Best Corapi post I’ve seen yet

“The truths that Fr. Corapi led me to are separate from Fr. Corapi himself”

Jennifer Fulwiler has the single best take on the “Once-Called-Father” Corapi kerfuffle that I’ve seen yet. She doesn’t wallow in some of the more bizarre elements of the unraveling of the priest’s public persona (and boy, are there bizarre elements). She also doesn’t minimize the role that Fr. Corapi played in her own conversion, or down-play the fact that the man and his work have been very important to the conversions and reversions of countless Catholics.

BUT – Fulwiler also makes it clear that it is precisely those truths of the faith that Corapi once expounded with such eloquence and clarity that make it possible for her to distinguish the message from the messenger, and to hold fast to the faith after Corapi’s implosion:

The truth that Fr. Corapi led me and so many others to did not originate with him, or from any man. The Catholic Church isn’t a bunch of guys who sit around and come up with brilliant insights about Jesus; its doctrines don’t come from the pope, the bishops, the priests, Fr. Corapi, or anyone else – they come from God himself. The men who make up the Magisterium are simply the tools God uses to convey his message. …

As the news continues to break about the situation and the blog posts continue to pile up one after another, I feel free. Because the truths that Fr. Corapi led me to are separate from Fr. Corapi himself, I’m freed of the need to know whether the accusations against him are true or false. I’m freed of the need to speculate about all the how‘s and why‘s and what if‘s behind all the decisions that have been made by the various parties in this situation. I’m free simply to pray for him, for everyone else involved, and to leave it at that.

Read the whole thing here.

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