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Analysis: Archbishop Gregory promised the truth. Has he told it?

By JD Flynn for CNA

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta. (Credit: Georgia Bulletin/Michael Alexander)

Denver Newsroom, Jun 10, 2020 / 01:11 pm (CNA).- At the press conference announcing his appointment as Washington’s new shepherd, Archbishop Wilton Gregory made a pledge: “I will always tell you the truth as I understand it.”

A year after the archbishop’s installation in Washington, the credibility of that promise has come under scrutiny, during a moment of profound difficulty for the entire country.

“First of all, I believe that the only way I can serve this local archdiocese is by telling you the truth,” Gregory said April 4, 2019.

That day was meant to be a moment of hope for Washington Catholics, who had spent nearly a year at the center of tumult surrounding the abuser Theodore McCarrick, and his successor in D.C., Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who had himself been accused by many Catholics of misdirection, obfuscation, and dishonesty.

Gregory hoped to bring healing to the Church.

While he might not have every answer, he said at the press conference, “transparency includes sharing what you do know.”

In the year since Gregory’s installation, opinion on his commitment to that pledge has been mixed. The archbishop has been credited with calling for an investigation into Msgr. Walter Rossi, a priest in the area accused of grooming college students, and then criticized for the pace of that investigation, and for Rossi’s active ministry during the process.

He has been praised by local leaders for his pastoral presence to priests and lay Catholics, and at the same time maligned because the archdiocese has not yet released any records pertaining to McCarrick.

But last week, Catholic opinion on the archbishop became more sharply divided.

On June 2, Gregory issued a statement critiquing a visit of President Donald Trump to the National Shrine of St. John Paul II, which is located in D.C.

The archbishop called it “baffling and reprehensible” that the shrine was hosting Trump, and said the shrine had been “egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles.”

Trump’s visit to the shrine was indeed controversial among Catholics.

It came the day after the president said in a speech that he would mobilize active-duty military forces to quell protests and riots across the country, and then federal police officers used an alarming show of force to clear a square of reportedly peaceful protestors, so that the president could pose in front of an Episcopalian church with a Bible in his hand.

After those events, Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the president’s own party, accused Trump of using the Bible as a political prop, and numerous religious leaders made similar criticisms.

Gregory is the most prominent African-American Catholic in the U.S., and was by that point already a significant and impactful voice of Catholic leadership on racism, social justice, and police brutality in the wake of the May 25 death of George Floyd. It is not surprising that he wished to address forcefully the president’s handling of the country’s turmoil.

Gregory’s June 2 statement made headlines in major news outlets around the world. And a few days later, Gregory doubled down on his criticism of the visit.

Gregory did not say when he had learned of the event. But many Catholics speculated, given the force of the archbishop’s statement, that he must have been caught by surprise, perhaps learning of it only when the White House had announced it the night before.

On June 7, a Crux analysis of the situation reported that “Gregory was not informed of the visit until Tuesday [sic] night when the White House issued a statement announcing it.” The news agency said it had “independently confirmed” that “widely reported” fact.

Gregory has not disputed that reporting.

But later on June 7, the White House told CNA that Gregory had been invited to the event the week prior, and declined the invitation.

CNA obtained a May 30 note from Gregory’s office, in which the archbishop declined the invite, and which mentioned that Gregory had personally discussed his inability to attend with a White House staffer on May 29.

The Archdiocese of Washington declined to answer questions from CNA about the timeline. A reporter said the archdiocese had not answered questions from the Washington Post as well.

Since CNA’s June 8 report, Gregory has been frequently accused on social media of dishonesty. A small firestorm has begun.

It should be clear: Archbishop Gregory has not said on the record that he did not have prior knowledge of the event.

And some Catholic voices seem to have taken advantage of this controversy to malign Gregory uncharitably and unfairly, for reasons that often seem partisan, in both the ecclesiastical and secular senses. He has been accused of on-the-record lying, while the facts suggest something less overt. Such demagoguery never proves useful, especially at fractious moments or on difficult issues.

But beyond the demagogues, Gregory is perceived by some Catholics to have misrepresented himself, failed to address competing reports about himself, and declined answer questions about both the timeline and the reasons for a marked change in his tone, from a polite initial response to a subsequent forceful denunciation.  It is easy to speculate about the archbishop’s reasons, but Gregory himself has not been willing to express them.

In the calculus of Catholic morality, there are sins of commission, and sins of omission. Gregory has not committed an on-record act of dishonesty. But Catholics who took his pledge seriously seem now to expect that an archbishop will neither fail to omit details from public statements and clarify competing accounts, nor decline questions on controversial statements.

These are, to be sure, unprecedented times. And Trump’s visit to the shrine touched on a laundry list of controversial, serious and sensitive topics, especially for an African-American bishop in the nation’s capital: The president himself, Catholic institutional alignment with Trump, racism, the protests roiling the country. Disagreement should be expected in a moment like this.

But leadership is tested in moments like these. And Gregory, who promised the truth, now faces a test worth watching.

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  1. It is most unfortunate that, while Archbishop Gregory’s integrity is beyond reproach, there are elements in the church that expect dishonesty. One can’t help but wonder why that is.

    Maybe that’s because those same elements are trying to ignore the Heretic in the Oval Office. His name is Donald Trump. Christians like me are interested in why nobody is talking about those tear-gassed protesters, some of whom were priests.

    The fact remains that Donald Trump tear-gassed those priests in order to commit what many consider either blasphemy or an act of sacrilege, or both. Many of us think it’s both and more.

    This is one Nation under God. God comes first, not Trump. No one disrespects the King of Kings and gets a pass. What exactly was Trump trying to do with that Bible anyway? Why was he holding it backwards? What was so important that he had to tear-gas a bunch of innocent people? The whole thing reeks of disrespect for Jesus Christ. It’s despicable.

    Whatever the controversy is supposed to be about, the fact of the matter is that you have bigger fish to fry right now. What’s it going to be? Will you gaslight Archbishop Gregory and undermine the Pope’s efforts to help us heal, or will you become part of the solution?

    • Yes, there are elements in the church that expect dishonesty, but there are also those who willingly but blindly embrace it. The false accusations in your post are an example of your own commitment to dishonesty. Tear gas wasn’t used to disperse the crowds, that’s a simple and indisputable fact. Embracing a lie to advance a political agenda may be acceptable in the progressive circles in which you operate, but it is inconsistent with biblical principles. Truth or lies? What you choose reveals the thoughts and intentions of your own heart.

      • Right? He’s only violating one or two of the 10 Commandments here, so, if we do the grading the way academia does these days, he needs to get full credit for 1-7 and 9-10, and partial credit for 7&8, putting him somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90%; a strong B by academic standards any way you slice it. Let’s hope God mercifully grades him and the rest of us on that curve, especially the author of the above pulp fiction of a comment who claims the archbishop is beyond reproach.

        One wonders…if archbishop is beyond reproach, what, if anything, is reproachable?

        One also wonders, if Trump is a heretic, what should we call Biden, Pelosi, or Cuomo who all claim being Catholic, and yet are as pro-death as they can possibly be. If abortion is violation of the fifth Commandment, as it clearly is, and lying and encouraging lying and false witness are against 7&8, what does that make them? Are they “beyond reproach” also? Or do they deserve a much lower grade than Trump because, unlike Trump, they received the faith in one, holy, catholic and apostolic church as children. Trump never received sacraments other than baptism, and I could swear I read somewhere that of those to whom much more was given, much more will be required…paraphrasing here, but I’m sure it’s plain to see what I’m driving at, I hope…

      • As a full fledged member of the Catholic faith I wonder at Catholics who vote for the DemocRats knowing the whole lot of them are for not against abortion

    • Al Wiggins Jr ,
      How is Mr. Trump, a heretic?
      I despair of Christians throwing about uncharitable accusations re. clergy but should we not apply that same courtesy to our elected president?
      If we’re unhappy with the current holder of that office there’s a remedy every four years.
      There’s so much anger & name calling on the internet, lets not add more on a Christian site. It’s really unbecoming to us & does little to evangelize.

    • “while Archbishop Gregory’s integrity is beyond reproach”

      Assuming facts not in evidence.

      “there are elements in the church that expect dishonesty.”

      Given that his immediate predecessors were Theodore McCarrick and Cardinal Wuerl, perhaps that is understandable.

      “the Heretic in the Oval Office.”

      And by “Heretic” – capitalized, no less – what exactly to you mean? From what orthodoxy is he dissenting?

      “Christians like me are interested in why nobody is talking about those tear-gassed protesters, some of whom were priests. ”

      First of all, rather than claiming “nobody is talking,” you should start by acknowledging that, on the contrary, nobody will shut up about it. You might start with the fact that there was no tear gas used. Then you can move on to the fact that although it was fifteen minutes before the set curfew, people were still there. Unless they lived within a ten-minute walk of the area, they should not have been.

      Those priests, incidentally, should have had better sense than to join in a crowd which was, at the very least, providing cover for violent protesters.

      “what many consider either blasphemy or an act of sacrilege, or both. ”

      Explain in what way it can be considered either blasphemy or sacrilege.

      “Many of us think it’s both and more.”

      The problem is that most of you don’t actually think; you feeeeeeeeeeel.

      “No one disrespects the King of Kings and gets a pass. ”

      More assuming facts not in evidence. I see nothing disrespectful of the Lord in President Trump’s actions. Strange that you’re all in a swivet over the President’s standing outside a church but you have no condemnation for the actions of the rioters who burned it and destroyed considerable other property in the area, hence the curfew which the protesters were ignoring.

      “Will you gaslight Archbishop Gregory and undermine the Pope’s efforts to help us heal, or will you become part of the solution?”

      Setting up a false dichotomy, using another one of those silly buzzwords or phrases (“part of the solution”) and making false accusations of gaslighting against the author of the article. You’re quite a piece of work, and why does the phrase “whited sepulcher” keep running through my head?

    • Al Wiggins Jr you say, “Archbishop Gregory’s integrity is beyond reproach”. You must have powers that us mere mortals do not have. How could you possibly know that?

      He definitely behaves like a drama queen. When it comes to bishops, Saint John Fisher did not capitulate to royalty, all his bishop brothers did. Bishop Fisher remained loyal to His Church and to his Christ.

      Trump is not a Catholic he cannot be a heretic, what an insane remark. However Trump has done more to improve and save all lives than the majority of bishops, has off to all priest and laity who get arrested. I would like to see the Arch Gregory praying outside an abortion clinic and been arrested. That would be more impressive than carrying water for Democrats.

      If you think Trump is so terrible then you should rejoice that he has a bible in his has hand. It is better than a clerics approaching the media to get personal coverage.
      Facts The Arch was aware that Trump had an invitation to visit JP11 memorial. He was aware that there was no tear gas, pepper spray might have been used.

      God Bless Trump, the USA, your leaders and people, may our bishops pray for a spine and we will pray with you.

  2. This is an article about the integrity of Wilton Gregory. It’s typical these days, however, for some Catholics to turn religion into politics. Simply put: this carticle wasn’t about the President.

    • Deacon, I read the following as truly political.
      “These are, to be sure, unprecedented times. And Trump’s visit to the shrine touched on a laundry list of controversial, serious and sensitive topics, especially for an African-American bishop in the nation’s capital: The president himself, Catholic institutional alignment with Trump, racism, the protests roiling the country. Disagreement should be expected in a moment like this.” I prefer to use the term Institutional compartmentalization. Today, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs distanced himself from Trump saying “it was wrong to have the US military on the street of the nation”. We can wonder how long Milley will be the chairman?

      Trump is divider, not a uniter.

      • Yes, and you are the Pharisee, not the publican.

        “God, I thank you that I am not like other people…”

        Luke 18:9-14.

      • Milley had no business making an issue about his going to the church with Trump, and if he had second thoughts they would have been better left unsaid. Trump is the Commander in Chief. As such it is incumbent upon his generals to show their support. Walking to a church which has been attacked was very much a DEFENSE of the church, even if those who staffed the place were too dim and partisan to figure that out. Most certainly, it is neither immoral or a crime.Does Milleyb think defending a church is a partisan issue? How sad for him. What EXACTLY is supposed to be conveyed by thousands of people surrounding the White House? “Peaceful” or not, that is an implied threat of violence. In point of fact they never should have been allowed so close. Shall we take their defacement of our cherished national monuments as evidence of their “peaceful” intent??? Maybe Milley should have talked about THAT. THAT is disgusting and immoral. The liberals willing to tolerate a week of burning and looting , de-funding of police and a mid-city takeover in Seattle, should be evidence enough even to the most hard core indoctrinated leftist what the country will face if this group gets into power. I hope you enjoy third world living standards.

        • Your commentary was totally accurate and logical, both of which are missing in today’s journalism. Thank you for your honesty and courage to call a spade a spade.

  3. The Pontiff Francis is part of the problem, not as Mr. Wiggins states, part of the solution.

    No man’s integrity is beyond reproach, period.

    The well known statement: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is, to our surprise, a statement written by a Catholic Englishman (Lord Acton) to his Bishop, pointing out the danger of assuming that Catholic popes etc are “beyond reproach.” Acton added that it is more necessary that as a man ascends, he should be wary of himself, and all should be cautious when dealing with him, because he is subject to enormous forces that make it easy for him to do what is wrong, and much harder for him to be virtuous. Acton added: “There is no greater heresy than that which says ‘The office sanctifies the office-holder.’”

    Archbishop Gregory is in fact guilty of demagoguery, laying in wait to spring this politically calculated denunciation of the POTUS, whom he apparently detests.

    Which brings us to a final point: the author Mr. Flynn is being utterly and ridiculously self-deceiving if he thinks he can honestly suggest that the Catholic Church is “institutionally aligned with Trump.” The “institutions” of the Catholic Church are led by the USCCB and the prominent “Catholic-in-name” universities who, together with the sociopath sex abuser McCarrick, broke away from Church teaching in 1967, under their “Land of Lakes Statement.” The USCCB and these universities are the “institutions, they are the McCarrick Establishment, and they are “institutionally aligned” against Trump, and everyone knows that.

    And there seems to be no reason why Archbishop Gregory should be credited with doing anything about the double-living Msgr. Rossi, who besides being formally accused of sexual pursuits by two male students at Catholic University, is also publicly reported by George Neumyr to share a condominium (with another priest of the AD of Scranton, alleged to be his homosexual partner) in a gay neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Archbishop Gregory has simply allowed the Bishop Bamberra of Scranton to “handle the investigation,” a man known to be a promoter of the LGBT cause. Meanwhile, Rossi remains in full practice in the AD of Washington, parading up the aisle in the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception.

    If journalists began by being more honest to themselves about what is going on, then it might follow, as the Bard once wrote, that they cannot be false to their readers.

  4. “I will always tell you the truth”, and then the caveat, “as I UNDERSTAND IT”. Read, I will always tell you MY TRUTH.

    • Reminds me of when Bill Clinton said something to the effect “I didn’t have sex with that women”. And of course of the Catholic politicians who in effect say ” I’m against abortion until I am for it”. The dishonesty never stops and for the bishops; this dishonesty provides a breading ground for promoting the lack of respect for the clergy, the last thing the Church needs. This probably sounds childish, but just wish the Bishops would get together and promote a National Day of Rosary; such as on Tuesday of the week for reconciliation and requesting the Blessed Mother’s intersession for America in these troubled times.

  5. Initially, I would argue that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the most prominent African-American Catholic in the United States and his actions have a much broader impact on the Church than Cardinal Gregory. Further, Cardinal Gregory’s history in the Church hierarchy seems to me to be suspect on more than one instance. Many more facts, however, are required before final judgement.

  6. I still maintain that what Gregory did was a lie. He publicly presented himself as being surprised and shocked by Trump’s visit to the JP II Shrine, and took the opportunity to denounce the people at the Shrine personally. He has since insinuated that those who take issue with his comments are not merely wrong, but racist. He has no one to blame but himself for the acrimony that followed.
    You can love Trump or hate him, but Gregory is still being deeply disingenuous. The claim that he has not committed an “on the record act of dishonesty” belies the nature, aim and content of the Archbishop’s statements.

  7. Bishops such as Gregory need to take very seriously the perception that the faithful have of them.

    Case in Point: There have been allegations that my own bishop is guilty of denying due process to a local priests under Canon Law. If true, this is thuggish behavior and a serious scandal.

    Instead of judging him without true knowledge, I wrote a letter asking for a reason for the delay. His answer: silence. We have since judged our bishop to be corrupt and have stopped giving to our local diocese.

    If Archbishop Gregory is not guilty of lying, he needs to refute the allegations. If not, the faithful will consider him to be credibly accused.

  8. ‘ All things work well …’ in the Diary of St.Faustina , there are # of occasions when she is unjustly accused ..
    seems The Lord was desiring for her too , to have the merits of the weapon of the silence of the Sacred Host , in trust – one time , a demon had thrown a flower pot from the altar , to get her accused – silence even there …such deep trust in The Lord , that He takes matters into His hands …
    The whole controversy related to the subject of the article too , it would have helped millions world over, to see the two child like figures , standing in front of the large Fatherly, grey colored image of St.John Paul 11 ..
    and the words of the ArchBishop to only add a bit more light of compassion from many , for all the wounds of rejections , misunderstandings carried in many a heart …
    thus , the freedom to be one in our littleness , even loving that littleness , in the midst of the splendor of the light of holiness …the very balm needed for these times ..and a Good Father , to have foreseen all these needs of ours and to have it all arranged …

    • Maybe, just maybe, this was a campaign speech
      — for a Red Hat.
      “Look at me, Pope Francis! I’m just as liberal as you are!”

  9. This is a man who has lived with a McCarrick fave, celebrated Masses in Atlanta with New Ways Ministry militant homosexual group despite the group’s standing with the Church, went to Rome in the time of John Paul II to set the Pope straight on what the USA Church was going to do and had his butt handed to him in a sling, was set to move into a delux mansion in THE neighborhood of Atlanta even as the new Francis was shredding a German prelate over opulence and had to crawfish on that, and is originally out of Chicago which has one of the worst reps in the US for a gay mafia underground among clergy provable in crime reports and press releases.

    Impecable reputation, huh? Sounds as just the guy to keep a lid on things, to me, and chosen for that purpose. I remember meeting him shortly after him taking over Atlanta, after a Mass, and I took a knee to kiss his ring and he snorted in derision.

  10. Truth as I understand it (Archbishop Gregory). Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò made short work of Archbishop Gregory’s claim to veracity. Archbishop Viganò’s recent complimentary tweet to Pres Trump was followed by an affirming letter. Talk of conspiracy theory! An indication of the gathering of the clans in a veritable war with the alleged conspiratorial advocates of global secular humanism that the Archbishop addressed in an earlier letter signed by the ordinarily reserved Cardinal Gerhard Muller. Viganò followed with an essay issued on the feast of Saint Ephrem denouncing Vat II for promoting Collegiality leading to Synodality, misleading documents Dignitatis Humanae leading to Pachamamma, Nostra Aetate to Au Dhabi. And to a false church within. I don’t fully agree that all the documents cited were responsible, except for Dignitatis Humanae, which omitted the coercive authority of the Church and positioned conscience as the ultimate arbiter of good and evil rather than the objective nature of either [I would add later refined in Amoris Laetitia perhaps explaining Gregory’s Truth as I understand it] . The other documents were loosely written leaving what attorneys call loopholes. Movement toward Apostasy preexisted Vat II the documents gave them the leverage they wanted. Archbishop Viganò rightly acknowledges the papacy of Benedict XVI as a deterrent to the Apostates. What matters is the Archbishop’s confession of his own initial ingenuousness, something that other prelates should take as a personal example. Cardinal Gerhard Muller’s response will be influential as to where this goes. I hope many will openly support him and identify once and for all the Apostasy in our midst.

  11. On 9/21/19, Speaker Pelosi delivered a eulogy for Cookie Roberts in front of Archbishop Gregory in his cathedral. Apparently the Archbishop did not see any problem with giving the pulpit to pro-choice Nancy. What does this say about the Archbishop partisanship?

  12. “Gregory was not informed of the visit until Tuesday [sic] night when the White House issued a statement announcing it.” The news agency said it had “independently confirmed” that “widely reported” fact.

    Gregory has not disputed that reporting.

    It should be clear: Archbishop Gregory has not said on the record that he did not have prior knowledge of the event.
    One, are you indicating the possibility that Gregory has said off the record that he did not have prior knowledge?

    Two, saying Gregory was not informed means that he was compartmentalizing ‘informed’ to mean someone not sharing the information with him as opposed to being informed by something he discovered on his own through any of the various possible mediums.

    Three, which makes no logical sense, if prior to the ‘Tuesday night being informed’ obfuscation?, he had written and/or explained to the White House that he could not attend because of previous scheduling item[s]. Regardless of any mental reservation on when informed or not by someone besides himself, he was/is aware that he apparently has NOT witness the truth that he was informed/aware the week previous and had to refuse – or has he indicated he made this statement to the WH and so was informed prior to Tuesday night? Would that be a lie, prevarication, dissimulation???
    Four, why was this representation, as presented by others not addressed: “He also lied in repeating the media narrative: “The use of tear gas and other deterrents to silence, scatter or intimidate them for a photo opportunity … .”

    Let’s handle the obvious lie first. Tear gas was not used. Period. Every relevant official in D.C. has flat-out denied that charge. We’re all still waiting for Gregory’s [public] apology [and penance]”.
    Is it true then that Gregory said Trump did this – used tear gas or had it use? Can Gregory demonstrate how he has come to the knowledge of why Trump was there and so impugn the President publicly?

    Fifth, why is this absent from the article: He [Gregory] knew days in advance and saw no political advantage to denouncing the visit when he found out about it the previous week. Why was he not indignant and baffled days before? Why did he not find it reprehensible the previous week? What is the at the heart of this false witness?
    Sixth, why is this absent from the article: “In correspondence dated May 30th and obtained by CNA, Gregory’s office declined “the kind invitation to attend the event celebrating International Religious Freedom on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at the Saint John Paul II Shrine.“

    The correspondence added that the archbishop had “a prior commitment on his schedule at Catholic University and unfortunately must decline,” and said that Gregory had personally conveyed his regrets at being unable to attend when he spoke to a member of the White House staff directly on the evening of Friday, May 29.”

    The whole Gregory statement, both verbal and non-verbal, and their points, remain a lie. The silence of not admitting the truth about everything is a lie. The false witness on several layers, are lies against the Lord, His People, His President and First Lady as they would not be in the White House ‘if not given to you from [My Father] above’.

    The lived statement of apparent public defamation, detraction and seeming calumny, are lies from below. That an Archbishop acts in this way is a lie.

    Public repentance and penance is the truth that must be witnessed for all the lies, et al.

  13. Some further points after a second reading!
    Archbishop Gregory described Trump’s visit to the Shrine as being, among other things, “baffling.” In other words, he was leading the reader to assume not only that he strongly disapproved of Trump’s visit, but that he was genuinely surprised by it. The implication that he had little or no prior knowledge of the event was so plain that it was, in fact, taken at face value by Crux. For this article to claim that Gregory was not lying per se is an exercise in sophistry on behalf of the princes of the church.

  14. …truth…”as I understand it.” As another respondent wrote, this reveals cunning. While I agree that some Catholic voices have been uncharitable, is it not time to stop nibbling around the truth and speak (and write) boldly? There are shepherds in our midst, and Archbishop Gregory is one, who have courted the wolves, as though they could be guided and welcomed as sheepdogs. I cannot judge the heart and soul of this Archbishop, but, at the very least, the staff is held by a confused man who sows disorder and despair.

  15. And so the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the US continues to remain in the pockets of anti-God democrats and CNA continues to whitewash for them without even trying to appear objective and truthful. Was author of the article and intern in CNN or in Pravda before taking up the gig at CNA?

  16. This says it all: “CNA obtained a May 30 note from Gregory’s office, in which the archbishop declined the invite, and which mentioned that Gregory had personally discussed his inability to attend with a White House staffer on May 29.”

    The Bishop lied! The Bishop politicized what was meant to be another gift to people of faith and an event on the books for longer than the riots.

    I’m not young, I have no memory in my lifetime of a president who was a perfect man or who did more for Catholics and Christians than Donald Trump at a time when more and more liberties enshrined in Free exercise of religion had more more endangered.
    All I know is Donald Trump, a highly imperfect person, has been a blessing for the church.

  17. Where was archbishop Gregory when Barack Obama requested that statuary be covered up at Georgetown, a formerly Catholic University, that actually granted the request? Nowhere! This man is the Heretic in Chief, not non-Catholic Trump. The archbishop even permits Pelosi to receive communion in his diocese, which makes him an abortion enabler. The hypocrisy of the Church exists only to hide it’s political support of “progressivism”, which has turned into a euphemism for property appropriation and murder.

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