Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy explains his critical letter to Pope Francis

“First,” says the noted Capuchin priest and theologian, “I decided to write Pope Francis a letter, which I intended then to publish unless he adequately addressed the issues I raised.”

Editor’s note: Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap., is a highly regarded and accomplished American theologian who is former chief of staff for the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine and a current member of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission. His fields of academic specialty include Christology, Trinitarian theology, soteriology, and philosophical notions of God. He has taught at several American universities and for twelve years at the University of Oxford. The author of several books and numerous articles for both academic and popular publications, he is the current President of the Academy of Catholic Theology, and a member of the Catholic Theological Society of America, the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, the Catholic Theological Society of Great Britain, the North American Patristics Society, and the Association Internationale D’Etudes Patristiques.

Fr. Weinandy recently made public a three-page letter he had sent to Pope Francis on July 31, 2017. The letter, posted in full below, expresses Fr. Weinandy’s concerns about several aspects of the current pontificate, including the much-debated Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia, the Holy Father’s apparent low regard for Church doctrine, and the clear sense that many bishops “fear that if they speak their mind” about their concerns, “they will be marginalized or worse.”

I spoke for a few minutes this morning with Fr. Weinandy, and he told me that since the letter’s publication, he has received many positive and encouraging notes from theologians, priests, and lay people. However, the USCCB asked him to resign from his current position as consultant to the bishops, and he has submitted his resignation. In making such a request, the USCCB, it would appear, reinforces Fr. Weinandy’s very point about fearfulness and lack of transparency.

Fr. Weinandy has graciously allowed CWR to publish both his letter and an explanation of how he came to write his letter; both are reprinted in full below.

Fr.Weinandy’s note of explanation:

At the end of this past May I was in Rome to attend a meeting of the International Theological Commission, of which I am a member.  I stayed at Domus Sanctae Marthae.  Since I arrived early, I spent most of the Sunday afternoon prior to the meeting on Monday in Saint Peter’s praying in the Eucharistic Chapel.  I was praying about the present state of the Church and the anxieties I had about the present Pontificate.  I was beseeching Jesus and Mary, St. Peter and all of the saintly popes who are buried there to do something to rectify the confusion and turmoil within the Church today, a chaos and an uncertainty that I felt Pope Francis had himself caused.  I was also pondering whether or not I should write and publish something expressing my concerns and anxiety.  On the following Wednesday afternoon, at the conclusion of my meeting, I went again to St. Peter’s and prayed in the same manner.  That night I could not get to sleep, which is very unusual for me.  It was due to all that was on my mind pertaining to the Church and Pope Francis.  At 1:15 AM I got up and went outside for short time.  When I went back to my room, I said to the Lord: “If you want me to write something, you have to give me a clear sign.  This is what the sign must be.  Tomorrow morning I am going to Saint Mary Major’s to pray and then I am going to Saint John Lateran.  After that I am coming back to Saint Peter’s to have lunch with a seminary friend of mine.  During that interval, I must meet someone that I know but have not seen in a very long time and would never expect to see in Rome at this time.  That person cannot be from the United States, Canada or Great Britain.  Moreover, that person has to say to me in the course of our conversation, ‘Keep up the good writing’.”

The next morning I did all of the above and by the time I met my seminarian friend for lunch what I had asked the Lord the following night was no longer in the forefront of my mind.  However, towards the end of the meal an archbishop appeared between two parked cars right in front of our table (we were sitting outside).  I had not seen him for over twenty years, long before he became an archbishop.  We recognized one another immediately.  What made his appearance even more unusual was that because of his recent personal circumstances I would never have expected to see him in Rome or anywhere else, other than in his own archdiocese.  (He was from none of the above mentioned countries.)  We spoke about his coming to Rome and caught up on what we were doing.  I then introduced him to my seminarian friend.  He said to my friend that we had met a long time ago and that he had, at that time, just finished reading my book on the immutability of God and the Incarnation.  He told my friend that it was an excellent book, that it helped him sort out the issue, and that my friend should read the book.  Then he turned to me and said: “Keep up the good writing.”

In the light of Jesus fulfilling my demanding “sign,” I want to make two comments.  First, I decided to write Pope Francis a letter, which I intended then to publish unless he adequately addressed the issues I raised.  Almost two months after having received my letter, I did receive an acknowledgement from Vatican Secretariat of State informing me that the letter had been received.  This was simply an acknowledgement and not a response to my concerns.  Second, I find it significant that not only did the Lord fulfill my demand for a sign, but also did so in, what I believe, a very significant manner.  He accomplished it through an archbishop.  By utilizing an archbishop, I believe, that Jesus’ fulfillment of my request took on an apostolic mandate.

Fr.Weinandy’s letter to Pope Francis:

Your Holiness,

I write this letter with love for the Church and sincere respect for your office.  You are the Vicar of Christ on earth, the shepherd of his flock, the successor to St. Peter and so the rock upon which Christ will build his Church.  All Catholics, clergy and laity alike, are to look to you with filial loyalty and obedience grounded in truth.  The Church turns to you in a spirit of faith, with the hope that you will guide her in love.

Yet, Your Holiness, a chronic confusion seems to mark your pontificate.  The light of faith, hope, and love is not absent, but too often it is obscured by the ambiguity of your words and actions.  This fosters within the faithful a growing unease.  It compromises their capacity for love, joy and peace.  Allow me to offer a few brief examples.

First there is the disputed Chapter 8 of “Amoris Laetitia.”  I need not share my own concerns about its content.  Others, not only theologians, but also cardinals and bishops, have already done that.  The main source of concern is the manner of your teaching.  In “Amoris Laetitia,” your guidance at times seems intentionally ambiguous, thus inviting both a traditional interpretation of Catholic teaching on marriage and divorce as well as one that might imply a change in that teaching.  As you wisely note, pastors should accompany and encourage persons in irregular marriages; but ambiguity persists about what that “accompaniment” actually means.  To teach with such a seemingly intentional lack of clarity inevitably risks sinning against the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth.  The Holy Spirit is given to the Church, and particularly to yourself, to dispel error, not to foster it.  Moreover, only where there is truth can there be authentic love, for truth is the light that sets women and men free from the blindness of sin, a darkness that kills the life of the soul.  Yet you seem to censor and even mock those who interpret Chapter 8 of “Amoris Laetitia” in accord with Church tradition as Pharisaic stone-throwers who embody a merciless rigorism.   This kind of calumny is alien to the nature of the Petrine ministry.  Some of your advisors regrettably seem to engage in similar actions.  Such behavior gives the impression that your views cannot survive theological scrutiny, and so must be sustained by “ad hominem” arguments.

Second, too often your manner seems to demean the importance of Church doctrine.  Again and again you portray doctrine as dead and bookish, and far from the pastoral concerns of everyday life.  Your critics have been accused, in your own words, of making doctrine an ideology.  But it is precisely Christian doctrine – including the fine distinctions made with regard to central beliefs like the Trinitarian nature of God; the nature and purpose of the Church; the Incarnation; the Redemption; and the sacraments – that frees people from worldly ideologies and assures that they are actually preaching and teaching the authentic, life-giving Gospel.  Those who devalue the doctrines of the Church separate themselves from Jesus, the author of truth.  What they then possess, and can only possess, is an ideology – one that conforms to the world of sin and death.

Third, faithful Catholics can only be disconcerted by your choice of some bishops, men who seem not merely open to those who hold views counter to Christian belief but who support and even defend them.  What scandalizes believers, and even some fellow bishops, is not only your having appointed such men to be shepherds of the Church, but that you also seem silent in the face of their teaching and pastoral practice.  This weakens the zeal of the many women and men who have championed authentic Catholic teaching over long periods of time, often at the risk of their own reputations and well-being.  As a result, many of the faithful, who embody the “sensus fidelium,” are losing confidence in their supreme shepherd.

Fourth, the Church is one body, the Mystical Body of Christ, and you are commissioned by the Lord himself to promote and strengthen her unity.  But your actions and words too often seem intent on doing the opposite.  Encouraging a form of “synodality” that allows and promotes various doctrinal and moral options within the Church can only lead to more theological and pastoral confusion.  Such synodality is unwise and, in practice, works against collegial unity among bishops.

Holy Father, this brings me to my final concern.  You have often spoken about the need for transparency within the Church.  You have frequently encouraged, particularly during the two past synods, all persons, especially bishops, to speak their mind and not be fearful of what the pope may think.  But have you noticed that the majority of bishops throughout the world are remarkably silent?  Why is this?  Bishops are quick learners, and what many have learned from your pontificate is not that you are open to criticism, but that you resent it.  Many bishops are silent because they desire to be loyal to you, and so they do not express – at least publicly; privately is another matter – the concerns that your pontificate raises.  Many fear that if they speak their mind, they will be marginalized or worse.

I have often asked myself: “Why has Jesus let all of this happen?”   The only answer that comes to mind is that Jesus wants to manifest just how weak is the faith of many within the Church, even among too many of her bishops.  Ironically, your pontificate has given those who hold harmful theological and pastoral views the license and confidence to come into the light and expose their previously hidden darkness.  In recognizing this darkness, the Church will humbly need to renew herself, and so continue to grow in holiness.

Holy Father, I pray for you constantly and will continue to do so.  May the Holy Spirit lead you to the light of truth and the life of love so that you can dispel the darkness that now hides the beauty of Jesus’ Church.

Sincerely in Christ,

Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap.

July 31, 2017
Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

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  1. It is disgusting beyond belief that a man of Father’s stature has been asked to resign. Every person reading this should contact the USCCB and register a vigorous protest. What happened to “parrhesia”? Hypocrites of the highest order.

    • Disgusting yes, but really par for the course with this Pontificate and the dictatorship that has cowered the clergy.

      It was something to be expected from the status quo in the Church.

      This confirms that the Lord is not happy with the Pope nor with the current state of affairs.

    • Here is perhaps a more effective answer to the USCCB outrage noted here. I have decided to sever all financial connections to the USCCB, including any entities associated with it like Catholic Charities. For example, this year I redirected my charitable contributions to untainted sources like Food for the Poor instead of Catholic Charities (which lately seems to act like a subsidiary of the Democrat National Committee). I carefully inspect all parish envelopes for any evidence of USCCB connections. If one is found, I simply tear up the envelope and direct that money elsewhere. If the national organization representing our Catholic bishops insists on acting like a cohort of leftist political hacks, we should treat them as such.

      • The problem is Jack, that the USCCB now receives so many millions of federal dollars for resettling illegal aliens, they no longer have to rely on the laity for funding. They have become a thoroughly corrupt NGO.

      • What this man, Jack Gordon, said!
        The power of the laity is the power of the pocketbook.
        Bishops pay close attention to reasons they don’t get money.
        We owe them a written explanation for depriving them of it.
        Copy Mr Gordon’s posting and edit to suit, before sending it to your bishop.
        I’m sending my money to Aid to the Church in Need; and supporting my local Anglican Ordinariate parish, where I get refreshingly reverent, ad orientem liturgy; and orthodox, intellectually challenging preaching.

        • We also attend the Personal Ordinariate of the chair of St Peter here in Houston. It’s been a year now, after 70 faithful years to the regular American Catholic parish, which we still attend during the week, but never on Sunday since the Ordinariate is further from our home. BUT IT IS WORTH IT! They are EX ANGLICANS,and not called the Anglicans’ Ordinariate like you refer to it. There is a very big difference in these names, hope you make the correction; given with the best intention

          • Annoyingly, this format does not admit corrections. I take on board what you say.
            It is more helpful of course to say we are “Ordinariate Catholics” however we were originally “founded” as Roman Catholic Anglican Ordinariate; and this gave people a clue as to what our cultural patrimony is, and where we came from. It was pioneered or course by about three decades of the “Pastoral Provision” and “Anglican Use”.
            In the UK, because of the bitter association of Irish Catholics with anything “anglican”, –we just call it the Ordinariate.

            I don’t know what the connotations of our name has with cultural undercurrents in Australia, where I think there is more outspoken cultural anti-Catholicism.
            –Any Ordinariate Australians out there to comment?

    • Thank you Fr, for your humble and great spirit. You have done a great service to the universal Church. Thank you very much. Know that I will offer a mass for you. Yes, Jesus has allowed this so that the darkness of unbelief of the higher clergy be made known. Thank you for this.

    • It’s even more disgusting when you consider the numerous liberals who work for the USCCB, at least some of whom advocate for abortion and in the past advocated for embryonic stem cell research and various Democratic candidates who fought for the same. The USCCB is long overdue for a housecleaning. I hope Fr Weinandy’s sacking prompts an uproar that leads to exactly that.

    • What an amazing miraculous sign that compelled and confirmed his innermost fears and yearning- to correct the uncorrectable! I’m sure that God Himself must have inspired him to make such a specific and almost impossible request. What an amazing fulfilment in the most unlikely way of all that he had asked. Fr Weinandy: a man given a Mission. He will be at peace regarding the consequences then.
      Jesus said in a message in the Book of Truth that priests will end up leading the remnant army, although laity will initially form it. This was his (Fr. Weinandy’s) first commission. And now he will lead from the obscurity of wherever he can.
      I think this is an example of the Pharisaical religious leaders rejecting the good, the courageous and the Truthful who speak God’s Word. He is even cast out into the wilderness! But followers he will have, and they will be led to Christ.

    • This man is right and the letter too…but pope is man and acting so and there can not be acting right even as a pope. So pope is right too to walk to the wrong path and that makes him a pope same as Paul who was anti Christ. So the Christ comes after this pope…who is not pro Christ of course…and that is his role to be Paul again…as in time of the Christ who is the word…or the voice. That means Jesus…who comes from word Zeus..which means the voice

  2. This saintly man has done a great service to the Church. His criticism is respectful and tempered. If resigning from the USCCB is to be the way to improve the Church, far more resignations are warranted. Oddly, in the defense of a papacy that is supposed to be so open to the margins, to dialogue, and to “creating a mess,” this great theologian is dismissed for speaking his concerns for the Church. Is that not hypocritical? I pray that you “overseers” find your voice. “What good would it be to gain the whole world, but lose your own soul?” Tell me how Fr Weinandy is wrong. There are very good reasons that Pope Benedict spoke of a “tyranny” of Relativism. Sadly, here it is in the Church.

    • Fr. Weinandy is on a journey, as we all are. But he does not yet see the pastoral significance of the approach taken by Francis to restore the Gospel that Jesus preached. Where a norm of law — a doctrine — falls short of the demands of love, should not mercy restore love’s priority?

      It might also be said that Jesus was “ambiguous” in telling the story of the Good Samaritan. Were his hearers supposed to set aside the law of Moses, as the Samaritans had done? This is the wrong question. It is better to see not ambiguity but rather a disorientation intended to lead the willing heart to metanoia.

      The ambiguity over “Amoris Laetitia” comes from asking a question about the clarity of law rather than the love of Christ. This state of ambiguity is part of a journey whose integrity Francis honors, and in this respect Francis models the same Jesus who seeks metanoia in all of us.

      Fr. Weinandy asks about “authentic Catholic teaching”. What is “authentic” about pursuing doctrinal points to such an extent that the doctrine loses sight of the great commandments which are the very source of the doctrine?

      We need the virtues of patience, kindness and love in dialoguing about these important questions that Pope Francis is addressing. It is good that Francis is not answering directly the letters which reflect disorientation. Let the Spirit do its work. Pray, and be Christ to one another. We will work this through.

      • Thank God everyone is not blindly jumping on Fr Weinandy’s bandwagon which to me,appears to be cleverly worded to appear as a humble submission by a victim of a despotic pope does not really reflect a truly humble acceptance of the dignity and grace bestowed on the Petrine office by Jesus himself. Am also bewilderd that a seemingly spiritually mature person like Fr W could dictate to almigty God the exact nature of a “sign” that ought to be given the former!

        • Ben – I am certainly not jumping on the bandwagon. People forget that pride is very insidious, and I don’t care who someone is, anyone can fall victim to it.

          • “People forget that pride is very insidious, and I don’t care who someone is, anyone can fall victim to it.”

            But Father Weinandy did NOT fall victim to the deadly sin of pride by writing this letter or by making it public.

            Two examples (from opposite ends of the “Catholic” fringe) of people who DID, indeed, fall victim to the deadly sin of pride are: Marcel Lefebvre and Father James Martin, SJ.

        • I agree Ben. Father Weinandy’s letter is extremely cleverly worded. My profession is one that involves interviewing and obtaining witness statements on a regular basis. Often these witness statements are quite contradictory. After corroborating different witness accounts, it is often quite revealing to reflect upon what’s NOT being said (omitted), as well as what is being said.

        • This was the part that bothered me. I would like some signs about serious matters in my life too, but would I dare to dictate to God what that sign has to be? Is that some privilege of priests? Isn’t waiting and looking for the sign part of discerning faith versus ego desires?

      • I suggest you read Fr Weinandy’s letter again because all the points you raised were already answered in the letter.

        There is no truth without love. This is why Jesus called the devil the father of lies while referring to Himself as the Truth.

      • Well said, my friend; and after scrolling down the column of comments, you read like a ‘voice shouting in the wilderness’. Pope Francis has not altered doctrine, nor will he. He has called the Church to a depth of love/mercy that had been conspicuously lacking- and that was the true violence done to the Gospel that this great and compassionate Pope seeks to remedy. As for ambiguity, I was (sadly) amused at the consistent tone in Fr Weinandy’s letter- lots of moral hand-wringing and no examples, much talk of doctrinal aberration and no examples, major name calling and no names. Clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Again, thanks you for the clarity of your insight- a voice for a multitude with no voice and a true friend of God.

      • It is foolish sentiment on the part of Pope Francis and not Mercy…Jesus himself showed mercy to Mary Magdalen when he did NOT condemn her BUT he also said: GO, AND SIN NO MORE…how blind do you have to be NOT to understand the message of Christ himself.
        Fr. Thomas was correct in pointing out these errors in Amoris Letitia….and shame on anyone who does not have the courage to stand up for what is TRUTH…remember what Jesus said: If you deny me before others tgen I shall deny you.
        We should not be afraid of standing up for Christ and his truth. We should be more afraid of concealing it.

      • I support Clyde in his perceptions of Fr Wienandy’s issues with Pope Francis. Pope Francis has taken a giant step in bringing the love & joy of the gospels into our loves. He is a Pope for the laity especially in our families where the beginnings of God’s low is born and nourished for our whole lives. We are the church of the future as we witness the wonderful ministries radiating from our lives into the world which needs us to be nonjudmental and merciful. The doctrines are firmly based in our spirituality and linked to our lives as children of God embraced in and through the Trinity. Blessings to all.

      • The way I see it, Pope Francis has left the one faithful sheep (who knows Church Doctrine and should have no qualms about anybody’s perceived ambiguities) and gone after the 99 who wander aimlessly, heading for the clifftop and tangled up in barbed wire after 50 years of virtual silence from most pulpits about doctrine, faith and morals (not Francis’s fault, by the way).

        The Pope has a near-impossible task, faced with abysmal ignorance of the Baptised, a hostile and contrary culture and a media waiting to pounce and put the worst possible spin on his words. He refuses to be trapped by predatory media into making statements which will then be interpreted as harsh and judgmental, pushing a shattered world into despair.

        As a penitent, I see this pope as truly the Good Samaritan, doing his utmost not to frighten already-traumatised sinners who need coaxing gently back on the road to the Father’s House. Francis entices, soothes and saves the anathema-hurling for the self-appointed defenders of the faith who seem unable to perceive the pope’s passion for bringing into the Church those residing in the ditches and by the waysides.

        Catholics have a grave duty to learn the faith themselves. The laity has to play grown-ups now. Anybody can access the Catechism. No point in relying on Father or Sister or Brother to teach the faith – that stopped 60 years ago after the Great Silence (and repudiations from theologians and bishops and seminary rectors) following Paul V1 Humane Vitae.

        The Pope, as I see it, is the embodiment of Divine Mercy. If he can attract sinners back and into the Church, it is up to the locals in charge of the parish to nurse the patient back to health and make sure they follow Doctor’s strict orders (doctrine, faith and morals).

        Faithful Catholic, it is your responsibility to learn and practice your faith. The Pope is not always talking to you. He’s sweating blood trying to heave the wounded onto his horse, heading for the inn.

        Many of the Pope’s detractors – if not mostly – are traditionalists, longingly looking forward to the past of a seemingly peaceful and cohesive Church . Ah, but the wolves were all there long before the Council, plotting and refining their great modernistic heresy, and they seized the perfect opportunity of the aftermath of V2 to cause the theological septicemia which still afflicts the Body of Christ.

        Try loving and praying for the Pope and you may understand him a little better. Most of the detractors and critics I have met, and I’ve met a few, have only read what the detractors write – not the official and published words of the Pope Francis himself.

        • Maryse Usher, I truly wish there was a medimun available that I could use to discuss with you your opinion. I think we can learn from each other. I will admit I have not thought of Pope Francis in the mammer you have presented in your comment. The refusal of responding to the dubia has me completely baffled! I believe SO much trouble that has risen could have been avoided my Pope Francis responding! He is a Bishop. Bishops teach. His “students” have questions on what he tried to teach! Why not answer? Why not show the compassion for them as a Bishop should, then I could begin to consider your comments in his defence. I wish there was a way you and I could correspond!

      • What law??????? It is typical to abuse the meaning of the Samaritan story by those who desire to undermine the loving and pastoral truth of all moral law. The Samaritan was responding to the moral law that requires us to render aid to those in distress. And moral obligation supercedes the ritural law which is not binding at all times. Moral law is binding at all times. It is blatantly evil to not trouble ourselves to make this obvious distinction.

    • Excellent post, Father. We need more good priests and bishops like yourself and Fr. W. to speak the truth.

      O Holy Father Athanasius, pray to God for us sinners!

  3. I am a Catholic priest. Sadly, I must remain anonymous out of fear. What Fr. Weinandy has written is truth. I’m quite certain that thousands and thousands of my brother priests feel the same way and are very concerned with Pope Francis. We pray for him, love his office, and want what’s best for him. Yet this pontificate is the most uninspiring thing to happen during our priestly lives. How do I know this? Because many of us talk about it with each other. Yet we are scared of retaliation if we share this with our bishops, religious superiors, or our ‘papa’. We feel like we are living in a household with an abusive father who needs an intervention but we fear he will beat us. We are trapped. We love Jesus, His Church, and the papacy so much that we are very hesitant to speak publicly about our concerns with Pope Francis. We are suffering greatly. Pray for us! We pray for better days. Days of clarity, truth, and zeal for God’s house. Those days will come again.

    • You do have our prayer, Father. Those of us who have been in religious life are familiar with the vindictiveness of the heterodox whose ire knows no shame. It is being brazenly displayed during this pontificate. It serves the purpose of familiarizing the lay faithful with what our priests endure at the hands of those who abuse their authority.
      Fidelity such as yours under the present adversity is so deeply appreciated. All of you are in my morning offering daily.
      God reward you.

    • Father, you and your fellow priest have more power than you think. First and most important, you have Truth and His Mother on your side. Next, Bishops can’t run their Diocese without the priest in the parish. People know what is going on…To quot the late Bishop Sheen…•
      “Who is going to save our Church? Do not look to the priests. Do not look to the Bishops.It’s up to you, the laity, to remind our priests to be priests and our Bishops to be Bishops.”
      Father, consider yourself reminded. I don’t know where your Diocese is. But I do know if 15 to 20 priest in each Diocese decided to resist their Bishop(s) if necessary, defend Truth and the faithful by publicly supporting Fr Weinandy’s position, the Lord and His Mother would have your back as well faithful in the pews. God Bless You…Stand-up for Truth to Power. You Can’t Loose.

    • Father you and your brother Priests have my daily prayers (Rosaries) and I am sure that there are countless laity who do the same.

      It seems the inquisition lives, but like everything else in nuchurch, has been inverted. Instead of doggedly defending orthodoxy and rooting out heresy, it’s mission now is to sniff our orthodoxy anywhere and everywhere and crush it, all the while allowing error and amibuity to run rampant.

    • Father, I am a faithful traditional Catholic husband,Catholic father of 4 children, and 4.
      grandchildren. We are very active in many ministires at a mostly traditional parish, located in a mostly non-traditional diocese. We pray for you and all your fellow priest and fellow Catholics throughout the world that are witnessing this turmoil in God’s holy church. We are totally distraught at the state of affairs and conduct of the pope. We try to be obedient and faithful to the Holy Father but we sense that he is doing such controversial teachings that conflict with our traditional teachings. We feel helpless as we see many nontraditional bishops and cardinals taking control of our church, just as it was returning to more traditional teachings under Pope Benedict. We witness in some parishes questionable activites and the way some masses are conducted. Many do not even kneel during the Eucharistic prayer, some churches dont have kneelers, hidden tabernacles, etc. We wonder what our future will be. We love our faith and hope and pray traditional and faithful clergy will gain control and lead us in thr direction that is most pleasing to the Lord our God and His blessed Son Jesus Christ. Until such time we will pray that the Holy Spirit will lead Pope Francis and all Catholics back to traditional Catholic teachings and obedience to the Lord as Jesus intended His Holy Church to follow..

    • I didn’t realize the Pope was that “grumpy” about any who wanted to discuss what he’s preaching! Surely, the apostles ranted and raved with each other, St. Paul, and St. Peter having big arguments (about if Jesus came for the gentiles, also). And, it all worked out. I hate it when people are censored or ignored for asking answers to their questions about their religion, it isn’t about their faith, it is about the legalistic part. This is what happened when Martin Luther was ignored. Trouble will follow. Also, I used to praise Catholic Charities to all who asked where to give, but if they have become leftists, I will no longer promote them.

    • I pray for all the faithful daily – and that Pope Francis will allow the Holy Spirit to direct his teaching, rather than the political fashions of the day. Be assured of my
      continued prayers.

    • I pray daily and after communion for priests I’ve received from whom I’ve received the sacraments. I’ll add “all faithful priests” to that list with you and those like you in mind.

      Keep the faith & persevere, Father. “Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.” (Matt 5:11:12, DR)

    • We pray everyday for our orthodox=faithful to Christ clergy and religious in the church, like Fr Weinandy. Then we turn and pray for the conversion or the exit from THE CHURCH of Christ, of the heterodox priests and religious at ALL levels of the church, causing confusion, dissent, heresies and division in the ONE,HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC church. Thanks be to GOD that you as well as us the “trying to be” faithfuls, have some beacons of truth and light in the midst of this darkness, in beautiful, holy, martyrs to be clergy, like Fr Weinandy, Fr Gary (seen on EWTN w Raymond Arroyo) others too; and the well known Bishops, Cardinals as well as our beloved Benedict XVI. JESUS IS TRUTH…. Jesus we trust in you as we do our part in humble service to you in trepidation of our own shortcomings.

    • Dear Father,

      I totally understand what you’re saying. I felt the same way for a long time.

      Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician of souls and bodies, Whom you hold in your consecrated hands at every Mass, will give you the strength you need to uphold the Catholic Faith.

      One suggestion, if I may: Offer up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for all our Catholic bishops, priests, deacons and religious on the First Thursday of the month c.f. Prayer Crusade for Priests

      In Christ the King,


    • God bless and keep you and those like you, Father.
      This is the time when the Laity must speak truth to power, since you cannot.

      Good ArchBishop ++ Fulton Sheen of holy memory foresaw a time like this, and thanks to his videos still available on Youtube, still gives us sound guidance how to navigate this era with prayer (particularly in the context of Fatima messages) and recourse to the sound old catechisms that keep us grounded in the faith.

      Though he was more controversial (because unjustly but convincingly slandered) predictions by the late Fr Malachi Martin (particularly about “a Pope under the influence of Satan”) are prophetically and grimly accurate; and his interviews with Canadian Catholic Bernard Janzen dovetail with what ++ Sheen said about these apocalyptic times, which they both foresaw but did not live to see.

    • The part about “abusive household” is exactly right. I am a traditional Catholic and attend FSSP masses. I sold everything at a loss to move close to this parish. The more I study about the Vatican, the Pope etc, and the more I observe some of the behaviors at close hand of those who should be our leaders, the more hopeless I feel. I am seriously considering Orthodoxy. I’m a nobody, but I promise you there are many like me.

  4. God reward Father Weinandy. This is a man of fortitude.
    Beautifully reasoned. Well written. Respectful to a fault.
    Doomed to the circular file, as is the writer – if he escapes with his neck.
    The Bishop of Rome, his sycophants in the episcopate, in the theological academy, in the clerical class and the Catholic media are unmasked as unworthy of their responsibilities.
    In having abandoned the faithful they have brought judgement upon themselves.
    Provided the gravity of their fault one might expect mercy to be less a commodity than they like to presume.

  5. It’s disgusting beyond belief that a man of father’s supposed stature would command Our Savior to give a specific sign with stringent limitations. To me, it speaks of a lack of faith.

    • There was no demand. There was a plea for clarity made in humility. To frame it otherwise is at least uncharitable. If not far worse.

    • That is absurd.

      Did you not read Isaiah? Isaiah said to Ahaz ask for a sign. Ahaz declined.
      You are in the mold of Ahaz. Father is in the mold of Isaiah.

      If anything, it is a great sign of humility to ask for confirmation from the Lord rather than just going through with what he wanted to say. He is obviously a man of faith who trusts the Lord and to him the Lord has made clear His displeasure with this papacy.

    • Command? He did not “command”. All he was asking for was a clear sign so that he could be absolutely sure that it was from Jesus before taking such an important step. Gideon asked for a sign before going to war and God gave it to him.

      • The Fatima’s kids asked our Lady for a “sign” because their parents didn’t believe them.
        The Blessed Mother replied: On the next oct 13th (1917) I will perform here a great miracle SO THAT ALL MAY BELIEVE.
        Then, on oct 13th, the sun began to dance…

      • I was the child of an unhappy and dysfunctional marriage, and did not wish to marry until late in life. I prayed for three years to find the right spouse, and asked God for a specific sign if and when I did meet him. The first evening I met my husband, God gave me the sign, and I knew that evening that we would be married. We have been happily and blessedly married for nearly 30 years.
        Asking God for a specific and even unusual sign to ensure you don’t marry the wrong person is a VERY prudent way to express your faith in God’s Providence, and a safe approach the sacrament of marriage, because it is too easy to be misled by one’s emotions in choosing the person which for better or worse, you will spend the rest of your life with.

    • And yet, Our Lord acceded to Father Weinandy’s alleged “command.” That, or Father’s lying to the entire Church. Which do you think it is?

      • @DJR God listen to “commands” of good people. He did it for 30 years in Nasareth. And even beginning His official activity was on “demand” from His Mother. And for example father of all belivers Abraham was commanding to God “50” “40” “30” “20” “10” Deal? And God said deal. Jews demand human king? So they recived David and new David Jesus both human and God is King of Universe. God is a humble good person. You can argue with Him, you can make deal or bet (like Pascal). So your dychotomy is false

        • “God is a humble good person.” There is one God in *three* Divine Persons – +Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

          Otherwise, interesting post.

    • Our Savior must have suggested what “specific sign” the priest should ask Him at prayer.

      Or, as St. John Vianney had said a long time ago, ““O how great is the priest!… God obeys him: he utters a few words and the Lord descends from Heaven at his voice…”

    • Pardon me Sir. But Our Lord Himself said “seek and You Shall Find” I to have strong faith. As 7th born of 10 Children for GOD! And I to ask my Lord and SAVIOUR for signs on my road back to Him. I am A Mother of 4 children, who consicraited my self to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, and The SACRED Heart Of JESUS. My own Dad had replied to me when I told him this, that my life was going to Drastically change. He repeated to me, And I Mean Drastically! Are you sure You are ready for this? I replied Oh Yes Daddy, for what other reason am I born; but to serve GOD! He said ” well ok then” but I hope you are ready! My life soon changed, I found myself at a retreat on St. Elizabeth of The Trinity. Clutching my purse and begging The Trinity and Mother to keep my children I had never left before safe with their own father!!! The Holy Spirit Himself had with a heavy wind entered into me! I was gently rapped in gentile calmness that enraptured me! My life soon changed! My father had passed away a year later! He was my stronghold in my faith! All 10 of us and my Mother were greatly effected by his passing. I had been separated from my children not long after my Consecration and after that The retreat happened! But So many signs from my Lord had been given to me! As well as actually saving my life several times! GOD wants to be asked for signs! It is Not a Lack of Faith to me! BUT a Strong Belief in His Words, ” Ask and You Shall Receive” ” Seek and You Shall Find, Knock and The Door Shall be Opened” All of these things have happened to me in my humble offering of my life to my LORD and My Savior! My life had became Extremely difficult! My life was threatened, and was No longer my own! I have been as my Lord said, mocked, struck, and held against my will, but I have been saved Literally! My Lord has Even used Nature to show me things just before harm was on it’s way! My faith has been a way of living not dying, but a way to help turn some of the hardest criminals, by His Outward Signs that, ” there is A GOD, and He sure Loves You!”. And I humbly said, Yes and Don’t Ever Forget it! I know for a fact that GOD is Ever So Close to those who Speak from there hearts to him! Especially when that Person is put in potential danger in this world of lack in belief! It is A Very Dark Time We are living in! Even being abandoned by ones Own family members! The lack of one asking for a sign from Him, to me; shows more of a lack in his help, more so than a true belief He will answer! My humble opinion. For The VIRGIN MOTHER herself understood this in Fatima! And She is the Reason I am Born! Fatima was my parents second Conversion! They only had two children at the time. They were going to move to Florida, but after learning about Fatima! Here I Am! Lord..Ave Maria! I may be alone and suffering, but My Heavenly Parents have Never let my life be taken for some reason. Ask and You Shall receive answers from Heaven, Because it Is All Real!

    • “Command” or ask? If you want to find a true lack of faith, perhaps you should cast a glance in the direction of certain residences on or near the shores of the Tiber.

      • Or, for that matter, Mr. Eiermann could cast his glance in the direction of the Chancery Office of the Archdiocese from whence he came (namely, the Archdiocese of Chicago) – and let’s not forget the Archbishop’s residence, too – or in the direction of the university from which he graduated (St. Xavier University) or in the direction of the university from which I graduated (DePaul University) to find a true lack of faith, as well as overt perversion and falsification of the Catholic faith.

    • Father Weinandys, specifity of a “sign” was clearly to assure himself and others that his writing of this letter was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and was necessary, and not only his own opinion.

    • Pish Posh. Different religious orders have different spiritualities and theological tendencies. And it is just this difference as radiating from the unity of traditional faith that is truly Catholic. Fr. Weinandy is a Franciscan (Capuchin). He’s not a Dominican. He’s not a Jesuit. And he’s not a Benedictine. What comes through is NOT some pretense to command the Omnipotent One. Fr. Weinandy is certainly candid and articulate. But what comes through is a very affective and, in its own way, simple spirituality, not unlike that of the Little Flower, whom many of us pray to asking for some sign of her rose. This is not the looking for signs as in 1 Cor 1:22, which is about salvation history. This is about looking for an indication from a saintly friend or the Savior Himself, when all other rational efforts leave one in a state of frozen perplexity. It’s more like casting lots for the replacement of Judas in Acts 1:26. It is consistent with Apostolic faith. It is the very antithesis of commanding Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Rather, it is indicative of a heart that is bold enough to ask his friend and master to make clear a command of obedience to which Father would then submit!

        • Jesus in his time was seen as ambiguous and confusing the people though He came as alight to the world of darkness. Those who go criticizing the Pope’s openness are still the old fashon arena of high priests and pharisees circle; doctrines are man made the only teaching of Christ that remains valuable and undisputable is LOVE. You bishop or priest are not married, you do not know the reality of marriage, how would put rules and regulations on an issue that you do not have any experience about? Hypocrites, allow the Pope to free those overburdened by your hypocrisy in the Church. The Holy Spirit will always have the last word because He will teach you the whole truth and the truth wil lset you free, says Jesus! May the Holy Spirit keep on enlightening the Holy Father Pope Francis.

          • So, you’re saying that for two thousand years the Holy Spirit has been sleeping, not guiding the Church at all as She held firmly to doctrines. If you’re claiming to be Catholic, you might have the intellectual honesty to admit that in fact you are Protestant.

            “You bishop or priest are not married, you do not know the reality of marriage, how would put rules and regulations on an issue that you do not have any experience about?”

            Translation: “There are sins that I want to commit or am committing and the Church won’t agree to change Her teachings and therefore I am going to rebel against the authority of the Church of God and insist that I have to have direct direction by the Holy Spirit, Who, surprise!, will give me license to commit those sins!”

            I’ll bet you support abortion, too: “All those priests and bishops aren’t women, how dare they tell me what to do with ‘my’ body?”

          • The true doctrine of the church is Not man made but is inspired by the Holy Spirit and the teachings o Christ himselg.if Jesus appeared to be ambiguous it was to those hypochrites who tried to trip him up.
            Thou shalt not commit adultery is a commandment from God….not man made.
            Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin and did not, as Amoris Letitia suggests subscribe to it.

    • Disgusting?

      He is a man and knew that what he intended to do would bring down heat upon him (proven correct within hours). It is human nature to be a little skittish before embarking on such a task. In his human weakness he was asking his Lord and King to help him and reassure him. The Lord granted his request so I think that’s proof positive that He didn’t think it was disgusting.

      There’s plenty “disgusting” going on here but the actions of Fr. Weinandy isn’t part of that. The reaction to it from the USCCB, and the reasons Father wrote the letter in the first place, however…

      The shoot the messenger tactic is old, and should be beneath the USCCB. It obviously is not.

    • Interestingly, several saints had similar methods to be sure that they were not acting on personal inclinations. To seek a sign for a spirit course of action is evidence of deep faith and humility.

    • I so agree with Tom, I would never need the Lord to be so specific.
      When He moves us we feel it we know it.
      I find it very troubling to think that Fr Weinandy would require this so called sign.

      It sounds like Satan’s work to me.

      • It seems to me that satan’s (no capital letter)work is often accomplished by our
        reliance on our personal “feelings”. Father had the humility
        to ask for direction and to obey it. His feelings were confusing,
        so he sought clarity from his loving shepherd.

          • I also use no capital letter in his name as a way of insulting him. I’m sure that’s what Mary is doing, too.

          • You made me smile, Anonymous, by not capitalising the tempter’s name.
            As an old English teacher, I used to repeat the rule to my students, “We capitalise proper nouns: persons, places an things.”
            satan is an improper person, and I too do not dignify him by giving his name a capital letter.

    • The Sign he asked for was affirmation that his writing is consistent with The Deposit of Faith.
      Keep up the Good Writing, Father, as you continue to defend Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, outside of which, there is no Salvation.Q The Sacrifice of The Cross Is The Sacrifice of The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, ” For God so Loved us that He Sent His Only Son…”

    • He got the sign didn’t he? Jesus, it would seem, was not put off by the request. Have you never read the biblical account of Gideon and the fleece? Though we should not put God to the test there do seem to be circumstances where we are allowed to ask for specific signs and God is willing to give them.

    • His act was not “disgusting.” He wanted confirmation from God what he was about to do was God’s will. It was a prudential judgment and could have gone other directions. Before “pulling the trigger” on something that will be publicized to and affect the actions of millions of people, it seems very wise to me to ask God for a sign. And God answered him in about 12 hours. If he was rebuked or corrected by God for asking, he didn’t say so; my assumption given everything else I read about him is he would be honest and admit it if such had happened.

  6. Fr. Weinandy has fortitude.

    Since Pope Francis and “Austin Ivereigh’s Team Bergoglio” oppose the teaching of all faithful Popes before 2013 – faithful Catholics will oppose Pope Francis.


  7. The only mistake the good Father made was to resign. He should have made them terminate him. One who is in the correct position of defending the Faith should never give in to those who oppose Truth.

    • Agree with Jack. Father should have made the bishops fire him and let them try to explain. Great and courageous letter by Father Weinandy.

      • It could also be taken to indicate his docility to the hierarchy. (That’s also why the “apostolic mandate” was so important to him.) It shows that this is not about Fr Weinandy’s personal battle, but about letting the truth shine in the darkness.

      • I respectively disagree. By resigning and them taking his resignation, he has called them out. Surely they should respect his right to an opinion? The decent thing would be for the bishops to say this is not a resigning issue. This papacy has left me cold. I do not understand its obsession with climate change, or desire for pro choice speakers in the Vatican and the absolute encouragement for the islamification of Europe.

        • As to part of your last sentence: What “choice” do so-called “pro-choice” speakers advocate? Pro-abortion speakers (a far more accurate term) advocate for only one choice: to kill the unborn child.

          These pro-abortion speakers could also quite accurately be called eugenicist speakers, because that, too, is what they advocate.

      • All this hinged on Tom being accommodated by the Holy father. When that didn’t happen, of course, he should have realized that the prophetic message in James 3:13-18. All of our new-day pharisees have in common a disdain for Pope Francis much the same as the Pharisees did with Jesus. They crucified my Lord, then, and today their new-day counterparts jump on the band wagon of the many naysayers intent on division with no mercy. It appears as though there is plenty of shame to go around. So go ahead and lash out. Jesus took a few for us too.

    • No — Father W. did the right thing because he is a religious (not a secular) priest: who takes suggestions from his lawful superiors as a command to be obeyed.
      God will bless him, and confound his superiors, because of his truthfulness and humility. It is a sort of “spiritual ju jitsu” wherein the obedient overthrow the tyrannical & prideful; who are eventually “hoist with their own petard.”

  8. This is a fine letter with a remarkable inducement in the sign given to Fr. Weinandy. His concluding observation seems particularly apt: the confusion sown by Pope Francis is giving the irresolute and heterodox a seemingly safe opportunity to “expose their previously hidden darkness.” May they do so quickly, and may their toxin be removed from the Church quickly.

  9. I’m late for the “game”. Casually, I see many inconsistencies within ‘Chapter 8, Amoris…” It appears there is much sweeping under the rug (or towards the margin) of difficulties simply because the Pontificate has not the depth of insight to expand on this subject reasonably and with adequate means to express their “explanations”. I believe what we have here is:
    One who bit off more than they could ever possibly chew!
    The level of sophistry within Chapter 8 is astounding! It virtually reads like a man explaining an issue he has no concept of; directly or once-removed.No wonder Priests, Bishop’s etc. Are in fear of retribution for critical analysis. This man’s (and his advisor’s) depth is skin deep! “Authors”, such as the writers of Chapter 8, cannot and will not tolerate competing opinions since the ignorant will unlikely humble themselves before the Truth. But who am I??? Just some guy…

  10. Three words: Amazing! Awesome! Wonderful!

    Praise the Lord for He is good, His love is everlasting.

    He sends true shepherds when those he has appointed has chosen to join the wolves.
    Praise the Lord for Fr Weinandy!

  11. Francis is convinced that his teaching in the “twilight” is right. He is not going to answer anyone other than denigrating that person and claim he is a Pharisee on doctrine and “rigid.”

    From his statements on capital punishment to the synod of next year, this pope who has claimed his supreme office as absolute. From the above very well written letter to the dubia, this pope obviously has a progressive agenda so the Church can be “of” the world drowned in mercy devoid of justice.

  12. It is oh so simple and so crystal clear:

    Jesus: “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

    Jorge Bergoglio: “No one is condemned forever.”

    Inspired word of God in St. Paul to the Galatians: ” I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.”

    As for me and my house, we’ll stick with Jesus.

    Guy McClung, Texas

  13. LJC

    I’m an italian blogger.
    I would like give to Father Thomas, “son” of St.Lorenzo da Brindisi Doctor Ecclesiae, my gratitude:

    his wotds are clear and bright.

    Sorry for the “not-answer” by Pope Francis and for the decision of the Usccb.

    Holy Virgin always guide You, with love and sweetness, dear Father Thomas.

  14. A great reversal is coming soon. The devil is evil and he can’t help himself – – he is compelled to evil. But when he thought he had won his greatest victory, the Crucifixion of Christ, God turned this evil into the greatest good. Pope Leo XIII was allowed to overhear that important conversation between the devil and God. And God invited the devil to “go ahead,” destroy the Church. Just like I imagine God told him, “go ahead crucify my Son”. The great final good needed on earth must follow a great evil. God’s work must be clear to all to His Glorification! PF can’t take his next breath without God’s consent = = God’s Providence will unfold – – PRAY.

  15. Thank you Fr. Weinandy for putting into words and out in the open what has been weighing heavily on my mind for three years now. Now, it’s all in God’s hands.

    It has plesed God to allow this thing to happen. It must be for a good purpose.


  16. Thank you, Father! It is on my mind constantly these days that it is time to stop shying away from voicing concern with Pope Francis. It has come to a point where I struggle to save my daily offering and have to change the words to not pray for his intentions. It has come to a point where more and more laity and more and more priests need to stand up to the bullies especially those that espouse that the American Catholic Church can make up its own rules. There is no American Catholic Church there is one Church.

    • To my perception after living in US for 41 years the grade of Spiritually by what you mean America it clearly greatest in the South side of the Continent ? Is there aRapture at all levels ?

  17. I fear that Fr Weinandy’s swift forced removal today from the USCCB staff merely underlines everything he says about a culture of intimidation and fear – especially among the bishops.

  18. Thank you, Father Weinandy, for your courageous letter. Please know that many are praying for you and are very grateful to you for your direct and clear expression of concerns, concerns that so many orthodox Catholics also hold. That you have been ‘asked to resign’ is not surprising at all and I wholeheartedly agree with Jack (above) who wished that you had not resigned and left them with their own responsibility to terminate you. You are a quality Christ figure who has been rejected by your own. Unfortunately politics trumps loyalty to the fullness of the Catholic Faith for so many prelates today. There is nothing new under the sun.

  19. Does anyone see the irony of so many Catholic prelates (including Pope Bergoglio) falling all over themselves to honor a rascally, heresy-preaching Augustinian friar who criticized bishops and popes 500 years ago, while persecuting a faithful Capuchin friar who criticizes bishops and popes in the here and now?

    My irony meter just fell off the wall!

  20. Fr. Weinandy’s concerns about doctrine’s reduction to mere ideology reminds me of St. Paul’s words to Timothy indicating that sound doctrine accords with the gospel, and that disobedience to the law is contrary to sound doctrine:

    “Now we know that the law is good, if any one uses it lawfully, understanding this, that the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, immoral persons, sodomites, kidnapers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine, in accordance with the glorious gospel of the blessed God with which I have been entrusted.” (1 Tim. 1:9-12)

  21. It is beyond ironic, in these days in which Luther is being lauded, that this faithful priest is being punished for his charitable criticism. In the meantime, heterodox priests and bishops are spouting their heresies with no restraint. The rot in our Church goes very deep.

  22. Yes, I agree….SHAME ON THE USCCB, they are clearly on the wrong side of our FAITH!! The WOLVES are showing their TEETH!!

    Thank you Fr. Weinandy for standing as a true shepherd of Christ in HIS Church!! God will surely reward you!! Praying for you in my Rosary!!

  23. I think it is lamentable when a person loses employment in a way such as this. Unfortunately, church authorities have been doing this all through the previous two pontificates. Business as usual with different people in charge? Perhaps so. Two young seminarian friends of mine were once discussing what they would do when they got ordained: fire every “liberal” employee in their new parish and start fresh. Let’s not be deceived: this is ugly, vindictive behavior, quite possibly sinful.

    Publishing a personal letter is perhaps a bit different than writing it. And relaying this letter in the press may not have been an expression of prudence. But I don’t see it as worthy of termination of employment. A matter for Fr Weinandy and his spiritual director.

  24. Fr Weinandy letter was accurate, valid and respectful. In short it was the Truth.Unfortunately, Truth has been the rarest of commodities in Rome for the last 4.5 years….all aided and abetted by feckless and faithless Bishops (Conferences) throughout the world. The Shepherds have abandoned the sheep who are trying to retain the faith without the buildings. Clearly, Pope Francis et al is consumed by “diabolical disorientation” Sister Lucy warned about. The wolves have replaced the shepherds, Truth is being denied, and the souls of the faithful are at great risk. The promised chastisement has begun.

  25. Bravo to Father Weinandy for his virtuous defense of the Truth. Where can we write to Father to voice our support of his courageous act?

  26. Dear Dr Thomas G. Weinandy,
    This is your hour of Trial and please be assured JESUS IS WITH YOU and so are we all with our prayers and pleadings that JESUS help Out Pope Francis and his tribe be the Disciples they must be in this hour of deep Ecclesial crisis.
    May Mama Mary be your strong support and of them all too who are affected and afflicted as you are for the Church.Parce Domine!

  27. Expect retaliation from the powers-that-be in the Vatican, bishops, fellow theologians, priests, perhaps his Franciscan superiors.

    Fr. Weinandy may soon be divested of his public ministries and relegated to the cloister, praying, fasting and doing mortifications for the Church of Our Lord whom he loves so much.

  28. Wow! What an extraordinary letter. What an extraordinary prelude to this letter.
    The pope’s apparatchiks at the USCCB, a completely useless bureaucracy, have done their dirty work for the
    ‘Capo di tutti capi’. As we all knew they would. This pope and all his lieutenants are very bad news.
    God bless Fr Thomas Weinandy and God bless holy Benedict.

  29. Is there a way to have Catholics concur with Father’s letter on line (like a petition of sorts), and send that to Pope Francis, so he and the USCCB can see how many concerned Catholic’s there really are? My husband and I will sign it!

  30. It might be helpful to this discussion if one reads the new book out by George Neumayr entitled”The Political Pope”….it is a real eye opener and very much related to the Pontificate of Pope Francis.

    • Yes, indeed.
      There is no mercy for those who ask reasonable questions in an intelligent, respectful way.
      The pope and apparatchiks at the USCCB have no class. The pope operates not as a shepherd but as a “Capo di tutti Capi”.

  31. I have often asked myself: “Why has Jesus let all of this happen?” The only answer that comes to mind is that Jesus wants to manifest just how weak is the faith of many within the Church, even among too many of her bishops.

    Yes. God will bring great good from all this. More than we ever expected. God is like that.

    Begin praising God now for His wisdom, power, and His loving, wonderful plan. The Church survived the attempt of the mighty Roman Empire to eradicate it from the face of the Earth. Interestingly, it was Rome that collapsed, not the Church, which will survive Bergoglio and continue its triumphant march down through the centuries.

    So it will be with the heretical Church that has existed side by side with the true Church, sharing its buildings and its universities. It will collapse and be dispersed. When the dust settles, the true Church, perhaps a smaller but a much more dynamic one, will go marching on.

    Those who oppose the Holy Spirit-protected Church, whether they fight it from without or from within, always lose in the end. Gamaliel was right:

    But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it, lest perhaps you be found even to fight against God.

    The true Church is of God. It cannot be overthrown.

  32. “2013-post-Catholic-Kirk” is a dead fish floating downstream on the zeitgeist.

    Fr. Weinandy is a faithful, intelligent and courageous priest.

    Thank you Lord for his example.

  33. How can a Pope who claims to be humble, “open to debate”, broad spirited, ready to dialogue and merciful can be so despising when anyone dares to respectfully contradict his stances, many of which are heterodox or borderint to heresy?
    The good education and the christian charity would have led the Pope to give a reply to Fr Weinandy’s letter. Instead of this, he orders the USCCB to fire him.
    Pure hypocrisy.

  34. As a ‘Practicing Catholic’ for over 78 years, I have seen the Church grow under the guidance of spiritual leaders wearing the title of Pope. I was comfortable with many of the changes that were made, and I was uncomfortable with others. I always respected my spiritual leaders. The USCCB, at times, sends mixed messages without clear meanings. But they are always my spiritual leaders. Fr. Weinandy should remember that sometimes we take a meaning from our prayers that we want, rather than what God sent to us. I pray that he is able to discern the difference. And, that he will continue to speak up when he feels he has something to say. I would hope that by not getting an immediate response to his letter from The Pope, he appreciates that possibly The Pope heard his message.

    • “I would hope that by not getting an immediate response to his letter from The Pope, he appreciates that possibly The Pope heard his message.” I was thinking the same thing. We can pray for this. Thank you and God bless you Fr. Weinandy.

    • Mr Jones,
      You are a faithful son of God and the Church. Your reward in heaven is great.
      Consider this, though. The USCCB is first, last and always a bureaucracy and is not a source of spiritual leadership.
      The USCCB is a creature of the 1970s. The Church in the US did quite well before this organization was created and if it closed tomorrow, the Church would not suffer.
      Do not look to Washington for anything of spiritual value. Harsh but true.

  35. How Cardinal DiNardo silences and punishes someone who upholds and seeks Truth! Quite like Francis seems to do whenever he seems to be in opposition to the Magisterium of the Church….

  36. I do not support Rev Fr, Thomas Weinandy. Below are my reasons:
    CATHOLICISM, when it is properly understood, translates into “LOVE YOUR YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.” It resolves itself into: “IF YOU CANNOT LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF THEN YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT CATHOLICISM OR CHRISTIANITY MEANS.” Anyone who cannot get that simple proposition, to me, is not really a Catholic nor a Christian nor an authentic human being.
    It is only when that proposition ceases to be our pre-occupation that we pivot to doctrinal niceties and the concoction of heresies as if these doctrines can replace the proposition to love our neighbour as we love ouirselves. The world would seem to be trying to forget how to love – why? It is too hard!
    Anyone who fails to understand what Pope Francis is trying to say in his “LAETITIA AMORIS” is being disingenuous, very disingenious!. Those who oppose him, are creating a ‘Church’ within the Church. And the bet is that they are beginning something that will not look kindly on them when the history is written. It is not my prayer that their twisted arguments blow up in their faces; my prayer is that they might try to open their eyes wide enough to allow some sunshine to get in. For these persons to pretend that they are speaking for God is damaging to themselves only. What is regrettable is that they are blinded by their personal pursuits in the guise of trying to save the Church. Which Church are they trying to save? The Church riddled with scandals before pope Francis came in. If they are priests, they are career priests whatever garment they don; if they are non priests then they are camp followers. What perhaps escapes them is that they are many of us who know what is happening in the Church, and know where these men and women opposed to Francis are coming from. If they want the Church to return to Pomp, Mystery and Romance, and to their darling recondite doctrinal positions, which even they themselves do not understand, let them get on with it in their cathedrals and parishes, and institutions. But let them hands off the billions who do not want to return to that misguided Catholicism. If they are not blinded, they would have realised the degree of blessings, which have flowed into the lives of many Catholics in the wake of the LAETITIA AMORIS.

    • Blah, blah, blibbidy blah.

      You seem not to have noticed that the *first* commandment is “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind, and with thy whole strength.” Loving God with one’s whole heart, soul, mind, and strength does not involve blithely ignoring what He has said regarding, for example, “remarriage” after divorce being adultery, or disobeying the Church which is His body, or Her Bible, Tradition, and Magisterium

      And for someone who chirps “love, love, lovey dovey sweetness and light,” you certainly write a spiteful and malicious post.

      I certainly hope you don’t have any children. I can imagine what they’d be like. “Here are some rules; but feel free to ignore them and do whatever you want, even if it plunges you into danger and illness, as long as you luuuuuuuvvv Daddy.”

    • Well said . It is broadly in line with my own views written a bit further down. The troubles like this creep into public view due to a lack of studious understanding of the Faith and how to behave as an individual seeking closeness with the Trinity. This would become clear if we all listened to Fr Richard Rohr OFM and his book The Divine Dance and his Youtube homilies instead of the lack of humility which leads some to think they know better

  37. Perhaps comfort can be found in Pope Benedict’s teaching regarding Tertullian, when he said “This great moral and intellectual personality, this man who made such a great contribution to Christian thought, makes me think deeply. One sees that in the end he lacked the simplicity, the humility to integrate himself with the Church, to accept his weaknesses, to be forbearing with others and himself.

    When one only sees his thought in all its greatness, in the end, it is precisely this greatness that is lost. The essential characteristic of a great theologian is the humility to remain with the Church, to accept his own and others’ weaknesses, because actually only God is all holy. We, instead, always need forgiveness.”

  38. I support the Holy Father and I wish him to consider all his theological stances in supporting the Universal Church. I pray for the Holy Father that Christ’s Will be done on earth.
    I pray for the courage that Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap. had and demonstrated to allow the laity to support him on this issue.

    I am reminded of Msgr. Charles Pope’s article on Romans I and that we were are now reaping our punishment.

    May we exercise greater repentance in our daily lives by only Humility to Christ.

  39. The clarity in which Fr. Weinandy spoke was so beautiful! Thank you so much Father for your fidelity to Our Blessed Lord and for demonstrating to us Catholics that we are not alone. We hunger for truth!

  40. I guess it boils down to this,in my thinking: Let your yes be yes and your no be no, anything else comes from the evil one.I have felt for some time now, that many of those entrusted with the spiritual health of the flock have lost sight of open and honest dialogue and prefer to hedge their bets by being deliberately vague. The Pharisees were masters at manipulation and word play and I had hoped our shepherds would not fall into the same trap. More than ever, we need clear guidance as the wolves circle the flock.

  41. Fr. Weinandy: Know that the Catholic laity stands behind you and are praying for you and others like yourself in a position to speak out in favor of the traditional Magisterium which taught and guided the flock with clarity until Vatican II. It is not by being ambiguous when it comes to moral principles that we show our love for our neighbor, but it is in always seeking truth!

  42. Title I of the Code of Canon Law outlines the right of ALL of the Christian faithful, lay and cleric, to make known their needs and even opinions on matter of concern to the Holy Church (see can. 212).

    Whether Father’s PRIVATE letter needed to be made PUBLIC is another matter . . . and, is what probably got him into trouble.

  43. Many comments here focus on the “sign” that Fr. Weinandy mentioned as an inspiration for his making the concerns about Faith known in the external forum. I am very grateful that Father publicly shared this detail. However, the “sign” does not make Fr. Weinandy’s letter to Pope Francis any more, or less, valid. It is most legitimate letter that reflects concerns of many, if not most, Catholics.

  44. Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy is a hero for Christ. I am disappointed with Cardinal DiNardo, who has been a strong pro-life leader but I assume he has buckled to the liberal majority of the USCCB in the “firing” of Fr.Weinandy. Pope Francis is South American liberal/communist who says lovely things but has his own religion. God have mercy on us.

  45. Father Weinandy is first and foremost a Franciscan under vows of Poverty Chastity and Obedience and as a theologian chooses to overlook the seriousness of his actions apparently taken in a sense of righteousness. I for one have a deeper expectation of his ministry. Not content with what he has done , he now argues with the Bishops who are doing what is expected of them. St Francis would expect greater humility and perhaps more meditation when he goes into his room and shuts the door instead of revelling in the beehive he has disturbed.He follows the long line of whingers who clearly have not read and studied the scriptures enough and who have rather annoyed the church through the ages.

    • St. Francis would expect a good friar to defend Truth, and this is what Fr. Weinandy is doing – not counting the cost. You have clearly not studied the Catholic Catechism.

    • You obviously do not really understand what humility means.

      Humility is not obsequiousness to authorities.

      Humility is primarily grounded on truth. Truth of who we are in relation to God. This Fr Weinandy has exhibited in his letter and in his life. The same cannot be said of those who have criticized him and of him how is the subject of his letter.

  46. From the time I read of his action (and then read the actual letter he wrote) I have wanted to know how I could contact Father Weinandy to express my gratitude and support for his courageous and inspired decision to act.

    I have had little respect for many of the USCCB’s decisions in recent times and hope many more faithful priests summon the courage to express their concerns over the very real confusion and ambiguity that has been created in today’s Church.

    Father Weinandy’s email address, or one that could be used to forward my support would be sufficient for my intended purpose.

  47. Thank you Fr. W for your great courage. Your story of the sign is so heartening – one feels joyful. Now that the USCCB has abandoned you(reminds one of the beatitudes) let us hope the Holy Spirit puts you to the task of invigorating the faith in US churches. Can you travel and speak? We need people like you so badly.

  48. It seems that the only time the hierarchy calls out someone it is for orthodoxy. When will this band of bishops see the importance of denouncing certain immoral views of Fr. James Martin and Bishop Gumbleton? We’re waiting.

    • Not just Bishop Gumbleton (87 years old, closing in on 88, and still perverting and falsifying the Faith), but also Cardinal Wuerl, Cardinal O’Malley, Cardinal Cupich, Cardinal Tobin, Cardinal Ferrell, Bishop McElroy, Bishop McGrath, Bishop Braxton, retired Bishop Lynch, retired bishop Kicanas, Bishop Lipscomb, Archbishop Wenski, Archbishop Lucas, Bishop Biegler – oh, the list could go on and on……

      • Dominic don’t mistake Bishop Thomas Tobin Providence with Archbishop Joseph Tobin Newark. The difference is night and day. Bishop Thomas Tobin has openly expressed disappointment with Pope Francis, and adds “When Church leaders have to respond to situations involving persons living an openly ‘gay lifestyle’ these days, we’re often scolded and told that we should be ‘more like Pope Francis,’ presumably the ‘Who-am-I-to judge’ Pope Francis” (Bishop Thomas Tobin Ptovidence).

        • Which is why I specifically mentioned CARDINAL Tobin in my comment above, Father. Only one of the two has been named a Cardinal by Pope Francis. Sadly, it is the Archbishop of Newark (who was still Archbishop of Indianapolis at the time that the red hat was conferred upon him) and not the Bishop of Providence.

    • Under conditions where drasticly fallen believers who go to Mass Sunday, where there is an increase in abortion and divorce, where more than 50% of marriages are not in the church, the friar attacks the pope to endanger the faith. And who has threatened and slandered her for the last 35 years?

  49. Perhaps we good Catholics, should put pressure on the USCCB and ask……….WHY? Why was Fr Weinandy made to resign? It is time the good Catholic laity of America unite and ask questions! Does anyone out there agree?

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