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Expert on marriage and family: The father-son bond is ‘civilization’s keystone’

Dr. Patrick Fagan, in an address at the recent Family Life International UK., contends that since the key target of the sexual revolution was manhood, the way to overcome the effects of that revolution is to create and nurture a culture that forms strong men.

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The bond between father and son is the basis of a stable society. This was the thesis expounded by Dr. Patrick Fagan, an international expert on marriage and family, in an address given on May 4th to a diverse audience at the London conference of Family Life International UK.

Dr. Fagan, who directs the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at the Catholic University of America, began his lecture by describing how the early Church had brought about a radical transformation of society through its teachings on marriage and sexuality. Christian men, unlike many ancient pagans, refused to share their wives with others. The Christian attitude to the sexual was what distinguished them from their pagan neighbors. The spread of Christianity led to the establishment of intact, monogamous marriage as the central norm for Western society.

The assault on marriage and fatherhood

Fagan chronicled the progress of the radical attack on the Western sexual norm, beginning in the French Revolution. Later, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels sought the destruction of religion and the family, viewing them as the two greatest obstacles to their socialist society. Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Lenin tried to put their teachings into practice, effectively eliminating marriage, but this led to such chaos that the Soviets were ultimately forced to return to a more traditional society. The German disciples of Marx, known as the Frankfurt School after fleeing from Germany to America in the 1930s, established themselves in American universities, where they sought to undermine Western society from within by attacking its sexual ethic.

The crucial moment, said Fagan, was the rise of radical feminism in the late 1960s. Fagan described the founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW). All its founders, said Fagan, were women who had bad relationships with their fathers. A key figure was Kate Millett at whose feminist gatherings would begin with the chanting of the following formula:

Why are we hear today? To make revolution. What kind of revolution? The cultural revolution. How do we make cultural revolution? By destroying the American family. How do we destroy the family? By destroying the American patriarch. How do we destroy the American patriarch? By taking away his power. How do we destroy his power? By destroying monogamy. How do we destroy monogamy? By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality.

A number of these women were academics and were subsequently responsible for the establishment of Departments of ‘Women’s Studies’ at major American universities, aiming at the denigration of manhood and fatherhood. These have now spread to most universities throughout the West.

The sexual liberation promoted by the feminists, argued Fagan, had as its specific goal the undermining of the male. However, it has been devastating not only for men but also for women, children, and marriages. Fagan highlighted the results of the US government’s National Survey of Family Growth, which broke down the divorce rate over five years, controlling for the numbers of sexual partners that spouses had prior to getting married. Of those who had not had sex prior to marriage, 95% were still married five years later. However, this fell to 62% for those who had had one sexual partner prior to marriage and to only 50% for those who had two partners.

“The biggest role that culture has is the shaping of the sexual,” said Dr. Fagan. Radical feminists understand this—and so must we if we are to reverse the damage done by the sexual revolution.

Nurturing the father-son bond

Fagan contends that since the key target of the sexual revolution was manhood, the way to overcome the effects of that revolution is to create and nurture a culture that forms strong men. The key way of doing this is to nurture the bond between father and son. Strong fathers make strong sons.

While a son has a natural biological bond with his mother having spent nine months in her womb, developing the father-son bond can be more of a challenge. But fathers need to accept the challenge and take charge of their sons’ formation. This is vitally important in all sexual matters. Fagan was robust in stating that sex education does not belong in the school but must take place within the family. Fathers must take charge of their sons’ sexual education, while mothers fulfill the same role for girls. This education needs to take place before the son can be exposed to pornography. Fathers need to be clear about what constitutes unacceptable behavior. A father can share with his son his own youthful struggles for purity. And a father must teach his son that marriage is a gift as his principal duty is to mold his son into a strong husband and father. ‘Without the father taking this initiative,” says Fagan, “the world is lost.”

The father is the keystone to the three great societies: the Church, the family, and the nation. “Remove that keystone,” Fagan stated, “and the arch will fall.” A good father will train his son to become a virtuous, productive member of all three societies. Placing a particular emphasis on the importance of the intact family that worships weekly, Fagan marshaled an impressive array of statistics showing that “more worship, more marriage and more children” are the “simple formula for a thriving nation and economy.” US government data measuring family types against 153 outcomes including income, education, mental health, crime, addictions, and poverty found that on every single outcome the intact married family that worships weekly comes out on top, while the broken family that never worships God produces the least desirable outcomes.

Key to re-evangelising the culture

Dr. Fagan ended his address by outlining a simple three-step plan for re-evangelizing the culture through family life. The first step is simply to have a good marriage. The second to raise your children well. As the third step, Dr. Fagan recommended holding a party for your neighbors once a year. They will witness the thriving of your family life and wonder what your secret is. This is a great opportunity for sharing the Faith. People will begin to notice, said Fagan, as they did of the early Church: “These Christians, see how they love one another.” It is by such small steps that we strengthen the Church, the family, and the nation.

A first step to achieving these desirable goals is to foster the father-son bond as the “civilizational keystone”. Fathers must now play the central role in formation that was once aided by a healthier moral culture. If the right formation is given to boys there will be no shortage of good husbands and good priests, says Fagan. “The time is right, and the need is enormous.”

Dr. Patrick Fagan addressing the Family Life International UK conference on May 4, 2019, in London. (Image courtesy of Piers Shepherd)

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  1. Helping sons become “virtuous, productive members of all three societies” is not enough — sons must learn how to become warriors and leaders within society and the family. To the latter end they must learn how to judge which women will make for good wives and mothers, and which will not, and how to deal with those who refuse to submit to and uphold community morals.

      • For a woman who refuses to act in accordance with community standards? Ostracization, but really it’s just the recognition that she isn’t really a member of their community.

        As for wives who won’t submit, that is a different question.

        • Sorry SOL, that’s not Catholic teaching. A better answer to Karen is this: with humble self-giving love, prayerfully inspired by the Holy Spirit, with the good of the woman/wife as the primary concern. This is how people authentically live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

          • For the first claim? Prove it from Tradition. I didn’t touch upon what is to be done about disobedient wives.

      • To paraphrase St. Paul, if the man does not submit to Christ, the wife will not submit to him.

        If men expect their wives to be faithful, modest, chaste etc., while they can do what they please because they’re the head of the house, then they’re deluding themselves.

        The husband needs to set an example for his wife and children. He needs to teach the children their catechism just as much as the wife.

        In 2014 or 2015, Christian Order published a series of articles on this subject. A priest wrote in an article stating that if you want your parish to grow, then encourage fathers to come to church. When they come, the whole family will attend church.

        Maybe CWR could contact Christian Order and repost those articles?

  2. In the paragraph where the NOW organizers are chanting about how to destroy the patriarchy in America and, with that, destroy the American family. Their formula for accomplishing this level of societal ruination was to promote, promiscuity, prostitution, eroticism, homosexuality. However, this paragraph was written by me and I need people to know that I, erroneously left off “abortion”. It was definitely part of the list, part of the plan.

    • Is this a real quote? It seems to sum up pretty well what is happening (or what has already happened). Is there a solid source for this? I see it quoted in various places but with no specific information. Thank you!

  3. Interesting .. the errors of Russia that Bl.Mother mentions with regards to Fatima also same – the contempt towards The Father in the enemy , expressed in various ways
    ( The contempt of the Orthodox Church , towards Papacy possibly a good reason too .)
    The Father’s love,in The Spirit , accepted and cherished by Bl.Mother , in full , who herself being conceived immaculate ( in the noncarnal manner of total holiness, by her holy parents Ann and Joachim ) , that love and trust for God , how our own lives are cherished and planned , in God , to be taken into our own hearts – thus the call for the Rosary devotion . The media influences added by spirits and lies of the enemy , in the wounds of fears and rejections , real or imagined in all lives can make it difficult to truly trust in The Father and His love, personified for us , in The Lord . He called the disciples as children , at very important moments ; seeing more of The Father , in The Lord, in The Spirit , asking for same , to heal the wounds , recognising those wounds, our oneness in same , in families and lives , as the Holy Father recently reminded us , in his own Fatherly Spirit – hope it is heard and taken in well by many too ,to trustingly bring those wounds unto The Lord , esp. at the Holy Mass , to accept His love and mercy , to thank Him with all .

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