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By Sister Renée Mirkes
The time to carefully examine the ethics of human-robot interaction is now—before it becomes “the new normal.”
By Carl E. Olson
Knights. Condoms. A forced resignation. Papal inquiry. Rebuffs. Tension. Another forced resignation. Papal intrigue. More tension. Germans. Confusion....
By George Weigel
A British writer claims Pope Francis “steadily filling the College of Cardinals with moderate pastors rather than doctrinal ideologues.” This is, of c...
By Fr. Mark A. Pilon
What we are witnessing today, following the publication of "Amoris Laetitia", is a radical adoption of the absolutizing principle of subjective judgme...
By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
Working to overcome the divisions brought about by the Reformation and the Eastern Schism is laudable, but it must not come at the price of doctrinal ...
By CWR Staff
While the situation for Vietnamese Catholics has improved in recent decades, threats of violence, coercion, and harassment still exist.
By Dr. Paul Kengor
How many people were killed by Fidel Castro and his communist dystopia? Unfortunately, no one truly knows, akin to how no one knows how many poor soul...
By E. Christian Brugger
Chapter 8 of Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation is characterized by a false dichotomy between the objective and subjective realms of morality, contra...
By David R. Upham
Both candidates’ proposals seem at odds with Catholic teaching in various ways.
By Sister Renée Mirkes
US citizens must unite on behalf of conscience protection in all public services, including health care.
By James Day
On September 12, 2006, Pope Benedict XVI took to the dais of the University of Regensburg’s Aula Magna to offer a few “memories and reflections.” Cont...
By Mark Brumley
Of course a faithful Catholic should care for the planet, which is our common home. But is Pope Francis correct in saying we extend mercy to the earth...
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
The Holy Father wants to enhance the authority of episcopal conferences. But one of his theological lodestones warned of the dangers of such an approa...
By George Weigel
When biblical religion collapsed throughout Europe, subsidiarity and respect for difference imploded as well. The vacuum was filled by a monochromatic...
By Derya M. Little
A brief history of Islam in Turkey, and what it means for the rise of ISIS.
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