Sojourns with Schall

On the “Reform” of Islam

February 15, 2015 James V. Schall, S.J. 0

I. The President of Egypt, at Al Azhar University in Cairo, recently did everyone a favor by putting on the table, from inside of the Islamic world itself, the question of its public conduct and […]


Love and the Skeptic

February 14, 2015 Carl E. Olson 0

I wrote this article about nine years ago, and it first appeared in the May/June 2007 issue ofThis Rock magazine (now called Catholic Answers Magazine). It was one of three articles on the theological virtues […]


NLRB Makes Inroads at Catholic Colleges

February 12, 2015 Anne Hendershott 0

While many Catholics have been concerned for decades about professors at Catholic colleges denying core Church teachings on theological issues, as well as about disputes over women’s ordination, same-sex marriage, and abortion on Catholic campuses, […]