One-child policy a good thing for Chinese women!

Those who make it out of the womb alive have iPads and self-confidence, reports AP

At Catholic Culture, CWR editor emeritus Philip Lawler has a spot-on post about a recent Associated Press article that highlights the “benefits” Chinese girls have realized due to their country’s “one-child” policy. That’s right – the same policy that, together with a cultural preferance for boys, has resulted in 43 million “missing” Chinese girls, killed in favor of male offspring through sex-selective abortions.

Phil writes:

But for those who aren’t killed, the policy is a “boon,” AP tells us. The story explains that there are more girls studying in the finest schools, more girls owning laptops, more girls receiving lavish gifts from their families. Life is good—for those girls who survive long enough to experience it. …

So if you don’t count the women who are slaughtered in the womb, and the women who are subjected to involuntary sterilization, and the women who have their unborn children torn from their wombs by the government-backed butchers who drive around the country in vans equipped as slap-dash abortion clinics, and the women who live in fear, trying to dodge the family-planning officials who will punish them for pregnancy, and those who live with regrets, having sacrificed their children—if you exclude all those women—well then the one-child policy is a “boon” to the others.

Read Phil’s post here.

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