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Why Catholics should oppose vaccine mandates (both private and public)

Some assorted observations on serious (and often-ignored) legal, medical, ethical, cultural, social, and theological concerns surrounding COVID vaccinations and mandates.

A nurse prepares a dose of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in Fasano, Italy, April 13, 2021. (CNS photo/Alessandro Garofalo, Reuters)

• Most people have heard of Buck v. Bell (1927), in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled lawful a Virginia statute permitting sterilization of the “unfit.” Many know the infamous line of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s ruling: “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Many people do not know, however, the sentence that immediately precedes it: “The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination (Jacobson v. Massachusetts [1905]) is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.” There was a direct connection, at least in the minds of the Supreme Court justices, between compulsory vaccination and compulsory sterilization.

• This connection should give us pause in our present situation, when there is a lot of talk about the need for vaccine mandates for COVID-19. This is a disease which has a >99% survival rate for people under 70 years old (the survival rate is 94.6% for those over 70). Thus, while it seems to make a great deal of sense for those older than 70 and those with exacerbating conditions to receive the vaccine, what are we to say about the tremendous pressure, exerted by both public and private authorities, for absolutely everyone to get vaccinated—even children, upon whom COVID-19 seems rarely to have any effect whatsoever?

• The Church, too, is not unaffected by the present trend. Catholics, and Catholic institutions in particular, are also exerting pressure for universal vaccination. But not only does this program of complete vaccination lack a clear scientific basis, as just noted, exerting pressure in the way it requires arguably looks very much like what is at its core an anti-Christian attempt to control.

• The Buck v. Bell case ushered in an era of state-backed eugenical programs in the United States, leading to things like the North Carolina Eugenics Board, which routinely sterilized minorities and poor people; the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, which experimented upon black men; and anti-miscegenation laws, which, one supposes, were intended to protect people from themselves.

• We’d like to think we are far beyond such horrors, but I very much doubt it. In some sense, we can now exert violent control over human bodies and lives both more broadly and more hiddenly, thanks to the rise of modern technology. And even if we insist that we are beyond temptation here, do we want to test our theory by giving the state, and the corporate oligarchy that works with it, the sweeping powers required to enforce vaccine mandates?

• But let us return for a moment to eugenics. People think it looks exclusively like state-backed programs such as eugenics boards, or Josef Mengele, or the Holocaust. But eugenics is both more and less than these concrete programs: it is a logic.

• The logic of eugenics is a logic of willful control. It is anti-creational. The Christian understanding of creation is that it is a gift: received from Another, animated by a purpose and an order that precede man’s will. Eugenics, by contrast, attempts to reject the gift and is at root a bid by man to assert his will over the order of creation, rather than being steward to it.

Humanae vitae articulates this logic well, though the encyclical stops short of calling it eugenical: “the domination and rational organization of the forces of nature to the point that [man] is endeavoring to extend this control over every aspect of his own life—over his body, over his mind and emotions, and even over the laws that regulate the transmission of life” (2).

• Am I saying this in order to equate the COVID-19 vaccines with forced sterilization? Of course not. I am, however, saying that there seems to be a similar logic at work in both—especially in view of the effort to exert immense public and private pressure on those who hesitate about receiving the vaccine. Again, even the appearance of a logical similarity between forced sterilization and compulsory vaccinations should at least give us pause.

• Let me lay my cards on the table and propose the following thesis: Modern medicine has an anti-woman bias. I say this on account of what I see as its tendency to view women’s bodies as if they were men’s bodies with some inconvenient body parts attached. Modern medicine, in short, does not regard women’s fertility as central to their health, but approaches it as a problem it doesn’t know how to handle. The medical establishment then tries to suppress this problematic fertility with contraception, to jump-start it with IVF, or to erase it all together with sterilization.

• Modern medicine is by nature short-sighted: it is focused on treating symptoms now, rather than on waiting to understand why they are arising and what they can tell us about the whole. For the same reason, modern medicine lacks the patience to understand women and their fertility. This is how we end up with the disasters of thalidomide and diethylstilbestrol. The history of modern medicine is littered with women’s bodies—and the bodies of their children (it is fairly well known that mothers who were prescribed thalidomide for their morning sickness gave birth to children with severe limb deformities; it is less well known that the children of mothers who were prescribed diethylstilbestrol are much more likely to have problems with their fertility—and their daughters are at much greater risk for blood clots and cancer. We are now seeing epigenetic effects in the grandchildren of those women who were prescribed diethylstilbestrol).

Vaginal mesh is another example of the horrors inflicted upon women because of an over-hasty modern medicine directed all too often by the interests of pharmaceutical companies, rather than by the health of the patient. Some types of hormonal contraception increase a woman’s risk of fatal blood clots three to nine times, but this has never halted the production and use of birth control. Jennifer Block’s excellent Everything Below the Waist is a mine of information on these matters, while Caroline Criado Perez’s book Invisible Women documents the phenomenon of the bias against women in both modern medicine and modern science.

• The lesson is this: when modern medicine moves too quickly, women suffer most immediately. Men suffer too—it’s just that their suffering is not as immediate or apparent. How we treat women—and in particular their fertility—is a bit like the canary in the coal mine: it reveals how we approach all of nature (human and otherwise).

• We know that many women are reporting irregularities with their period after receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Given what’s at stake—women’s health, their fertility, and human nature’s capacity to be, literally, pro-creative—why are we barreling ahead with this program of vaccination? Shouldn’t reports like these give us pause? Are we sure that we are not backing ourselves into a logic of violent control that is akin to that displayed in eugenics?

• I am not arguing that no one should take the COVID-19 vaccines. I am arguing that we ignore these kinds of signals about their possible long-terms effects at great risk.

• The biotechnology being used in the vaccines available in the United States has never before been used in vaccination. We do not and indeed cannot have data about its long-term effects. And yet we seem to be barreling forward with a population-level experiment while preparing to take coercive measures against those who would hesitate.

• In April 2020, the New York Times reported that it would likely take us until November 2033 to produce a vaccine. We have rushed this process in an unprecedented way. Why? So that we might attempt to guard ourselves against the possibility of suffering and the very slight possibility of a more immediate death?

• So much for the risk-benefit calculus. But I am also arguing that these vaccines in particular, combined with the pressures being exerted to force it upon everyone, look an awful lot like a form of hasty, eugenics-like control that is totalitarian in spirit.

• To repeat: I am not arguing no one should take these vaccines—it in fact seems prudent that many who are at higher risk should take them. But compulsory universal vaccination looks like an attempt to exert control over every single person on the planet. It thus smells strongly of the logic of eugenics and of its sponsorship by the state and its techno-corporate actors (which, it must be said, stand to profit a great deal from every person being mandated to take the vaccine).

• The Church has always acted as a counterbalance to the (attempted) political and cultural hegemony of the state. It’s one of the reasons Rome murdered Christians en masse.

• By contrast, Catholic institutions, such as universities, that claim to serve the Church, but are also joining the attempt to mandate an experimental vaccine, are not first serving the Church. They are making it clear that they serve the state first by exerting the same pressure upon the people as the state is.

• Many Catholics argue that we should get behind vaccine mandates (or even mandate them ourselves) for the sake of the common good. But public health is not synonymous with the common good. In order for a good truly to be common, it must transcend individual consumption. For a good to be transcendent in this sense, moreover, it must be wholly shareable by many at the same time A cake is not a common good because you and I cannot enjoy the same piece at the same time: by definition it is not common. The same is true of a road, no piece of which you and I can use at once.

• Creation, and its logic, however, is a common good. It is common to all of humanity, past, present, and future. It transcends us, preceding both our existence and our individual will.

• The anti-creational logic of eugenics is by definition also anti-transcendent because it is the assertion of one individual’s (or group’s) will over nature. It says that the individual’s will should supersede the logic of creation. And it does so, as history has shown us repeatedly, at the expense of the most vulnerable.

The COVID-19 vaccines—their hasty development, their unknown long-term effects, the private and public means being used to pressure everyone to get them—represent the assertion of control over nature, over human beings, that looks very much like the logic that is eugenics.

• All of this stands in sharp contrast to the biblical directive to steward nature, not assert our will over it.

• Christ did not ask us to be safe at all costs. He did not ask us never to risk. He asked us to understand that he is the way, the truth, and the life. He asked us to believe—profoundly, to the core of our very being—that our lives are not in our own hands, but they are in the hands of the Father. He asked us to see, protect, and preserve what his Father created.

• We are not given the gift of existence never to die, but so that we might live.

(Editor’s note: This essay was originally posted on May 9, 2021.)

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About Rachel M. Coleman 2 Articles
Rachel M. Coleman is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Assumption University in Worcester, MA. In addition to her PhD in Theology, she holds a BS in Biology and BA in Philosophy. She researches primarily in the area of metaphysics, and often writes on the intersection of philosophy, theology, and science.


  1. Diocesan schools must stop requiring vaccines competely, to the point that they do not require “exemption paperwork.” In addition, parishes should put on notice that Catholic physicians who wish to advertise in the back of the bulletin (or be lectors or Extra Ordinary E.M., etc) that they must not prescription contraception, sterilization, or require vaccination as part of their pediatric practice (it is common for pediatric and family physicians to require vaccination of young children or to dismiss the family from the practice.)
    Of course, the CDF says that vaccines and other medical treatments that arise from abortion tainted cell lines are acceptable, so that is not likely to happen any time soon.

  2. If we mandate (force) vaccinations on people, it is the same slippery slope we encounter with killing the unborn. Who (or what) comes next? Everyone should have the right and responsibility to decide for or against being vaccinated without any coercion. I will be vaccinated as soon as they offer a shot that has no connection to abortion. The “remote” connection to fetal tissue from an abortion in 1973 is not remote, because taking such a vaccination while protesting its development is hypocritical and will lead to more of the same kind of research and development in the future. I cannot deplore the method while accepting the resulting treatment. The end does not justify the means.

  3. In my case, Dr. Coleman is preaching to the choir, but she’s provided some great ammo for “anti-covidiot” apologetics. The obstinant, stubborn, germaphobic PR out there is truly satanic in light of the facts. I’m sharing this outstanding article far and wide. It should be published in every Christian Sunday bulletin, Catholic and otherwise.

  4. excellent article. well made points that i can use with the multitude of people pushing me to get this vaccine (though i have many concerns about it , both moral and physical)to prove i am a good christian, or unselfish or charitable.

  5. “The COVID-19 vaccines—their hasty development, their unknown long-term effects, the private and public means being used to pressure everyone to get them—represent the assertion of control over nature, over human beings, that looks very much like the logic that is eugenics.”

    Nice effort, but I think the comparison to eugenics defies logic rather than being an example of it. There are a number of reasons one might be concerned about, or reject, vaccination for SARS-CoV-2. But asserting that this vaccination is akin to a eugenic practice (images of Nazi forced sterilization practices difficult to avoid)seems to me to be like comparing apples to hippopotamuses.

    • Jack Williamsen, reread and focus. She is saying they are similar in logic, rather than directly comparing them, as you inaccurately suggest. There is a book called the Logic Games Bible. If you read it, you might be able to comprehend what she is saying…

      • This is the tool to depopulation. No reasonable person should ever allow unknown toxins to be injected into the bloodstream.

    • Exactly right. Dr. Coleman glosses over the fact that Jacobson v. Massachusetts involved the smallpox vaccine, which fought a far more lethal disease (and which BTW in an earlier form had the highest death rate of any vaccine ever, but people thanked God nonetheless for it because the alternative was worse).

      The fact is that public health in extremis always involves state coercion (remember the quarantine violators who were shot in American Samoa during the Spanish flu pandemic?). Protecting liberty by totally removing state coercion reduces public health to a nice idea. And no, this is not an argument for extreme measures for every disease, but just a reminder of some real facts of life.

    • I think it is very much in the same vein as Nazi practice. The undisguised state and corporate coercion is the biggest apples-to-apples comparison. I have close family members serving in military and with govt jobs and a close friend-nurse working in regional hospital who are being forced to choose: your career and pension vs. vaccination from a questionable, risky non-FDA-approved shot … which BTW is illegal to mandate because of its non-approval.

  6. “Am I saying this in order to equate the COVID-19 vaccines with forced sterilization? Of course not. I am, however, saying…”

    To be honest, it seems irresponsible to publish these bullet points to confuse or dissuade readers on this site, trying to link the vaccine to eugenics (‘oh but don’t worry, I’m not even if the whole article is about eugenics in relation to the vaccine’). Don’t tell me the rad-trad attempt to guilt everyone out of getting their vaccine by linking them to abortions failed, so we’re going to the next mortal sin? What’s next, the vaccines will be linked to genes responsible for sodomy and adultery? Will nothing stop those degenerates and their New World Order!?!?

    • She’s not saying an individual choosing to get the vaccine itself is eugenic, but that the basis used to justify the state/ society *forcing* everyone to get it is similar to the justification of eugenics.

      • Interesting, informative and long overdue article. IMHO the RCC is playing with fire. The sight of Pope Francis and Benedict taking the jab may well come back to haunt the church in a scandal that will make the clerical abuse one look like a picnic. We simply do not know enough about this illness, its origin or why big names like Gates are getting involved. That the unborn are being used in Nazi style experimentation should be enough pause for thought.

      • Forcing something into someone’s body against their will is very much like eugenics and forced sterilization. The government gets to play God with our bodies and make laws to firce us to do things to our bodies. They can use the idea of common good and population control to forcibly sterilize us. This is exactly what this vaccine mandate logic will lead to. I guarantee it. If governments pass laws that make forced vaccines legal- forced sterilization is next. 100%. It’s not an if, but or maybe. It WILL be next. Where will you put your foot down?

      • Yet depends on what the state is forcing. A vaccine to save lives is much different than either prevent life (sterilization) or eugenics in any form.

        • Any government that can force you to take a vaccine “for the common good” can force a woman to have an abortion “for the common good.”

          Remember, abortion is legal so government could make the case (as they have with “climate change”) that the country is over-populated and it is in everyone’s interest to restrict the number of births “for the common good, health, welfare and security of all.” Who could argue with that reasoning in this Age of Wokism?

        • We do not know the true purpose of this vaccine.
          Is it to prevent spread or to depopulate the planet?
          Why are 20 % of healthcare workers including Doctors with thousands of dollars in unpaid student medical debt resigning instead of taking this experimental vaccine?
          Why are the highest number of unvaccinated the best educated?
          There are so many cases listed of Bells Palsy, lung, brain and myocarditis which my best friend was hospitalized with 3 weeks after 2nd dose and also inflamation throughout his body.
          A number of women with problems with cycles and women with a much higher rate of miscarriage within first 20 weeks of pregnancy over unvaccinated.
          Cases of death from organ failure shortly after vaccine and several other symptoms that along with the religious aspects will assure I will never accept the mark of the beast.

    • How about more than 4,400 deaths following COVID-19 vaccine injections through this past Monday, more deaths than reported for all vaccines combined over the past 15 years? How about 795 reports related to blood clotting disorders? The data is available from the VAERS reporting system. Or, how about a renowned toxicologist, calling on the U.S. government to halt COVID-19 vaccine distribution?

  7. Thank you for this article, particularly the presentation of the analogy between the mainstream medical treatment of women’s fertility, and the rollout of the COVID injections (they are not vaccines are they?) It is indeed a shortsighted treatment in both cases, and the former very clearly establishes our understanding of the latter.

    I’d like to push back on the idea that there is an “anti-woman bias” in modern medicine however. This strikes me as a sentimental phrase which unnecessarily stokes the emotions and ultimately does damage to your argument. You could just as well talk of an “anti-man bias” when, for instance, birth control chemicals leach into the environment and wreak havoc on the male endocrine system in particular (you may even be alluding to something like this effect when you talk of the long-term ill effects of medicine on men). Yet speaking of “anti-man” anything doesn’t evoke sentiment like “anti-woman” does, even though it has just as much truth to it. Ironically, using the “anti-woman” argument probably gives a boost to your argument in the short-term, but doesn’t run very deep or ring true in the long-term sense, and so very much resembles the short-term solution nature of modern medicine, which argument your present very worthily.

  8. “The Dicastery of Cardinal Turkson has produced a kit (here) for representatives of the Church on the anti-Covid vaccines composed of seven sections that refer to some documents, provide an anthology of speeches (especially by Pope Francis), answer clinical questions…”

    This “kit” gives clergy instructions to convincingly and efficiently promote vaccines. According to CBS News, “Fauci said doubters should be encouraged to get vaccines from people they trust.” “You’ve got to match the messenger with the audience,” So here we go, Catholics should be coerced into the global elites cattle drive. This is war!

    read more (copy and paste):

    Pro-vax Vatican creates a kit to indoctrinate priests and the faithful – Daily Compass (

    Americans have a big fight on their hands. Globalist are targeting our children and family life. With the Vatican’s unraveling fabric, it is up to faithful Catholics not to “make a mess” but to MAKE A SCENE, to speak up and put on the armor of Truth.

    Chelsea indicated that continual advocacy of vaccines should be part of a global program.

    “… in November of 2012 Pope Benedict XVI signed a Motu Proprio clarifying what even common sense might suggest, namely that Catholic charitable organisations cannot be funded by “groups or institutions that pursue ends contrary to Church’s teaching.” Now the Vatican is scrapping that directive with impunity!

    John Templeton Foundation sponsorship of $700,000 to the conference “… makes it clear why it generously funds the Vatican Health Conference. As Monsignor Trafny candidly admits, the funder also gets to choose the speakers.” John Templeton Foundation funds the contraception mill to the tune of $3 billion a year. B & M Gates are on the same page with Planned Parenthood. There we have it! Serving up balogna such as the recent Health Conference has become a pattern! The Vatican has lost its moorings. The faithful suffer while vaccines, and development of illicitly procured human cell use is promoted at the Vatican Health Conference. Only two members of our Catholic clergy spoke.

    read more(copy and past):
    Vatican in the pocket of the contraception industry – Daily Compass (

    • Many bureaucratic organizations self-co-ordinate using ten-year paradigms. This applies to groups within such organizations and groups among such organizations. It stabilizes things for them in having to deal with leaderships changing from time to time, achieves predictability, facilitates budgeting and tracking, sets the promotion process to be run with some known “objective” criteria, builds periodic synergy, avoids sharp changes or shows how change is more imperative, etc. And there’s another side: it affords bureaucrats comfort zones which they can define and carve out for themselves; allows them to pursue their own agendas or at least some of the tracks; shifts a power balance to them. The co-ordinating can be through formalized plans, practical arrangements, accepted concurrences or informal understandings -or a mix. In these situations it is entirely possible for them to sustain positions and cultures that are contrary to the organizations’ standards, vision, mission and goals.

      Typically the 10-year paradigm “hides in plain sight” -the case in most national situations. One glaring open example exists on the international level, the WHO’s relationship with GAVI. This has no basis in international law or the UN charter but the WHO is able to undertake its functions through these alter-arrangements, unchecked. This has to be broken down, held to account and repelled. It can not go on and it is not a precedent for allowing other things like it. Further, in the present insistence of “pandemic” peddled by WHO, the influence is out of all proportion to realities and is utterly contrary to reason, to law and to rule of law. Moreover this particular alliance is demonstrating it has every intention to keep flourishing beyond ten years and to make connections according to peculiarities/abberational quirk-ologies, like “gender” and “population”.

      Super-imposing onto this a random multi-lateralism is very negligent and at the same time will cause disruptions in regional outlooks and agendas.

      GAVI is not a Russia problem, it is a China problem. The Russia “problem” is by and large a work-up done to divert attention and to make cover for different types of sabotage. It inevitably puts Russia on a defensive and chokes down the development of international relations and global security. You can get a sense who else would be involved, from my comments to Leila Miller’s article “The Church’s ultimate trial: the final unleashing of evil” March 2 2021. Here is the link.

        • Rosemarie,

          Here is a link to the WHO website revealing a “formal” type “agreement” / “letter of intent” between the WHO and “official representatives” of different countries. What is the basis in law for it? Let them say -let them try to say- and the absence of foundation will immediately emerge. Some are Presidents and some are Prime Ministers and neither type of office works like that “just so”; but where did they find or establish the uniform format for having mixed-level signatories? Etc.

          Is it going to move from “between” to “among”? If so how?

          The second link is a discussion at LIFESITE ​/ Dr. Joseph Mercola / Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, describing what else is going on with aforementioned “formal emplacement”; how GAVI relates /aims to relate; and how GAVI is “composed” and “recognized”. In many countries it would all be null in law and I would venture to say GAVI has no substance in any jurisdiction. What anyway is the “recognition” process?

          So they’re jumping the hoops and nobody puts a stop to it.


          • Rosemarie,

            I read through some of the material I found via your suggested “copy and paste” notes (above here May 10 12:46pm). Thanks very much, I’d have missed that. One of the main themes and objects at the conference is “fraternal vaccinations” and “morality of vaccination” developing from an idea asserted as fact, that the virus came about because of deforestation and climate change. Am sure you know it’s just wrong. This virus came through deliberate human lab experiments in “gain of function” manipulations. Various authorities know this and it is not speculation. What they have not admitted is 1. exact sources and 2. place of release. As Catholics we never derive religion or morality or professional conduct from the arbitrary.

            And as well, it’s neither spirituality nor witness!

            The “gain of function” business is interesting in another way. If they continually focus singularly on the Wuhan lab they avoid addressing the various matters and people and governments and other labs and institutes that have to be brought under accountability and be regulated; and they give cover to GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the WHO and the wrong set-ups going on at the UN.

          • Elias Galy, I just now saw your replies to my comment when I was researching articles on Covid. Thank you. I will read them as I need information for a letter. I am quite disturbed by church authorities falling in line with governors to push vaccines. Sadly this is top down pressure on the Catholic population. I wish the same kind of concern would be manifested for inoculation in the repentance department.

          • Dear Rosemarie,

            I am so glad that these notes can help your work. Thank God. May 21 I fell sick with COVID. They confined me at home for 2 weeks and after that they insisted I rest for another 2 weeks. It’s a multi-symptom thing not easy to encompass: I counted 4 “phases”. I ate and drank as much as I could to keep up pressure and osmotics. I rested A LOT but if the feeling got too bad I tried to pick up and move for a while. The 7th night I felt I could die if I slept; so I pushed hard and got up and walked about 2 hour “soaking wet” until it “settled out”, praying the rosary until 1am, a battle against the need and desire to sleep. The 2nd week my lungs felt occupied, so I made deliberate efforts to catch deep breaths only when I could get past it. I am well past 45 but have no “co-morbidities”.

            My doctor says natural immunity is for life and he will not recommend vaccination.

            Concerning the new vaccines, the circumstances today cause us to focus mostly on the present. There is a future dimension that has to be addressed. Are novel vaccines going to be batched with other vaccines as is done already? Will these batched vaccines be administered at birth too? Will parents be able to decide which vaccines to accept and which to postpone?

            Are all vaccines going to be developed from this time on, with the abortion taints? With animal flesh? With synthetics and strange adjuvants? With mRNA? How are we going to ensure that non-abortion and non-mRNA vaccines, etc., remain available?

            How can anyone ever be sure that future vaccines, including “normal” vaccines, will NOT have bio-markers included in them?

            Most people who get COVID will survive it. The plan for it has been completely irrational, the consequence being the responses are confused and misdirected and they can’t collect basic medical feedback and other information properly. And they can’t deal with the sheer numbers at any point.

            If they count naturally acquired immunity the vaccine drive would be groundless.

            I wish you well in your efforts and remember you in my prayers.

            Sincerely, ELIAS

      • This is crazy. No logic in anything you presented. Over 600,000 people are dead in the United States. Even if one does survive Covid, many will have long haul symptoms. This scientific not politics or religion. We are fortunate to have vaccines that work. No one in my family from age 88 to 15 have had no side effects or problems. The problem is people like you promoting lies and unfounded theories.

        • No Linda, there are too many issues and contradictions already exposed through time, than just to ignore them by saying I am crazy. By the way, the “600,000 dead from COVID” is accepted by many as a grossly exaggerated report coming from misreporting and actively suppressed or ignored medical options.

          • And the PCR test is inaccurate – I have advanced knowledge of statistics and have made my career on teaching people the fallacies that can be presented by manipulating the presentation of the data. The Measurement System “Pre-During-and Post,” over time is critical to assess. The PCR test has always been erroneous that’s why COKE, Fruit, or any person in the same day will have yes/no/yes/no, etc….The inventor of the PCR Test – who mysteriously had suddenly died of a hart attack at 65. He was a Dr and pushed back when the medical establishment wanted to monetize his test for Viruses and AIDS. He was on a mission to tell the world that this test was not meant for that. You can dig up the videos of him speaking to this years ago when this scheme started….if they are still posted.

            Also, how can our government really be afraid of Covid when they allowed 235K immigrants into this country untested, unmasked, and unvaccinated since January. Additionally my sister is a medical doctor in the ER and has said a mask to a virus is like trying to keep mosquitos out with a chain link fence. And wearing them for a prolonged period of time could give you bacterial pneumonia – especially in kids as you are unable to fully expel bacterial from your lungs, the bacteria then linger there in the mask and you breathe it back in. This is an egregious guideline to require people to wear them. If people are sick, they should stay home and take precaution at home.

          • My 91 yr old mother died 12/12/2020 & the #1 cause of death was
            listed as Covid on her County Death Certificate—DESPITE every single one of her doctors told me it was NOT covid related. It was an infected salivary gland that went undetected for many months (long BEFORE “covid”) and she succombed to sepsis poisoning. No autopsy of course due to her age. I received her Death Certificate several weeks after her death. Fact. But who am i going to argue this with? And that is exactly what “they are counting” on (the so-called “covid deaths”)…that the grief stricken, moneyless/powerless people who can’t speak “their truth” on this matter. So how real ARE the covid death numbers anyway? By the way, my mother was elderly, sedintary, wheel chair bound, with severe diabetes, dementia & heart problems…yet all medical personnel reiterated consistently that SHE DID NOT HAVE OR DIE FROM COVID. Period.

        • The 4 phases I mark out in my illness, reflects rationality not irrationality. A good doctor would see a sort of paradigm of progression and decline; and how he could act more swiftly and accurately where phases overlap. See the pattern and be able to work when demarcation is absent or blurred.

          On the 7th night, the start of Phase 2, I didn’t have breathing problems. But if I had had breathing problems right then and was put on a ventilator instead of given (for example) dexamethasone, or Relvar, etc., I think it would have been fatal. Also, moving around was essential.

          Being at home I could move about freely.

          So I stood up intent on not trying to sleep and I felt something click where I imagine the pituitary is. That’s when water flowed from my head, torso and legs as from an open tap. My point is, knowing this, doctor can anticipate how to ameliorate or compensate so it is not so severe.

          Phase 2 – problem sleeping for 5 days, not losing consciousness, aware of the hours passing, worn out during the day, losing train of thought easily.

          Breathing hesitancy came at the end of Phase 2 beginning Phase 3. I had Relvar on hand but never had to use it. My lungs trembled.

          My oxygen was fluctuating throughout all the phases. It was not a good indicator. I tried to be active when I could even if it was low and rested when it was high.

          Pressure and osmotic strength make the illness fade. And this makes sense in all the phases.

          All symptoms have now worn off and I sleep well.

          Sickness is a blessing.

          Bless the Lord Who made heaven and earth and stays with us when we are ill. Who fits us for battle and fortifies the blood for action!

          Bless the Lord, He heals our wounds and is our Divine Physician.

          • Hydrocortisone has been identified as a treatment in COVID-19 illness. My question is, can hydrocortisone help soften for patients what happened to me on my “7th night”? (my entry above July 23 2021 1:44pm.

            Wouldn’t it also aid the patient’s ability to move about – help dispel the inertia that happens when the illness is “expanding” – so as to help keep up blood pressure and cell osmosis against the on-going event?

            The reporting at FLCCC under Protocols section supports my “4 phases” thesis. The other point I would suggest is that symptoms may not come in a “straight line”; it could be that for a particular patient the first symptom is breathing difficulty. In such a case you mustn’t “rush to the ventilator” but must have the sense to first placate what is happening in the lungs, whether with dexamethasone or Relvar or other relief.

            Once it is stabilized the remaining treatment can proceed at home.

          • And thank you very kindly too Moira.

            May I add, for my COVID illness, I self-prescribed aspirin. At the first feeling of the sickness, Friday May 21, I began on aspirin twice per day with meals breakfast and dinner. I did this without a diagnosis.

            I continued this for 18 days including during a period of time when I was told to stop it, the last 5 of those days. Three things stand out for me with this drug. First, my lungs began expelling (waste / sputum) before I had had a chance to start on the other prescribed drugs, which arrived later by a couple of days. Second, even when 9 days later or so I could feel something at work within my lungs making them tremble, I could still handle my own breathing. Third, I was able to exert myself upon the “7th night” situation completely on my own.

            I think the aspirin anti-coagulant anti-inflammatory “backdrop” set up in my system, by taking it consistently, would be the basis for these strengths.

            As I say I am not a doctor, I don’t want to unduly advertise this; but aspirin was not among the drugs actually prescribed by the doctor.

            Allow me to confess, whenever they called me for the update on my oxygen level, I reported it was ok even when it was low. In my assessment, they would have over-reacted to a low reading and intervened and removed all my discretionary ability.

            In fact, I could often move about when the reading was lower and sometimes had to rest when it was high. It’s possible to say that it is when the disease is in an expanding drive, that you tend to feel the tiredness.

            Finally, please note, the doctor who was calling me for updates never forewarned me what would happen if my oxygen was “too low”.

    • I pray the Church isn’t proposing for the future to just fall in with whatever “occurs” -happens “to occur”. A lot of it does not make any sense.

      People are constantly “transfecting” each other with various microbes. It can not be a basis for “public health” or “emergency” to pick on a microbe that is widespread and say that “The cases are a pandemic and we don’t know everything yet.”

      Moreover, it is moral, professional and legal negligence (or worse) to suppress general medicine in any pandemic and insist “hospitals are outstripped and people are dying through no-one’s fault” – projecting public emergency.

      It then is absurd in the extreme to demand that everyone be vaccinated with unapproved vaccines not tested properly and that are novel and questionable and potentially toxic long-term; and shut down society until it’s done “or when we know better”.

  9. The concatenation referred to by Bishop Athanasius Schneider is warning you (and me) that what is present in certain abortion-taint vaccines, is not merely products of evil acts that are finished, but a presentation of on-going evil processes that have now become apparent. By giving your consent to such ones, which they need and which you will now be knowingly doing, you enter into the paradigm for which they were/are, in fact, patterned.

    I also assert IN ADDITION that the mass use of unproven vaccines is reckless and unsupportable; and so is the dumbing-down of regular medicines which are efficacious. To oppose all of that can amount to other acts in saintly obedience.

    For some of the vaccines a different (non-abortion) concatenation is concurrently active; and it is the experimenting and development of bio-marking and “high-tech” dimensions “in the name of advance”. If however you do not participate it can not co-opt you. I assert further, therefore, that prudence indicates clearly that you do not accept to be vaccinated with these. So that a voluntary decision of this kind of prudence can itself amount to a saintly act.

  10. I recall seeing a young boy suffering from polio—I am thankful we no longer have to worry about polio. Tuberculosis is no longer a worry because of our health system. My children all received the required vaccinations to attend school. I would argue that vaccinations are pro-life. Vaccinations have prevented much suffering in the world. Scientists have been developing vaccine science for years and were able to create the covid vaccine quickly. If a mandatory vaccine can save thousands of elderly and at risk people, we should surely debate the idea. Vaccines might be pro-life.

    • Read the article again Gerard. The author does not deny, indeed strongly endorses, the elderly and vulnerable getting the vaccine. She merely queries the overly totalitarian moves to make it mandatory even in younger healthy people in whom the risks may outweigh the benefits.

    • I doubt you will get much debate on the benefits of vaccines in general…past vaccines like those you mention have gone through a rigorous long-term approval process (including long-term testing), before being approved for widespread use. With the COVID19 “vaccine”, they haven’t completed the near-term or long-term studies. They authorized the use of this new gene-therapy “vaccine” under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)…and this “vaccine” does not prevent you from contracting Covid19 or from transmitting it (it’s designed to lesson the symptoms when the person contracts the virus only). As such this synthetic mRNA gene-therapy “vaccine” continues to be experimental. Forcing people to take an experimental drug is unethical and immoral (and illegal), as the world has been down this path before (ref. most notably, the Nurenburg Trials/Mengele experiments on Jewish children). Additionally, with a greater than 99% survival rate for COVID19 for healthy people under 60, there is no reason to hurriedly introduce this vaccine to the mass public, especially since there are legitimate concerns raised by medical professionals, immunologists, experts in the field of vaccines, etc. on the long-term safety of this new gene-therapy “vaccine”. I can understand the use of an experimental drug for high risk people who have no alternatives for survival, but not for young healthy people and especially for pregnant women, where they are just guessing at its long-term safety. That is reckless and it doesn’t seem to be very “pro-life” to me.

    • These. vaccines are all experimental in nature without any knowledge of long term effects. It will be 2023 or 24 before any long term clinical studies will be completed. As I pointed out in another post, VAERS has reported more than 4,400 deaths following COVID-19 vaccine injections as of this past Monday. This is more deaths than reported for all vaccines combined over the past 15 years. These deaths along with other very serious reported side effects have lead Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, a renowned toxicologist, to call for a halt by the U.S. government to all COVID-19 vaccine distributions. This is in addition to concerns over the relationship between these vaccines and aborted fetal tissue.

      • from Forbes:
        Data from the Vaers database shows there were 4,434 reports of death from Covid-19 vaccines through May 10, but that doesn’t mean 4,434 people died from a vaccine: Vaers is designed to allow anyone to report an event, meaning the data is unverified and may be explained by other factors.

        Instead of reporting cases in real time, Vaers is what’s known as a “passive surveillance system,” or a “repository for voluntarily submitted reports.”

        A disclaimer on the Vaers website notes that data “may include incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental and unverified information” and “cannot be interpreted or used to reach conclusions about the existence, severity, frequency or rates of problems associated with vaccines.”

        The CDC says it has investigated the 4,000-plus reports of death from Covid-19 vaccines through May 10 and found no “causal link” to any Covid-19 vaccine, though “recent reports indicate a plausible causal relationship between” the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and a “rare and serious adverse event—blood clots with low platelets—which has caused deaths.”

        • A lot has been learned since Brewster’s piece, that you continue to cut and paste from, which was written three and a half months ago. Very telling that you aren’t relying on a current source that doesn’t support either his or your assertions.

    • Gerald, did you not read the article? She is talking about the COVID “vaccine.” Many of us, including myself, aren’t anti-vaccine, but the entire process of the COVID-19 “vaccine,” from start to finish—along with the dogma and irrationality surrounding it—doesn’t make any sense. How can this “vaccine,” which is more like a drug, be considered legitimate when people are experiencing serious reactions, even death?

    • This is the only reasonable and thoughtful comment in this thread on this inflammatory and misleading and dangerous opinion piece of garbage. I’m glad to see that at least one religious person actually has a conscience.

    • The COVID shot is the first one distributed using mRNA technology. It is not proven science. The manufacturers do not claim that it prevents infection or transmission, only that the illness may be less severe. Those under 70 who are healthy and not obese have a 99%+ recovery rate so why should they put an experimental biological agent that utilizes gene-therapy into their bodies when its testing is not finished. Past vaccines (which the COVID shot is not since vaccines prevent the occurrence of a disease) have taken 10+ years. The small pox vaccine took 30 years. The swine flu vaccine was pulled off the market after only 53 deaths. Doctor-entered VAERS reports of deaths at the time of or shortly after the reception of the first or second COVID shot already far exceeds 53 persons. No vaccine or other agent is necessary for those whose recovery is virtually 100% guaranteed. BTW, asymptomatic persons do not spread viruses, PCR tests have a 90%+ false-positive rate, and masks are useless – just look at the fine print on the package of masks you bought.

    • Tired and sophistical analogy. This is a poison injection meant to kill and maim people as part of a hoax totalitarian plandemic that is the greatest crime ever committed against humanity. The history of vaccines is utterly irrelevant. Do we have to hear such nonsense from Catholics?

  11. I feel we have to consider a few things. Fortunately we did have a head start on other illnesses caused by coronaviruses SARS and MERS which are roughly 80% identical.. This helps explain how scientists developed the COVID19 test so quickly. Another unknown factor is we don’t know the long term affects of COVID19 that can also lead to lifelong issues to our youth.

    • We don’t know how what the vaccine will do long term.
      Much acrimony could be avoided by stopping both the endless “pandemic porn” and “vaccine porn.” The vast majority of people who get SC2 do fine. The vast majority of people who get the vaccine don’t have significant reactions.

      • The odds, so far, are better than Russian roulette, but why play? Virologists at prestigious universities studied 1500 positive covid19 test samples and found only
        type A and B virus in them…the common annual flu. The CDC does not have a sample of the covid 19 virus which is supposed to be everywhere. What does all this suggest?

        • Far too many people misunderstand viruses. COVID-19 is not a virus. COVID-19 is the disease caused by the SARS CO-V2 coronavirus. All viruses are associated with two names: the name of the virus and the disease it causes. One prominent example is AIDS, which is the disease causes by the HIV virus. It should be noted that not everyone who gets the virus gets the disease.

          The virus can be detected through testing, but the disease it causes is diagnosed according to its effects or symptoms. The confusion is understandable. Though the CDC does explain this in their website, many in the media seem to be unaware that a virus and the disease it causes are two different things.

          Tests for the SARS CO-V2 coronavirus vary in their specificity. Rapid testing sacrifices specificity, whereas specific testing sacrifices time. Generally speaking, the shorter the test, the more prone to error it is (such as false positives). This is why positive results are followed up with a longer, more accurate (specific) test to confirm the results.

          SARS CO-V2 is a real virus that has been mutating worldwide into more dangerous forms. The issue isn’t whether it exists but the effectiveness of measures used to diagnose, control and treat it. But then, that’s an entirely different topic requiring far more space to adequately discuss it.

      • Lucky the Students who have Her for a Professor Her credentials are excellent, and, I do believe that we need to listen to more of these well educated — HOLISTIC Professionals With the UNDIAGNOSED EVIL taking over our Country and our Freedom to WORSHIP, America will no longer be the Land of the Free. I have read many of these comments and they are from those mostly who have been convinced that this Vaccine is the Answer to a Virus of unknown ETIOLOGY. As an RN who has spent 2 years in Military — way, way back in 1960, working with Obstetricians of Several Faiths, and receiving an MOS in OBstetrics, I do see this Mandate as the Bottom of the Slippery Slope — that Pope Paul VI tells us would happen in His encyclical on Humanae Vitae .Having been educated by the School Sisters of St Francis (They are the Sisters who helped the beginning of Mayo Clinic, We were taught to always QUESTION the NEWS, and ask — IS THIS TRUE. They warned us back then that Communism would try to INSIDIOUSLY take over our Freedom . Pope Paul VI told us that Satan had entered the Sanctuary back over 60 years ago Our Blessed Mother tells us that Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph, and Pope Francis tells us to Never give up Hope. I do believe that we have Educated Professionals in the Health Field who will Prevail. and We do need more Professors lke the author of this article

      • Kathryn—the vast majority of people that get COVID don’t have significant reactions, either. So, there is no reason to get jabbed in the first place…

  12. For women who like using pen & paper, keeping track of periods/menstrual cycles on a paper hard copy of a calendar can be a helpful visual aid. Teen girls can do it too! A woman can let her doctor know if there’s been any changes.

  13. There are major side effect concerns with respect to these vaccines. For example, VAERS has tracked more than 4,400 deaths following COVID-19 vaccine injections as of this past Monday. This is more deaths than reported for all vaccines combined over the past 15 years. There have also been 795 reports related to blood clotting disorders as of April 9th in the VAERS reporting system. A number of other serious side effects have been reported following COVID-19 shots, including irregular menstrual cycles. The seriousness of these side effects has gotten to the point where a renowned toxicologist, Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., has called on the U.S. government to halt COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

  14. My daughter’s employer put out a notice that every employee who gets the shot will receive a check for $150. She has not received the vaccine. Looks like the pressure comes from all sides. At one of the Masses in our church we have what I call the mask masters. One woman was told to leave because she doesn’t wear a mask. I attend 5:oopm or 9:00am. I don’t wear a mask.

  15. On the web the most pro-vax are the most tyrannical, most new world government, who want to force vaccination on everyone. This is back to the U.S.S.R. , a good Catholic pro-life site has information about the Vaccine issue that you would regret not having seen before you were vaccinated.

  16. What about denial of the Sacraments? Of the source and summit of Christian life, the Eucharist? What about those Catholic churches that require masks and vaccinations and social distancing and no communion on the tongue? No entrance without a mask? No Confession without a mask? How can the Church be Catholic if some states have dropped all restrictions, thanks be to God, while other Catholic churches are full on the “vaccine” medical-indsutrial complex program of total social control? Answer is Pope Francis has a painting of Judas behind his desk, and has called all religions equal and longs for a one-world government!

    The prophecies of Fatima said that in the end times there would be almost nothing left of the Church. In Portugal nightly curfews are in place today. While the European Union wages war on little Hungary. Even supposedly Christian Russia has a Sputnik injection. Meanwhile the rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah promise another, deadlier pandemic. This is the chastisement before the end of the world, no?

  17. If you are pro mandatory vax you cannot salvage any other values from the wreckage thereafter, having jettisoned freewill from the lives of another they are also free from your accusations of moral wrongdoing as they have had their responsibility removed for the purposes of ‘charity’ towards the common good

    • Am I to understand that a country such as ours that has sanctioned the murder of more than 60 million human persons by abortion is interested in staving off the death of some because of a virus?


  18. Thank you, well constructed and reasoned. But my radar is mostly triggered by responses, or more accurately the logic of responses as a key to the validity of a claim in question. A simple example would be someone encouraging a hasty withdraw from a house claiming it’s on fire, while demonstrating no since of regency themselves. Such is my concern regarding forced vaccinations. The claims made by the forced vaccination powers that the unvaccinated are causing mutations and are the sole carriers of the virus, but then turn to the vaccinated and say that even though they had the vaccine they can still spread it as well. There is also the shaming, the bribing, the threatening, cutting off access to basic society, and encouraging division between neighbors. Would you consider examining the issue from that perspective?

  19. I am vehemently opposed and absolutely disgusted by the unethical suggestion of vaccine mandates for any vaccines. A one size fits all approach with vaccines can be deadly. There are ovet a 100 autoimmune disorders out there and growing. It is very widespread. My family has multiple autoimmune disorders and several friends as well.those with over or under active immune system function and disorders need to avoid vaccines completely or have them specifically tailored for them. The adjuvents in vaccines that cause them to work for most normal folks- are absolutely destructive to a person genetically prone towards autoimmune disorders or who already has one. It can trigger an cytokine storm. Or it can trigger a disorder one did not have before. Or worsen the disorder one already has. For some disorders- a live virus vaccine could make one deathly Ill. Universal vaccines and requirements are unethical and evil. The exemptions they require, often require a knowledgeable doctor to sign off on and many don’t give a hoot about your personal health. They dont care about your disorders. There is an agenda to push vaccines to all no matter what. Some states dont allow even medical exceptions save for a very narrow few reasons. Will it kill you? No? Then sorry- no exemption for you. It might kill you? Sorry- no exemption for you. Guess what? If you are injured for life with a disorder that cripples your ability to function in life and be on disability forever, well guess who is held responsible? Not the organization that forced you to take the shot. Not the manufacturer. They are protected.
    I’m sick of people selfishly claiming we are evil because we oppose blanket vaccinations for all. Health needs to be tailored to the individual and the ends do not justify the means. You don’t willingly ruin a few lives just to eradicate a disease. All human lives have worth. It’s not a numbers game. It’s not a- well lets kill 2 for the sake of the 20. Thats evil.
    So I have an auto immune disorder and had a bad reaction to vaccines as a child. I’m sorry if I refuse to vaccinate my children because I fear for their health. I’d rather risk their getting sick naturally. I’m sorry if that makes me seem selfish- but again- I’m not willing to sacrifice my children for the health of many.

    • My grandchild suffered vaccine injury at 15 mos old. He’s an adult now, under legal guardianship for the rest of his life because he needs 24/7 care.

      The denial by medical-healthcare professionals of vaccine cause—despite evidence—disgusts me. The current drive for universal ingestion of a non-FDA-apporoved gene therapy is evil. I am appalled at how many, especially Catholic shepherds, are leading the sheep astray.

      • Even IF approved by the Food & Drug Administration (who comprises the Administration anyway, and what are their names, professions and how do they gain their personal incomes?), no one has the right to insist anyone take the vaccine, or any “food or drug” . How many lawsuits have been filed on complaints of serious illness &/or deaths based on the use of “FDA approved” consumables by the human body that their Administration Officials deemed “safe”—both currently & in the past?! Who made the FDA the “end-all, be-all”? We are lemmings, we CRAVE leadership, even if those leaders lead us over the cliff. We are all equal as humans, but different in our dna & so what “works” for one does not necessarily mean it will work for everyone.

  20. If anyone is still reading this, I would like to introduce you to Johanna, the girl whose body was used to create the HEK-295 cell line. Whether you have decided to accept a currently-available vaccine or not, I urge you to, at least, acknowledge a human name for her. God calls us all by name too.

    It makes me so sad when we always refer to fetal cell lines as a whole rather than honoring the individual human dignity of the children who are their origins. These children are easily lost in the pursuit of the common good. If our souls are immortal, then worldly time should not enslave us into disregarding them.

    Aside from safety concerns of the rushed vaccines, we have to hope and strive for ethical medicine in the future. For some, perhaps all we can do is to pray… These are trying times, and we must be vigilant like the five wise virgins were.

    God Bless

    • Thank you Yvonne very much.

      Many who would so love children as it should be, but must condemn the atrocities against them, have no recourse to relevant personal information about the victims yet must refer to the events nonetheless in order to condemn the events. We know it contains a further demeaning, that we say “fetal cell lines from abortion” yet at the same time what that descriptor really means, is not grasped on one side and is denied on another side, all involving Catholics too.

      And then when we speak in explicit terms of the actions and activities and their deeply criminal and despicable nature, indicating the human reality, it evokes all kinds of false shock, sneering and mis-characterizations as if nothing could and should ever be identified with the personal and the real.

      God bless you too.

      God have mercy on us.

  21. Thanks Rachel,

    what you omit to mention… and I am not sure why because it is absolutely fundamental.. is freedom of conscience. Even if every Bishop in the world thought a measure to be for the common good, they would have no right to overrule the conscience of an individual.And the imdividual would have no moral defence if acting againsy his or her conscience by merely asserting that he or she was doing what they were told.
    Why do we hear so little about discernment these days? And why do Catholics talk so little abot the Nuremberg Code, which is the one real way that non religious people are likely to understand how important it is to protect the right to freedom of conscience?

    warmest regards,

    Karen in Cambridge, UK

    2106 “Nobody may be forced to act against his convictions, nor is anyone to be restrained from acting in accordance with his conscience in religious matters in private or in public, alone or in association with others, within due limits.”34 This right is based on the very nature of the human person, whose dignity enables him freely to assent to the divine truth which transcends the temporal order…”
    34. DH 2 § 1.
    35. DH 2 § 2.

  22. The logic of the piece is:

    1. A judge once used the words vaccine and eugenics in the same sentence therefore all the arguments against eugenics apply to vaccines.

    2. The government has mandated bad things in the past therefore they should not mandate anything at all.

    3. Killing one person in a hundred is no big thing, so let’s just let nature takes it course. (Just as, for example, if a motorcycle gang was roaming the streets of LA shooting one person in a hundred, not to mention severely beating another twenty or so out of every hundred, we would demand no extraordinary measures to stop them.)

    Vaccines are not just about your personal health. They are about protecting others, protecting the medical system from collapse, and preventing the development of variants that may be both more contagious and more virulent than even the delta variant. They are absolutely about the common good. The whole world benefits from my being vaccinated. And from you being vaccinated. But it will benefit even more if the vast majority of people being vaccinated gets the world — not just America, but the world — to the point of herd immunity.

    Just because American libertarianism and Catholicism have the same enemies in the current culture, that does not make them good bedfellows. The Church has never taught that the state is not to be trusted, even in times when the state was attempting to eradicate the Church. It had always recognized that, like the Church, the state has a legitimate authority granted by God, and that its legitimacy is not diminished by the occasional, or even frequent, misuse of that authority by individual leaders. And in case we have forgotten, the Church had not exactly covered herself in glory in recent year when it comes to the legitimate exercise of her own authority. Prelates in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • Hi Mark! This is all obviously personal to you. While I cannot agree with any of your reasoning or your conclusions and many have attempted to reason with you, you appear dead set in your ways. I just have one question: Is there any intention readers can for pray for to help you? Please know that even though we disagree diametrically, you are still loved!

      The saddest part of all this to me is this: the absolutely Satanic abuse perpetrated on the older and elderly by the media. The older generation who grew up trusting the news media continues to be duped by believing demonic propagandists in mainstream media. I have seen it with my own parents. Two things that should light the fire of justifiable anger in the hearts of faithful Catholics: abuse of the elderly and abuse of children, especially the unborn. Vaccine mandates, mask mandates, social isolation, lockdowns and more limited access to the Sacraments are all grave abuses against the elderly and children. I pray that all the perpetrators repent and seek the mercy of God!

    • The survival rate for those under 70 who are healthy and not obese is more accurately stated as 99.97%. Rounding to 99% was done for convenience. So, according to your analogy, that would be like shooting 3 out of every 1000 persons. More than that have died from the COVID shot, already! In this case, the so-called “cure” is far more deadly than the disease. This is an example of facts which intentionally remain unknown to most persons because it is just easier to listen to the agenda-driven propaganda from the media and government, and blindly accept that what they say is the truth, the whole truth. How lazy…..and dangerous to our freedom to choose our own destinies. Keep in mind that when we die, we stand alone in front of God. There is no “We’re in this together” crap or choosing heaven or hell based on “the common good”. We are judged on what we personally did or did not do, believed or did not believe. I am not going to hell, or experience hell by taking that suspect shot, for anybody. It’s not your job to shame me. Jesus, alone, is welcome to do so, if it pleases Him.

  23. I found this article really scary. Where to begin. First of all the connection between vaccination and eugenics?? Really?? What most bothers me is the extreme individualism this perspective embraces, and a suggestion that the Catholic Church is somehow exempt from living in society (exempt from notions of a “social contract”), which as a Catholic (and a scientist), I find to be at the opposite extreme of what Jesus preached. According to this perspective, it’s me, my health, my body, and society be damned. To put it more plainly, realizing that by getting vaccinated I can protect the 75-year-old living next door, I decide *not* to get vaccinated because of some weird completely fabricated conspiracy theory that vaccination is somehow connected to eugenics; in other words, it’s me, my health, my body, my weird conspiracy theories, and my 75-year-old neighbor be damned. How is that Catholic, or Christian, or even sane?

  24. But Jesus healed the sick we believe, and said my true followers shall also be able to heal… our Christian priests should come forward and prove their faith and allegiance to our Lord Christ.

  25. To add to my previous comment, unfortunately such conspiracy theories about vaccination (and consequently the reduced number of people getting vaccinated) contribute to the evolution of new variants that are resistant to natural and vaccine-induced immunity and can be more virulent. That’s the scientist side of me speaking. The Catholic side of me then wonders how conspiracy theories such as those presented in this article can be viewed as ethical or moral or Catholic?. Our recent paper is just one of many studies showing this to be the case:

    • You know what the bottom line is? Bodily autonomy. I alone would have to deal with the consequences if I agree to receive the experimental biological agent which utilizes gene-therapy aka the COVID vaccine. Wait! That’s right; it is not a vaccine because it does not prevent transmission or infection. But if you think the shot is so effective then you go ahead. But “they” say that I am a risk to the vaccinated if I don’t also get it. WHAT? See how all of this just doesn’t make any sense? But, then, “common sense” isn’t common, anymore. BTW, the theory that the unvaccinated are responsible for variants is a lie. Viruses naturally mutate over time. That is their nature. Also, the survival rate of those under 70 who are healthy and not obese is actually 99.97%. I just round to 99% for convenience. I weary of the endless ignorance of 99% of mankind.

  26. oops, my previous comment was deleted, maybe to be expected. well, I do appreciated you keeping Mark Baker’s comment up there, which makes more or less the same point, and shows that occasional dissent is allowed here, which I’m glad to see.

  27. Very well-written article. It mentioned a couple of points I’ve never thought about like medicine being often anti-woman and that the common good does not equal us all giving up our individuality (my paraphrasing). The pressure to get the shot is too great for there to be no nefarious intent. I have no intention of getting the shot because: 1. If I take this one, then there is no motivation for the pharm industry to develop a traditional vaccine that’s not linked to abortion; 2. It is simply not necessary. This virus can be managed like the annual flu, which is also a virus. Simple precautions like washing your hands, not touching your face, sneezing and coughing into the crook of your elbow or a tissue, and staying home at the first sign of illness is all that is/was ever needed by the vast majority of humanity. Additional precautions for the elderly, those with serious maladies and the obese would be the exception; 3. Compare the recovery rate of over 99%, with or without medical intervention, with the rate of side effects, some disabling or fatal. and the benefit to risk ratio isn’t worth it. Sadly, we’re getting punished and shamed by all sides, now, out of malice, ignorance or fear: Church clergy and personnel, government entities and politicians, tech giants and their cancel culture, billionaire oligarchs and depopulation proponents, corporations and bottom-of-the-rung employees, and even family and friends who do not agree with us. A little daunting at times. All seem to feel that they know what is best for me. Heck, they don’t know what is best for mankind in general, so how can they for each and every individual. Sounds like Chinese micro-management is the latest evil that is now good.

  28. Emily and I are in our mid-70’s, and both Traditional & Conservative Catholics. We remember the early Polio inoculation for children, because the disease affected mainly children. We also remember watching school newsreels showing folks in Iron-Lung machines, and young folks with Leg-Braces. Back then, in the 1950’s everyone knew someone that was affected by Polio. The inoculation was compulsory for us youngsters, and rightly so. IT WAS AN EPIDEMIC, AND IT WAS NOT POLITICAL, as Covid is today. In the USA, there is no Polio epidemic today. As for Covid, it can be bad news for Emily and I. We have not yet had the Covid-Shot, but, we’re considering it. We use our Masks where ever we go, our choice, we also practice distancing. Our choice, not the governments………..

  29. It is so simple and people waste their time trying to articulate something that isn’t even there. First, the C-19 virus is just relatively safe it terms of death rate of; 99.9 people survive once infective. Second, if you get the so called shot, vaccine, the death rate is 98.% plus you still can spread the disease and get Covid with the vaccine. Questioned three , why get the vaccine? Now with the variance coming you need a booster shot every 6 months or sooner, which will continue until we are all dead. Looks like a very poor plan! Get the shot, and die!

  30. Here are 10 basic principles to consider. Number 5 is broken down because it has more immediate content. Lawyers take note.

    You can’t

    1. withhold multiple cures
    2. impose 1 single cure
    3. deny or displace the personal physician, consultant, specialist or referral
    4. disqualify natural immunity
    5. force PCR testing on people
    6. replace the choice /optionality of blood testing at any point
    7. compare COVID to diseases that have no cure
    8. compare COVID to diseases that have no immunity
    9. set limits on vaccine selections or timing
    10. protect policy drivers who counsel law-breaking or irrationality.

    PCR tests are inaccurate unless you are actually sick. It is to be recommended not to do the PCR test when sick because it can damage the nasal lining and make it prone to other infection; and this same recommendation holds against multiple PCR testing when not sick. PCR tests contain proven reactive carcinogens. In addition, each PCR insertion has the potential to burst the nasal lining and puncture through to the basal brain; this risk increases with repetition. Moreover, in most places, it is already illegal to extract DNA without consent; and this would apply to all PCR tests anywhere demanded or requested. PCR testing is not essential for diagnosis or cure and neither is it germane or particularly helpful.

  31. Here in the YOU TUBE video Dr. Ira Bernstein of the Toronto area, is interviewed by “Faytene – Shaping the Nation”. He discusses his approach to treating COVID illness with meds with the view to avoiding hospital.

    He makes a good summarization of the basic approach, 1. early treatment of symptoms, 2. combination drugs taken at the same time, 3. off-label meds and 4. importance of nutrition and supplements. Video is very good I think.

    His recommendations would add to the things I pointed out in various comments I made above; and to the medicines recommended by FLCCC. He introduces fulvoxamine.

    Implied in what he is saying is, have a doctor you can trust who also knows about the pathology of the illness and is familiar with your condition. The doctor also must write the prescriptions, eg., antibiotics and Ivermectin etc.

    The other Bernstein link I put here is Dr. Bernstein’s website, under Resources he gives a list of Toronto area compounding pharmacies.

    FLCCC outlines the dosage for using Ivermectin as between 0.2mg to 0.6 mg for 2 to 5 days. One brand of Ivermectin is Stromectol. Another is Iverwell 6.

    The third link 3-S Corporation has a read-out of dosage recommendations based on age and body weight, for the on-label applications for Iverwell 6.

    One of the things I mentioned is aspirin, very good for early response to symptoms and doesn’t cause any prejudice. If you are allergic to aspirin you now have to identify some other drug you can keep in your medicine chest, for quick access.

  32. What woke me up recently was Paul Craig Roberts ex-assistant secretary of the Reagan admin.

    and I honestly think is is not a conspiracy kind of gentleman, he is very informed and has way more intel connections than simple people like me, check also American Frontline Doctors and many thousands of doctors who witness what is going on in their hospitals and dare to speak out, today i just rode a Letter sent to the sinister Bonnie so check it out and come up with the for profit only big pharma who happens to fund the WHO who also happen to be funded by certain famous foundation who also have hundreds of millions of shares in the stock exchange..
    Catholics like me are opening our eyes cause this people are not only scared of the masses revolting but they hate the poor and the masses…

    oh i could link here more hundreds of real scientists who are not $cientists but menssengers of the profitable machine which does not give a dime about us all simple mortals
    but i am instead will take care of my family cause there is Freedom out there meanwhile fascism is growing in the “1st” world rapidly so i have to go
    Christ be with you
    Hail Mary
    and God bless us all

  33. The injection is pure poison. It is (materially) an act of suicide to take the injection, no morally different than playing Russian Roulette. The agenda is both full scale totalitarianism on a global scale (literally, hell on earth) and the greatest mass-murder attempt in the history of the human race: The evidence is clear and irrefutable:

    Wake up and resist, and pray, and do reparation.

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