Rembert Weakland’s Oprah ecclesiology

May 12, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

Probably the most telling passage in Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland’s autobiography A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church concerns an apparently trivial incident in late 1977. The newly arrived archbishop of Milwaukee was cleaning out his […]

No Picture

The Separation of God from public life

May 3, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

No one could say Jack Kennedy hadn’t seen it coming. In a conversation with his father after the 1956 election, the charismatic young senator from Massachusett s presented the case against his seeking the presidency […]

Special Report

“The End of the Bernardin Era”

April 29, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

That compact phrase, uttered across a spectrum of opinion from the National Catholic Reporter to George Weigel, sums up the consensus view of informed bishop-watchers regarding the American bishops’ choice of Archbishop Timothy Dolan as […]