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House Judiciary Committee: ‘Multiple FBI field offices’ collaborated over anti-Catholic memo

Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Aug 9, 2023 / 13:30 pm (CNA).

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday claimed to have uncovered evidence of “multiple” field offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation coordinating an investigation into traditionalist Catholics earlier this year.

A leaked memo from the FBI’s Richmond, Virginia, field office, published on the internet in February of this year, discussed investigating “radical traditionalist” Catholics who the bureau alleged may have been part of a “far-right white nationalist movement.”

The memo generated blowback from U.S. bishops, attorneys general, and elected officials on Capitol Hill. Senators and U.S. representatives over the past several months have grilled both Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray over the controversy.

The GOP-controlled House Judiciary Committee has been leading an investigation into the FBI’s actions in Richmond. Last month Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the chairman of the committee, threatened to hold Wray in contempt if he did not produce unredacted copies of subpoenaed materials related to the inquiry.

In a press release on Wednesday, the Judiciary Committee revealed that “information recently produced to the committee” showed that the FBI “relied on information from around the country … to develop its assessment” that some traditionalist Catholics could potentially be domestic terrorists.

The information in question, according to the press release, came from FBI officials in the bureau’s Portland field office as well as intelligence from the agency’s Los Angeles office.

Jordan in a letter to Wray on Wednesday said the new information indicates the FBI’s Catholic investigation was “more widespread than initially suspected.” The new details also revealed what Jordan claimed were “inconsistencies” in Wray’s earlier testimony before Congress.

Wray had previously claimed that the Catholic memo was “a single product by a single field office.”

Jordan in the letter issued a fresh round of subpoenas related to the investigation, including communications between the Richmond, Portland, and Los Angeles field offices as well as any “intelligence products” related to those collaborations.

Jordan gave Wray until Aug. 23 to respond to the demands.

The FBI had handed a new round of subpoenaed documents over to the committee at the end of last month.

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  1. I hold Pope Francis partially to blame for this witch hunt of traditionalist Catholics. I am NOT saying that he was party to this political persecution of Catholics in the USA. But I AM stating categorically that his repeated and public singling out traditional Catholics for criticism and ridicule only serves to encourage persecution of Catholics by rogue elements in our Federal government. He should hang his head in shame.

    • Amen, Deacon.
      My only possible disagreement is that it is “rogue elements.” I am beginning to believe it is standard operating procedures of the government these days.

    • I don’t think it’s any business of the FBI what form of the liturgy Catholics attend or whether they’re in full agreement with VII but it did appear from the documents that it was SSPX communities who were singled out, not so much those who attend the TLM outside the SSPX.
      Again, the FBIs job is not to sort out Catholic disputes over liturgy or infiltrate churches. Ive had SSPX friends and have never heard anything extremist or violent from them. My hope has always been that the SSPX and Rome would reconcile.

      • If the Pope publicly denigrates traditional Catholics by calling them rigid and radical, don’t you think that is encouragement enough for the Catholic-haters in the Biden administration?

  2. To identify as Catholic does not preclude being a domestic terrorist. Unfortunately! If you listen to many “Trad” podcasts you will soon realize that there ARE far right Catholics who could possibly be a threat to our present form of government. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but that doesn’t mean that if possibly suspect they shouldn’t be investigated. If you don’t do anything wrong you shouldn’t be worried.

    • I fear traditional Catholics far less than the rogue administration now running the Federal government and people who think it’s the purview of government to interfere in the religious practices of Catholics.

    • There is no such thing as “Far-right” Catholics, only CINO Catholics, who do not follow the doctrines of the Church. To them, it may seem like we are “far-right”, but that is because the CINOs are “far-wrong”!

      • Dee. How far-right are CINOs? I continue to remain cautious when I see a broad-brush indictment of any group. I try to refrain from usig “all” and “none”. God bless.

    • Do you have examples of traditional Catholics who pose a threat James? I don’t doubt it’s possible but I’m not aware of any.

    • Seriously? This is the very thing that a govt should NOT do. Investigate any random group hoping to find a crime or grounds for prosecution. Like checking all the figures in your tax return hoping to find a mistake and calling it criminal activity. In our country that is supposed to be illegal. Police are supposed to investigate AFTER a crime has been committed, or when/if they come into possession of evidence a crime is about to be committed. PLANTING undercover “moles” into catholic churches , or worse yet, trying to “turn” church employees and clergy is McCarthyism at its worst. Doubtless conservative people are often not only conservative in their religious practices but in their politics as well. But there is a gross difference between being conservative and being radical enemies of one’s govt. Funny that today, I read that the former DEM-led J6 Committee has destroyed a great deal of security video tapes and evidence which was supposed to be turned over to the GOP. Every time I see subversive actions trying to distort our country and our rule of law, the partisan and illegal actions are ALWAYS coming from the left. Since that crowd has no moral compass or patriotism or loyalty to the US, it’s no shock to observe this. Just disgusting. Catholic democrat voters, wake up before this gulag machine comes for you too.

    • “If you don’t do anything wrong, you shouldn’t be worried.” Seriously? Have you not been paying attention? The current administration and its DOJ have been going after a lot of people that have done nothing wrong. Parents, pro-life fathers, etc.
      Perhaps you’re on this Catholic page to try to distract?

    • After Mark Houck I don’t see how you can do nonchalantly give this administration the benefit of the doubt in these regards.

  3. I am truly concerned by the comments I have read here. They make me wonder if the conservative traditionalist schismatics are in league with radical national supremest groups.

    The FBI, a bastion of Catholicism, is being attacked by radicals around the world. Now it is being attacked by our Mother Church?

    The implication the President Biden, a life long faithful son of the church, hates the Church would be laughable in a sick comedy. It is tragic our Church has been infected by those who have the cognitive dissonance to believe such things.

  4. The troubling issue is the FBI is identifying Catholics as potential terrorist. Who would have thought this even a few years ago. This is a product of many rapid pro abortion American organizations that are out to destroy anyone and any organization, religious and others, that is pro life. The FBI is means they use to implement their anti life agenda.

  5. If you don’t think that it is the puppet master Obama pulling all the strings on Joe the Stooge; think again. This administration has been Obama’s play toy since long before Trump “lost” re-election. This country made the mistake of placing in office a Muslim-leaning, homosexual communist as the first president to take over control of the country following 9/11. That mistake cost us dearly and continues to grind away at the very fabric and foundation of our country. If something doesn’t change and change dramatically and quickly, I think it prudent to discuss a “post-American” world and how to prepare oneself for a “post-American” America.

    • More and more information will emerge regarding how Obama has been behind all this corruption in government. Look to see how he militarized the FBI and the CIA to go after and destroy his political enemies. I have a standard that I apply when judging people’s trustworthiness: the broader the smile, the less you can trust the actor.

      • Dear Deacon. Without getting too political… I was no fan of PRESIDENT Obama, however you indicict him with “ALL corruption in government” without any details. WOW! You seem to have missed our recent history.
        God bless.

  6. Should we believe this? AG Garland said. “It does not do investigations based on religion. I saw the document you have. It’s appalling. It’s appalling. I’m in complete agreement with you.”

    It has been revealed that there are rogue FBI members that have infiltrated the DOJ and other government agencies and the military. Because of it’s mission of protecting US citizens, I withold judgement until Jordan finishes his investigation the investigaters.

    God save the union.

  7. While Portland, Oregon has lost an estimated one billion dollars, owing to crime-related homelessness that exists on the sidewalks in front of businesses there, the F.B.I. in Portland is concerned about conservative Catholics? This belongs in the comics section of “The Oregonian.”

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