Special Report

More Thriving Catholic Schools

March 23, 2012 Jim Graves 0

In the aftermath of the closing of 48 schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and in light of the dramatic decline in Catholic school enrollment in the United States over the past half century, in […]

Special Report

“Healing, Reparation, and Renewal”

March 22, 2012 Michael Kelly 0

Dissent from the Church’s teaching can never offer an authentic path to Church renewal, the Vatican’s apostolic visitation to Ireland has warned. In a summary report issued March 20, the Holy See also praises the […]


Catholics and Capital Punishment

March 20, 2012 Carl E. Olson 0

The topic of capital punishment has become, in recent decades, a contentious and increasingly confusing one among Catholics. Some Catholics insist the Church has finally—and authoritatively—renounced the death penalty. Some argue further that the death […]