The Dispatch

Environmental dogma, domination, and dominion

February 19, 2017 Thomas M. Doran 0

Another Earth Day is approaching, with corresponding pronouncements about environmental doom. What should we make of this in 2017? Discussions about the environment typically consist of agreement that the environment needs to be protected, even […]

The Other 10 Commandments

January 7, 2017 Thomas M. Doran 0

When I wrote an article for Catholic World Report in 2016 entitled “The Battle Against The Devil Is Still Being Fought Today”, describing the devil’s tactics as identified in Scripture, commentary, and literature. I neglected to […]


An Unlikely Hero

September 26, 2016 Thomas M. Doran 0

If we desire a literary hero, Bilbo Baggins wouldn’t be at the top of the list. Even those who opt for a hobbit hero would likely gravitate to Frodo, or maybe Sam Gamgee, and many […]


Kicking the Can

July 14, 2016 Thomas M. Doran 0

The Twilight Zone episode “Kick the Can” is tailor made for Baby Boomers, who were kids when the episode first aired, and it appeals to the spirit of the age, the modern age, the age where […]