EWTN’s Michael Warsaw honored for evangelization in media

Orlando, Fla., Feb 7, 2018 / 04:13 pm (CNA/EWTN News).-
Recognized for evangelization through Catholic media, EWTN Chairman and CEO Michael P. Warsaw received the Bowie Kuhn Special Award for Evangelization during the recent 2018 Legatus Summit in Orlando, Fl.

“All of us as Catholics, and particularly those of us in Catholic media, have a responsibility to reach out to the peripheries of society and to address the needs of people who are living in spiritual poverty,” Warsaw said during his acceptance speech, according to an EWTN press release.

“Sometimes, that means reaching out and serving people somewhere across the globe, but more often than not it’s about reaching out to our neighbors next door or down the street who are living in the depths of spiritual poverty and sharing with them the beauty, truth and goodness of the faith,” Warsaw added.

The Legatus Summit was held Jan. 25-27 in Orlando. The conference included speakers Ryan Anderson and Scott Hahn, and was sponsored by Legatus, a membership organizations for Catholic business leaders, which champions the motto, “Ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace.”

The award was presented to Warsaw by Tom Monaghan, Legatus Chairman and Founder of Domino’s Pizza, and Jack McAleer, member of EWTN’s Board of Governors and Legatus Secretary.

Past recipients of the award include Curtis Martin, founder of the Catholic campus ministry FOCUS; Tim Busch, attorney and philanthropist; Thomas Peterson, President and Founder of Catholics Come Home; and Luisa Kuhn, wife of the late baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn.

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  1. We are trying to attract people to come to the Catholic faith, but when we listen to political sermons at Sunday mass on TV basically ordering people to follow and stand behind Trump who does not behave or is in the image of GOD, we are getting disgusted with our faith. We have pre-existing conditions & have not been at any gatherings, including church, but we do not miss it on TV.
    We are horrified at Catholic statues being destroyed, but even more horrified at listening to the priest serving mass from Alabama- 8A.M. Sunday Aug 2, 2020. As we watched him encouraging parishioners from the pulpit to vote for Trump. Trump is NOT in GOD’s image. We are sick of listening to politics being preached from the pulpit.
    The priest said there have been attacks on the church/destruction of statues, etc. and proceeded to say he wasn’t choosing one political party over another. Except, that is exactly what he proceeded to preach. He said,”The party in power defends the church in God’s rights with straight lines and the other party has crooked lines who defends people who do violence.” He said, “Some people don’t like the existing party, but that all Catholics are called to protect the church.”
    We didn’t hear a word when Trump attacked immigrants, caged & separated babies from their mothers, nor about Trump and GOP filing a lawsuit to take away healthcare from millions, nor does he ever attend church, but does hold up the Bible for a phony political prop, after he ordered the beating/gassing of peaceful protestors-NOT a word from the pulpit.
    Where was this priest when neo-Nazis carried torches, yelling hateful speech, or drove a car into a peaceful crowd & killed a woman, or when Trump attacks freedoms under our democracy, calls the media the enemy of the people because they hold politicians accountable to do & speak truth to power, or when Trump paid off strippers, or he grabs women by their privates, or lied to Americans that he didn’t have any business interests in Russia when he did & was trying for a new hotel, or when Trump pretends he is against abortion while many Republicans, including the past head of the RNC got caught paying off a woman to have an abortion, or Trump & his associates or friends, like Epstein, abused& trafficked in young girls.
    So, do NOT preach to Americans to support a person who is so far away from the teachings of GOD, immoral and NOT in the IMAGE OF THE LORD.
    Did it ever dawn on Evangelicals/Catholics/protestant religions that the neo-Nazi hateful white nationalists are doing all this evil destruction against statues to get stupid Catholics riled up against Biden?
    There was none of this hateful violence under Pres Clinton, Pres. Obama, but you are willing to accept it under Trump because he is passing legislation/policies that allow religions to get even more involved in politics. Our founding fathers saw this to be a problem which is why there is a separation of church and state.
    It is everyone’s freedom to believe in the religion and their beliefs as they wish, NOT for a religion to demand that all people have to have their beliefs or they will go to hell.That is NOT what freedom is in a democracy. That is a dictator/authoritarian state as in Russia, China, Hungary, etc.
    It hard to sale God’s teachings when the Catholic faith is standing behind Trump and all his evil. We don’t believe in abortion, but we don’t believe in such an immoral president.
    So, STOP preaching for Americans to support TRUMP, a false GOD and please do preach Jesus’ teachings.

    • Mr. Dawson ,
      It’s still mostly a free country and free speech is important, so you have every right to a bit of political preaching yourself on a Catholic site.

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