At the Service of the Church

May 26, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

Thomas Peters is the owner of the popular Catholic insider blog American Papist (, which recently received its two millionth visitor. Peters has attracted a large audience by regularly giving readers smart, quick news and […]

No Picture

Awaiting the Rupture

May 16, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

Richard Dooling’s website describes him as “Part man, part beast, part novelist, part screenwriter, part lawyer and law school professor, part computer programming hobbyist, part word, book, and film lover.” Outside of his hometown of […]


The Return of Blasphemy Laws

May 13, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

Christopher Caldwell is a political writer whose work has appeared in, among other publications, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and The American Spectator. He writes a weekly column for the Financial Times and serves as […]


Inside the Mind of Pope Benedict

May 11, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

If he had not assumed active duties that took him away from his scholarship, would Joseph Ratzinger have ended up as a Doctor of the Church? The case for this proposition is not explicitly made […]


God and Man

May 7, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

Philip Jenkins is a fellow at Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion and the Erle Sparks Professor of History and Religious Studies at Penn State. He has written more than 20 books on subjects […]


The Theology of Extinction

April 27, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

Philip Jenkins is the Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Humanities at Pennsylvania State University. He has written over 20 books since 1983 on topics ranging from American history to moral panics to terrorism to clerical […]


The Jindal Special

April 26, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has a 100 percent pro-gun control voting record, with one all-important exception. In a July 2006 roll call vote on an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security emergency appropriations […]


The Huckabean Revolt

April 17, 2011 Jeremy Lott 0

Most reporters and pundits didn’t see Mike Huckabee coming. When they took note of him at all, they wrote him off as an amusing oddity. Here was a Baptist minister turned lieutenant governor who had […]


More Latin, More Reverence

December 24, 2008 Jeremy Lott 0

The book collects about 30 of the Pope’s weekly general audiences from 2006 and 2007. What was it about these homilies that made you want to write a study guide to go along with the […]