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Not Everyone Loves Raymond

August 18, 2013 Dr. Edmund J. Mazza 0

That notorious Jew-hater Ramón Peñafort, the DOMINICAN friar then a canon lawyer in Rome and ultimately the author both of the Decretals for Pope Gregory IX and the Siete Partidas for Alfonso X,”1 “[h]e went […]


Decline and Fall. And Hope.

February 3, 2013 Dr. Edmund J. Mazza 0

Perhaps Rome is not perishing; perhaps she is only scourged, not utterly destroyed; perhaps she is chastened, not brought to nought. It may be so; Rome will not perish, if the Romans do not perish. […]


Lord of the Dance

September 28, 2012 John B. Buescher 0

“Medicine-man, relent, restore— Lie to us,—dance us back the tribal morn!” —     Hart Crane, “The Bridge: The Dance” Please take “Lord of the Dance” out of your hymnbooks, assuming you don’t attend a Gnostic church. […]


The true story of For Greater Glory

The recently-released motion picture For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada is raising awareness of a long-forgotten chapter in Catholic history that seems increasingly relevant for religious believers in America today. Few Americans—and amazingly […]