Early Newman Redivivus

January 29, 2024 Edward Short 2

In his sprightly tour d’horizon, The Victorian Age in Literature (1911), G.K. Chesterton remarked that “the great Victorian rationalism” had “succeeded in doing a damage to religion” because it had “driven it entirely into the […]

The Dispatch

Postscript: Suicide Watch

September 9, 2023 Edward Short 11

In response to my recent article “Pastoral’ Discernment and Cutting the Ground Under the Papal Feet”, in which I quoted St John Henry Newman to argue that the pope is obliged to uphold the Moral […]

The Dispatch

Dana Gioia’s Memento Mori

February 17, 2023 Edward Short 1

In beginning and ending in the underworld, Dana Gioia’s new book of poetry Meet Me At The Lighthouse gives his latest poems an arresting perspective from which he can essay subjects of profound import, including […]


History for laughs and for keeps

February 3, 2023 Edward Short 1

Many readers of Karl Keating’s 1054 and All That: A Lighthearted History of the Catholic Church might be tempted to see the book as little more than an amusing chronology of the Church history no […]


T.S. Eliot and Uncritical Biography

January 14, 2023 Edward Short 10

I The other day, I was reading Eugenio Montale’s introduction to Allen Mandlebaum’s translation of The Divine Comedy and I was struck by the wisdom of something the modern Italian poet said, and it was […]


In Memoriam: Ian Ker (1942-2022)

November 6, 2022 Edward Short 13

Fr. Ian Ker, the leading authority on the life and work of St John Henry Cardinal Newman, died in the early morning of November 5th in hospital in Gloucester, England not far from his home […]