Biden projected winner, rollbacks on pro-life and religious liberty protections expected

CNA Staff, Nov 7, 2020 / 10:55 am (CNA).- Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election, media outlets reported Saturday morning, after five days of counting in several tight races across the country.

President Donald Trump has not conceded the election, citing recounts and legal challenges to some statewide counts. Biden would be the second Catholic president in U.S. history, but has faced criticism from U.S. bishops for a policy agenda that includes expanded legal protection and federal funding for abortion.

The Associated Press, NBC, Fox News, ABC, and other media outlets called the race for Biden Nov. 7, after his leads in Pennsylvania and Nevada widened; those states were considered necessary wins for Trump to be reelected.

Election officials are still counting votes in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, but Biden leads in all four states, and Trump would need to win three of them to remain in the White House.

North Carolina is not expected to certify its results for several days, nor is Pennsylvania or Nevada.

Members of the electoral college formally cast votes for president Dec. 14, which are formally counted by the House of Representatives Jan. 6.

Biden would be the second baptized Catholic to be elected president of the United States. The first was President John F. Kennedy, who was elected in 1960 and assassinated in 1963.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Biden’s running mate, would be the first female vice president, the first vice president who is Black, and the first of South Asian descent. Harris’ father moved to the United States from Jamaica; her mother immigrated from India.

Since election night, Trump has alleged widespread fraud in the election and claimed himself to be the winner of all “legal votes.” On Saturday, he said calling the race was premature.

“We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed,” Trump said in a statement Saturday morning.

“The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor,” Trump added.

For his part, Biden said that “In the face of unprecedented obstacles, a record number of Americans voted. Proving once again, that democracy beats deep in the heart of America.”

“With the campaign over, it’s time to put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation. It’s time for America to unite. And to heal. We are the United States of America. And there’s nothing we can’t do, if we do it together,” he added.

Republicans have hung on to their majority in the Senate, and have won several unexpected races in the House of Representatives, the House will remain under Democratic control, but with a smaller majority than it previously held.

Biden pledged during his campaign to roll back bans on foreign aid to groups promoting or performing abortions, and to rescind religious liberty protections enjoyed by groups who object to the federal contraceptive insurance mandate— both things that can be done by executive order. But the Biden campaign also pledged to enshrine abortion protections into federal law and to pass far-reaching gender identity protections into law — those measures will be unlikely to be enacted while Republicans control the Senate.

Before the election, House speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged to abandon the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding prohibition on federal funding of abortion. It remains to be seen whether that effort will be stopped in the next round of federal budget bills. Biden supported the Hyde Amendment until the 2019 Democratic primary, when, facing pressure from other presidential hopefuls, he said he had come to oppose the measure.

The Trump administration was widely praised by U.S. bishops for enacting religious liberty protections, and promoting measures restricting abortion and the federal funding of abortion clinics. Trump also garnered praise among pro-lifers for his appointment of Catholic justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Trump also faced criticism from the bishops for restricting the number of refugee and asylum seekers seeking entry into the U.S., and for his use of the federal death penalty.

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  1. As the results of this fair, unfair, take your choice election play out, and the illusory start of an era of peace and brotherly unity, the malignancy of self deception will come to fore to the delight of atheists and socialists and the chagrin, better dismay of Republicans and Catholics who voted for him. We need but wait until Biden if he is confirmed having promised to remove previous protection from the Little Sisters of the Poor noted here by CNA, enforces [here the senatorial miracle of the Marne and Trumps’ three Supreme Court justices may save the day] provision of abortifacients, and unrestricted abortion as rule of the Land. Minorities who voted for him with alacrity will find the only benefit the continued construction of Planned Parenthood facilities in their neighborhoods. Homosexuals will continue to propagate their self destructive moral disease on our children with Biden’s blessings. All under the pall of a deluded idea of freedom as true freedom. Faithful Catholics will suffer far more than previously but in doing so will merit far more than previously.

  2. Let’s hope and pray Republicans can keep the Senate. Biden can’t do much with gridlock. Georgia voters, we’re watching you!

  3. What a shame that our Bishops decided to wait until 2 weeks before the election to even MENTION abortion as a factor in one’s Catholic vote?? I can’t recall the last time I heard Catholic INSTRUCTION from the pulpit regarding Catholic position on homosexuality, abortion, trans-genderism or couples living together unmarried. The church has evidently decided to opt out of instructing its members in Catholic morals. Are they afraid that some will leave if their sin is pointed out? Or concerned about the loss of their donations? Or both? To that I say a smaller more faithful flock would not be a bad thing. And at least people would be fully informed about the TRUTH of Catholic belief. This election was a case of too little, too late, stated in a manner which was too timid.

  4. Yes, the Senate is the thing now, as far as I can see. (Canadian here trying to follow the proceedings).
    It will be interesting to see if/how Biden tries to rein in his left flank.

  5. So God is cool with Francis as Pope and Uncle Joe as President of the USA. What good did prayer do, if this is the result? Call me Doubting Thomas: I need to see evidence that God is doing good things in the world and that perseverance in faithfully adhering to Catholic doctrine is worth it. Seems to me that being a Francis or Biden or Pelosi Catholic is the way to go. God doesn’t seem to mind.

    • Kevin: first piece of advice: turn off the TV. If you have FB or Instagram, suspend the accounts for awhile. Pick up a good book and read. Find a subject that interests you.

      Things are bad, and I don’t mean to downplay that, nor downplay how much worse things can get. They may get much, much worse indeed.
      But as bad as things may get, they have been much worse than even that. God willing, we will not go through another Year A.D. 536 any time soon. That actually is the one Youtube video you might want to watch:
      Be thankful we will line 2020 and not 536.
      God gave people free will. Some choose to do truly horrific things, but others choose to help out their neightbor’s flooded home. I know, because I was a recipient of such assistance.
      Stop waiting for God to do good. YOU go do good. Perhaps then you will see that no, you have not been abadndonned.

  6. Come January 2021, the United States of America likely will have a Catholic President, Speaker of the House and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. We have finally made it in America! These three, and so many others like them, are a testament to what the Church in the US has become over the last sixty years. Bishops, behold the fruits of your and your predecessors’ labors.

  7. The following actions by Trump continue to validate that his narcissism just can’t allow him to lose. His close advisers have asked him not to pursue the frivolous and not supported by fact legal attempts, post election. Just imagine that Trump has not called Biden to offer “congratulations”. His DNA will not allow him to accept any advice he disagrees with even when facts support that difference. His epitaph will include he was the most polarizing president in history.

    Because Trump’s arch supporters will no longer be able to enable him, thus they may put a “for sale” sign on their front doors. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax and yes even the church. A major polarization is the subject of abortion. Trump, for political reasons, calls himself a “right to life” candidate when he was a pro-choice individual for most of this adult life. Biden has waffled on the subject. I do hold some hope that he will respect his churches value of life. I would ask Biden… look into the eyes of your precious children and tell me which one would you have aborted for frivolous reasons?

    “President Donald Trump has not conceded the election, citing recounts and legal challenges to some statewide counts. Since election night, Trump has alleged widespread fraud in the election and claimed himself to be the winner of all “legal votes.” On Saturday, he said calling the race was premature.

    • Tell me, morganB, back in 2000 when Kerry insisted that Bush hadn’t won and demanded a recount, were you advising him and his supporters that it was frivolous to demand a recount?

      “Biden has waffled on the subject. I do hold some hope that he will respect his churches value of life. I would ask Biden… look into the eyes of your precious children and tell me which one would you have aborted for frivolous reasons?”

      You are gullible beyond belief if you think that he will respect life, any more than Nancy Pelosi does. I’ll grant you that his surviving son is so precious to him that there is considerable evidence that he colluded with him to peddle influece and rake in money. But he sold his soul to the devil of abortion in order to get power; he’s unlikely to renege on his bargain now.

      And abortion is wrong whether the reasons are frivolous or not.

      Have you read about any of the shenanigans that went on regarding the vote? They’re not appearing on the mainstream media, of course, s perhaps you ought to do a little investigating of things like the late-night ballot dumps that all seemed to go in one direction, the statistical improbabilities, the preventing of Republican observers from geting close enough to observe…

      • Leslie, you seem to be anxious to convey your message. I don’t mind being tarred with a broad brush, but other souls may be insulted. All life is precocious. I would suggest that you lower the heat on the polarizing rhetoric. Your introspection would be a blessing.

        • If they are insulted by the truth, that’s a problem with which they will have to deal.

          If you do indeed believe that all life is precious, why would you vote for the representatives of a party who support abortion to the last moment before birth and have not repudiated those members who approve the killing of babies who have already been born?

        • MorganB – so you don’t see the ridiculous irony of you telling someone to tone down on the polarizing rhetoric, you of all people! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You have no self-awareness.

        • All life is precocious(sic) morganB

          You’re as much of a gaffeman as infanticide promoting Biden is, morgan. The sad thing is that neither one of you realizes it.

          precocious adjective
          pre·​co·​cious | \ pri-ˈkō-shəs
          1 : exceptionally early in development or occurrence // precocious puberty
          2 : exhibiting mature qualities at an unusually early age // a precocious child

    • Trump has the right and responsibility to verify the results of the election, particularly in those states where there are clear indications of possible fraud. Your own narcissism prevents you from seeing that. Your assumption that Biden will change course on his unequivocal support for abortion is also disconnected from reality, which is par for the course in terms of your posts.

      • If Biden had not capitulated to the extremist edge of the pro feticide lobby his chances of being the Democrat candidate would have been nil. He really has not said no to any scenario right up until infanticide. Perhaps even that.
        It’s just appalling.

    • Morgan,
      Does it matter to a dead child if their life was taken frivolously? Does seriously considering the options before committing feticide make a difference to the deceased infant? The end result is the same.

  8. Don’t presume to speak in ignorance on God’s behalf. The scriptures clearly teach that God’s patience in not punishing sin immediately should not be interpreted as Him being indifferent. The wrath of God will be revealed against all ungodliness at some point, even yourself you do not repent. Don’t worry about Francis, Pelosi, or Biden. Get your own spiritual house in order.

    • Then don’t ask me to help fix the world if God won’t do his part. How many prolifers have spent decades trying to make the country more prolife, only to have that go down the tubes with a “Catholic” president who will undo much of their work? They should be among the most demoralized of all. Thanks a lot, God.

      • How many pro-life people are undermining their pro-life-ness and the policies they wish to implement (elimination of abortion) while using contraception? The vast majority. I am even willing to bet a huge hunk of young people who go to pro-life rallies are participating in unrepentent fornication. They barely know any better. Many older ones are divorced/remarried.
        Contraception and abortion are linked. Always have been. Always will be. Planned Parenthood and Abortion, Inc. know it well even if “pro-life people” refuse to believe it. No one fights harder to flood society with contraceptives than Planned Parenthood. They would not do so except that it increases the “need” for abortion and their services. Planned Parenthood gleefully go into public schools and teach about the need for contraception so teens can explore their “sexuality” and engage in fornication–thereby increasing the need for contracptives and abortions.
        And based on what I have experienced with doctors, regular ob/gyns would rather have young people be on contraceptives, sexually active, and come down with a fertility-reducing STD than deal with a happily pregnant patient–because the happily pregnant patient is a walking medical malpractice lawsuite if she becomes unhappy and doesn’t have a perfect Gerber baby. It is simply not in an ob/gyn’s financial-bottom-line interest to have pregnant patients. Teens on contraceptives and treating STDs pay the bill and are far safer.
        Honestly, pro-lifers are like people who hear their CO detector go off and open the windows, but refuse to go check the furnance and/or have it repaired.
        As Father Anthony Zimmerman once wrote: Contraception is creeping death.

  9. Sonia Albright, don’t blame God. Blame the “Catholics” who really don’t know their faith and what it teaches. Many have not bothered to inform themselves nor delve into the issues, and are content with misinformation from a sound bite on the evening news. And this often leads to an ill-formed conscience.

    The Catholic vote in this election was split right down the middle, with roughly 51% in favor of Trump, and 49% in favor of Biden.

    Bishops and pastors need to lead. The number one social justice issue is the pro-life issue.

  10. For whatever it might be worth, the following is part of a longer posting now making the rounds…

    “1st…the winner of the President is not official until the electoral college meets and casts their votes. Until that happens, it is not final….regardless of what the MEDIA tells you. The electoral college can’t decide anything because there are lawsuits and the court proceedings must take place first.

    “2nd….Court proceedings are GUARANTEED to happen in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and possibly Nevada and Arizona. But as of now they are GUARANTEED to happen in those 4 states. The SCOTUS won’t allow any litigation to proceed beyond inauguration because that would be a constitutional crisis. So they’ll make quick decisions.”

    In short, let every vote count…but let every ballot counted be verified as a legitimate vote. For good form, at least, the bishops should have withheld their congratulations until all votes are certified, not only until the media (the Associated Press) made its projection.

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