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  1. You make no mention of the fact that Joseph Crowley was part of the Tammany Hall style existence. There were previous elections where Crowley had no opposition. He out spent his Primary opponent by a 10/1 margin. Reeks with the smell of Citizens United where a candidate can buy his election. The people have spoken.

  2. “He inspired the formation of faith-based organizing that we still see today in Catholic Churches throughout the country, many of them funded through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development”

    CCHD — not an association that is positive.

    • Bad Exegesis 101: Make the Bible Say Anything You Want

      The “socialism” of Acts 2:42-47 was limited to the community of Jerusalem in anticipation of needing to leave Jerusalem unencumbered when it would fall; it was not given as a universal norm for all Christian communities.

    • RRea a few more verses and the experiment failed. Closer to our time is Norcroft’s “A History of Socialist experiment in American.” Socialism does not play well for the church or in America.

    • The earliest Christians were not socialist or communist. They were communalist.

      Any Christian who wants to be a communalist today can join a commune. They don’t need a socialist or communist government to live like the early Christians.

  3. My mother’s ancestors were all “reformed” coming here in 1600’s. Dad’s Catholic grandparent’s came here 1880’s. I grew up learning about both sides of the family. I like what Joseph Lieberman said in an interview about obeying the Pope and the Rabbi’s and people must not disobey. Too many people for too long have tried to change things as this story unfolds when all along they should have stayed loyal to their roots.

  4. The “Socialist” pushing the Socialism of the Democratic party here in the USA has nothing to do with Catholic Church or Dorthy Day of yesterday of housing and feeding the down and out Americans who come for coffee and a meal. What is going on here in the USA is Fascism and complete breakdown of American value and democracy. The New Socialism of the DNC and the Clintons, is nothing short of the Brown shirts and terrorism. God help us stop these people. Please vote and Thank God for President Donald Trump. Amen

    • This is why Franciscan University is no long the light of Catholic Renewal it once was. It is engaging in historical revisionism, post-modern liberalism, and Leftist political activism with all that comes in that pale. Keep your Catholic young people AWAY from this ONCE Catholic university.

  5. the new socialism is not that of Dorothy Day who worked hard to support the people who needed a helping hand
    the new socialism is very radical and dangerous to the American republic. This cannot be tolerated.
    Thank God for President Donald Trump who is working hard to support and make our country Great again.

  6. Not surprisingly Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s web site promotes all the odd ball misconception about gender and sex. In her diaries Dorothy Day regularly lamented the immorality her membership had about sex. It seems social justice work and sexual immorality are a seem less garment. With all the respect I have for Dorothy Day, I still recall the quote from Bishop Sheen, “Those who worship at the altar of social justice have Judas Iscariot for their pastor”.

  7. The basis for any secular socialism is confiscatory from the producer to the indolent. The basis for Christian clarity is duty and love. Paul’s words the “he who does not work, does not eat” are governing as is the seventh commandment. As the Church as spoken from the beginning, we who can should give assistance to those who can’t. This will also avoid the sin of avarice and envy that socialism breeds.

  8. ‘Bishop Sheen, “Those who worship at the altar of social justice have Judas Iscariot for their pastor”.

    Shame on Bishop Sheen. The text makes it clear Judas was not concerned to further social justice, but was simply an unconscionable a thief. You enemies antisocialists(sic) are going to have plenty of explaining to do on Judgment Day. A heloing hand, my eye ! Read what St Ambrose and St Basil had to say about our attitude and demeanour towards the poor.

  9. Socialism is primarily Marxist and atheistic. It wants to promote social change without God. Violence and revolution are parts of the ideology because the influence of God is not recognized as being relevant. In Christianity, the influence of redeemed individuals is what transforms a society. Other attempts at change are lacking because flawed humanity without God merely perpetuates the problems.

  10. “No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism”
    -Pope St John XXIII, Encyclical Mater et Magistra, May 15, 1961, n. 34

  11. Jesus taught to teach a man to fish….not to give him fish. I was a cradle catholic and chose at 15 to eschew the papal directives. So lifting up those less fortunate in their birth means to teach self determination. It means to teach self sufficiency to the point of teaching them to think…not collectively thinking but to think for the individual. A community is only as strong as each individual in the community. I rail and rebel against collective thought and so should every free person who understands what the Magna Carta and Natural Law teaches. We should eschew the teachings of any faith directed to ordain control of the individual. Jesus said come to God of your own volition. Jesus taught self determination. Jesus did not teach us to be slaves to a man made higher order. Wake up people….make your decisions and come to Jesus’ teaching of your own choice. The pope, and his cabal, and their million and billions and denials of the sins created by their priests and bishops do not represent the New Testament teachings of my man, Jesus!

  12. The devil must have constructed both ism’s and all ism’s in order to upset peoples way of life, make them fight and kill of everyone in the name of it…No question people kill, plot and destroy for what the earth has. Basically, Socialism takes away property for the “greater good” that it envisions and hands it out to the same slaves forcing people who don’t want the stuff in the first place to work tirelessly for it while capitalism takes it away to banks and loans and charges you extra for what you don’t have hoping to make a profit. Both are man made creations that make a crappy life worse for all 🙂

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