Same-Sex Marriage and Lessons from Canada

For now, there will be suffering; accept it, and put your faith fully in God and pray like you have never prayed before – and don’t stop

Regarding today’s Supreme Court ruling about marriage, we can respond to this in a way that will either bolster our Catholic community or work to annihilate it.

To Annihilate:
Hold angry marches and angry political-activism protests, and respond as though the world is coming to an end. Why? If you respond in this way, many of your children (many of whom are already brainwashed in the ways of the world) will want nothing to do with the faith. In fact, this may solidify their opposition to the faith. Note this is very different than holding joyful marriage celebration marches (even in a political context) in which the beauty of holy marriage can be joyfully shown – this would be a good thing!

To Bolster:
Shift your entire focus towards modelling virtue and highlighting the matter of identity, as in the identities that we wholeheartedly choose to embrace as a means of defining ourselves (and others). Why? Because embraced identity drives behavior… and every person who actually chooses to enter a same-sex relationship as a means of fulfillment has first come to self-identify and define themselves as gay to some degree. That is, embraced identity precedes the pursuit of fulfillment within an embraced identity.

It will be soon illegal to speak in terms of morality, and or that which might be “right” or “wrong.” If your approach shifts to the matter of inviting people into the pursuit of greater self-honesty (however built upon objective truths), you will be better able to bring the truths of the Catholic faith to light without suffering legal sanctions. As well, teaching the faith in this manner can help people embrace greater truths on their own accord.

Most importantly, be sure to raise your kids with the knowledge that their hearts and minds are being actively pursued by mainstream media. They will not be able to protect themselves from the propaganda unless they are aware that they are being targeted. Help them to understand that their identity is first and foremost within their faith, and model for them rites of passage into adulthood that are anchored in growing in the faith – especially in a masculine way (modeling true manhood) as to lead and raise good fathers (who will in turn be more likely to raise faithful children). Above all, this needs to be anchored in virtue, for it is the growth in virtue that diminishes the power of evil.

Virtue in Canada
In Canada, I can attest to you – where the critical mass of the Catholic population has come alive in it’s love for virtue, the movement towards gay marriage (and the brainwashing of our youth) loses all of it’s momentum. Today in Canada, in these areas where virtue is celebrated and desired, we have kids who experience same-sex attractions who are wanting to be servants of Jesus Christ in the way they are called in this time and age, even with the knowledge of the forthcoming suffering, and who are finding their identity within the Catholic faith, and who are desiring (and striving to model) the virtues – especially the virtue of chastity.

These people are the answer to this situation and their stories need to be shared, for they will shatter the paradigm of Joe and Jane Catholic, who are marginally informed. They will act as a counter-cultural influence so bizarre that people will not know how to receive them when they speak out about their love for virtue. These people, and their stories are how we will win back our youth and marginal Catholic, and how we will model to our Catholic communities by and large that the Catholic Church is a place where people who experience any form of attractions are welcome – as they walk alongside everyone else who is truly striving for Christ.

These people will endure persecution like no other, and need to be prayed for. Their life stories make them enemies of the state.

Weak Formation
As well, the children of families with weak leadership will most likely turn away (and possibly against) the faith. We are dealing with principalities and powers and the hearts of the leaders of these families are being influenced to advance (even passively) a social movement that endorses activity and choices that are counter to the respect of our bodies as they are structurally created.

Let them go, and make the rest of your life a devotion to prayer, that your own children will come to see that they are targets of a brainwashing campaign that has stretched world-wide, and that there will be a rocky road ahead of them (possibly for several generations).

The Victory
However, assure them that the Catholic Church will arise from the ashes after this nation collapses, as it has done over and over again in other times and places. The battle may be lost, but the war is won. However, for now, there will be suffering. Accept it, and put your faith fully in God and pray like you have never prayed before – and don’t stop.

Our future generations are at stake. 

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