan’, is because Peter is talking and thinking like the secular world talks and thinks. Matthew 16:23, He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are an obstacle to me. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.”

    We have to all Pray the 1890 version of the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. It gives a clearer picture of what was on Pope Leo XIII’s mind when he desperately wrote the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. After a millennium and a half of relative safety, Pope Leo XIII saw the Spiritual authority of the papacy in grave danger. Papal States had fallen in 1870, which destroyed the papacy’s temporal authority. In writing the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, Pope Leo XIII is sending out a, calling all angels, SOS, to protect Spiritual authority ‘The Holy Place’ of the papacy from falling under the control of, the secular world ‘Satan’, as well.

    A portion of, Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel 1890 edition
    These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions.

    In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most blessed Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.

    Arise then, O invincible prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God, and bring them the victory.
    Quoted from:

    Jesus prophetic sign for His Second Coming, is that, after the gospel has been proclaimed around the world, we will see: Matthew 24, ‘The Desolating Abomination spoken of through Daniel the prophet Standing in the Holy Place’ When we do see Christ’s Holy Place, talking and acting like the secular world, political left, ‘gay lobby’, etc., Jesus tells us to run to the mountains and don’t even go back in your house to get your coat, “for at that time there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will be.”

    Through locutions to St. Faustina, Jesus and the Blessed Mother have confirmed that Jesus is, in fact, inbound to earth. In the third secret of Fatima, we see that the Blessed Mother has St. Michael the Archangel in a holding pattern, ready to light the earth on fire, upon her command. As of the year 2000, Jesus has opened a portal with His recent gifts of Divine Mercy Sunday, for us to now run to. Jesus swears to us that anyone who takes refuge in His Divine Mercy, will be spared the great tribulation which comes with Jesus, upon His Second Coming.

    Matthew 24:15 The Great Tribulation.
    “When you see the desolating abomination spoken of through Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then those in Judea must flee to the mountains, a person on the housetop must not go down to get things out of his house, a person in the field must not return to get his cloak. Woe to pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days. Pray that your flight not be in winter or on the sabbath, for at that time there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will be.

    Divine Mercy in My Soul, 635, The Blessed Virgin Mary :
    … you have to speak to the world about His great mercy and prepare the world for the Second Coming of Him who will come, not as a merciful Savior, but as a just Judge. Oh, how terrible is that day! Determined is the day of justice, the day of divine wrath. The angels tremble before it. Speak to souls about this great mercy while it is still the time for [granting] mercy. If you keep silent now, you will be answering for a great number of souls on that terrible day.

    A portion of the Third Secret of Fatima
    After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!’
    Quoted from the Vatican: The Message of Fatima

  26. I agree with Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas. Cardinal Marx has left the Catholic faith, and should do the honest thing by resigning from office he holds in a Church whose teachings he no longer believes in.

  27. Please pray for Cardinal Marx…I fear for his soul:
    “ But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6
    He seems to have allowed his ideological beliefs overwhelm his religious convictions. That’s obvious from his comments on the sociological-scientific foundation of this teaching remark. No where has he implied or does he state that his belief on this teaching has been divinely revealed. It seems reckless and dangerous for a Cardinal of the Catholic Church to go against the full weight of 2000 years of teaching on this aspect of our lives. Pray that he turns back to teaching in full communion with all that has been revealed to us through the Holy Catholic Church.

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