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Dr. Graham McAleer is a professor of philosophy at Loyola University Maryland.


  1. Dr. McAleer, in the article you said, “Capital gains tax in the US is currently 20 percent. When I cash in my 401K on retirement, that’s what I will pay.” Actually, I believe that when you cash in your 401K it is treated as “ordinary income” so it can be taxed up to nearly 40% + state income tax.

    • Ken, there are so many American billionaires moving their wealth off shore to avoid the IRS. A tax loophole of epic proportion. Our current president is a major player in this defiance of US morality.

      I only have one answer. We must flush out Trump’s accountants to have them do your taxes.

      God save the Nation.

  2. The Vatican is financially and morally corrupt on a level at least as terrible as all other human organizations but its corruption and immorality are worse because it is supposed to be that organization entrusted to defend and promote the Catholic religion.

  3. How can they claim that “…Capital is now far outstripping income…”? That’s like saying ‘wheat is now outstripping bread.” Capital is the source of income, not a competitor to income! There can be occasions where there is more capital available than there are low-risk opportunities for its use, but that means that there will be more creative uses of capital than were previously considered, e.g. internet start-ups.

  4. The issue is (never was) distribution. That’s a distraction to unsettle the conversation. The definition of labor may be contested, but wealth untethered from it is poisonous.

  5. Google up

    forbes 85 richest

    and then click on 85 richest people in the world have as much wealth ….

    Basically you will find that far, far less than one percent of the population of the planet has as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity combined.

    An extremely wealthy few have way too much power and influence over the governments of the world. When governments become, for all practical purposes, subsidiaries of multinational corporations, they serve the interests of their owners instead of the legitimate interests of their own citizens.

    This leads to massive poverty in nations ruled by such governments, which in turn fuels massive migration that is currently at a level that has become an international humanitarian crisis.

    We hear much about caring for such immigrants, which is fine, but we hear very little about addressing the root cause of the problem. That is not fine. That is evil.

    It is kind of like demanding that everybody take in their share of huge crowds of people whose houses have burned to the ground, but never suggesting that the arsonists be arrested and punished. It is stupid and evil. One would think our bishops would see that.

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