Planned Parenthood-trained instructor: sex-ed programs sexualize children

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Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Jul 10, 2021 / 09:00 am (CNA).

A former sex-education instructor is challenging Planned Parenthood for “sexualizing children”, cutting parents “out of the picture”, and dehumanizing the unborn. She knows, she said, because she received training from the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Monica Cline, who was taught and trained by Planned Parenthood, now serves as a pro-life advocate and founder of It Takes a Family. She applauded a recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling that says the state can block Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs, funded by federal grants, from public schools. She criticized Planned Parenthood’s work both in Iowa and across the country.

Cline recognized the “significant” ruling in Iowa during EWTN Pro-Life Weekly July 8.

“These programs are actually created to teach children about sexuality in order for them to become sexually active,” she said. Among other concerns, she added, they didn’t include abstinence “at all.”

“These programs are about sexualizing children and leading them to abortion,” she cautioned. Today, she warned, “comprehensive sexuality education is all about grooming children” and is wielded as a “marketing tool to lead to abortion.”

Cline was mentored by Planned Parenthood’s director of sex education in Austin. One of the first things that she learned was how to treat children, as 10 years old.

“You need to see them and realize that they are sexually active, and if they haven’t, they will be,” her mentor told her. “It’s our job as sex educators to teach them about all forms of sexuality to ensure that they’re reducing their risk.”

“Their philosophy and their belief about our children is highly sexualized,” Cline stressed. “They believe that abstinence is laughable. They see parents as a barrier to service.”

While Cline agreed that abortion is the breakdown of the family, she emphasized that “it all begins with sex education.”

“It’s about keeping parents out of the picture and ensuring that those children not only dehumanize themselves through the act of sex outside of marriage but then to dehumanize the preborn child through abortion,” she said

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  1. Escaping the Darkness of Evil Fr Spitzer’s recent topic isn’t easy when the Dark is so pervasive, as we find it. Spitzer’s Cosmic Dimension of Evil teaches us that evil spreads throughout our universe affecting everyone, through each individual who chooses sin. Admittedly, we must, there is an attraction we all know having struggled with. SF Gay Men’s Chorus’ “We’ll convert your children, we’re coming for them” speaks to that cosmic reality of evil dreadfully spawning evil. Children a prime target. A corrupted judiciary mandates it. Evangelists and Apostles spread the faith, and goodness, and the joyful beauty of marital integrity between man and woman, of men and women choosing a path of holiness communally, at times singularly alone with God all toward the strengthening and glory of the Mystical Body. Today the Body is attacked within by moral darkness that inundates Mankind everywhere. Spread by the apostles of death Planned Parenthood, of falsehood the Teachers Union the societal vanguards. We agonize perplexed at simply confirming the primary dogmatic truth of Eucharistic coherence. As good spread cosmically through grace evil now spreads breathtakingly rapidly through its loss. Good requires fortitude, evil capitulation. Men, priests and bishops are weakened by its pervasiveness, wavering and divided. What we have remaining are the sacraments, there our remaining hope for salvation, and there precisely is where the satanic war is being engaged. At this time intellectual discourse is often tiresome. Although we must engage there also. A sacramental life today is a call to the shedding of blood figuratively, by commitment, perhaps really, by saintly determination in the face of evil.

  2. God bless Monica Cline. The individual witness of every ex-seducer or abortionist counts for a lot. We’re reminded of a former director of a Texas abortion clinic who publicly confided (in 2009) to an interviewer that her real end game was to become a millionaire…

    That public confession came only after opening an unused Bible, and after an admitted thirty-five thousand abortions performed on teenage girls in her clinic. The scam—a predator is given privileged access to infiltrate schools with the message of sexual “readiness,” and a business card. In this case, promiscuous teens then were furnished with deliberately low-dose contraceptives. A second and third and fifth return visit by the same manipulated teens placed the financial goal within reach (the interviewer was Carol Everett, “Highlights” television interview, May 8, 2009).

    And now we have the Abortion Industry’s entire end game, and the predisposing seamless-garment (!) of Gender Theory, all being imposed under cover of pseudo-Catholic Biden’s “pious, private” and bipolar religiosity. Pray that the USCCB—and, especially, that each of its personally responsible 260 bishops—will turn the lights on. Maybe even finally including the few outliers (out-liars?): Cupich, McElroy, Gregory, Tobin (Newark), etc.

  3. My name is Mary Catherine Erickson.I am the daughter of an Executive Director of Planned Parenthood.I suffered from a cute eating disors due to sexual neglect of my mother..She has been very destructive in my life..and my grandmothers sister’s and my sister and daughter and I have all attempted suicide..and my mother has destroyed everything in my life..and anytime I have had a family..and she has persecuted my Christianity and taught my daughter that there is no God .and my daughter has been hospitalized in psychiatric units over seven times under my mom and step father..they have my daughter in a guardianship I am trying to remove..The devastating and damage is horrendous… My only daughter.

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