Special Report

Putting a Face on Down Syndrome

January 9, 2014 Leslie Fain 0

In the last two or three years, at high schools from Florida to Illinois, students have been forsaking quarterbacks and cheerleading captains and electing teenagers with Down syndrome to be homecoming kings and queens. Last […]

Special Report

Should We Bring Back Young Marriage?

May 24, 2013 Leslie Fain 0

How controversial is the idea of marrying young? Just ask Julia Shaw. When her essay on early marriage, “Marry Young: I got married at 23. What are the rest of you waiting for?” appeared at […]

Special Report

Atheist, Secular, and Pro-Life

January 24, 2013 Leslie Fain 0

“Could it be true?” Marco Rossi asks in the September/October 2012 issue of The Humanist. “Is there really such a thing as a pro-life atheist? What’s next, Intelligent Design Agnostics? How about Secularists for Sharia […]