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By K. V. Turley
The community has no founder as such. And, from day one, their desire was not to create a new form of religious life but rather to set themselves secu...
By K. V. Turley
The friars witness to their faith every time they step out of the friary. They walk the city streets as naturally as anyone else. They are as much par...
By Joanna Bogle
Those who volunteer to share the Faith with prisoners show that Church life in prison is part of life of the whole Church.
By K. V. Turley
Each of these five friars in London have stories that are similar to the extent that each was in the world earning a living, and, in their quieter mom...
By Ann Carey
The award-winning film about "three fearless nuns" pursuing social justice, sponsored by several notorious "reform" groups, is full of distortions, mi...
By Filip Mazurczak
Wiktoria and Józef Ulma and their six children were murdered for hiding Jews during World War II. A museum honoring their memory has become an importa...
By Ray Cavanaugh
The country received its first cardinal last year, and many are hopeful about the Church’s prospects for growth in the small island nation.
By Catholic News Agency
Faced with an increasingly hostile secular culture, some Catholics are choosing to form small communities of believers set apart—in different ways—fro...
By Dr. Kevin N. Flatt
The argument that the Church must change or die was popular in the 1960s among Protestants and Catholics alike. We now have half a century of evidence...
By David F. Pierre, Jr.
After a recent lawsuit from a former SNAP employee alleged kickback schemes with plaintiffs’ lawyers, the leadership of SNAP has abandoned ship
By Filip Mazurczak
Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski is charismatic and easily mingles with the faithful, including those living on the margins of the Church. Yet he is also...
By Catherine Harmon
The 13th annual pro-life event shared the streets of San Francisco with the Women’s March on Saturday, but participants were unfazed by pink hats and ...
By Leslie Fain
The Ruth Institute seeks to help those living in the aftermath of the dissolution of family life.
By Fr. Robert McTeigue, SJ
FOCUS missionaries are sent to cultivate a field of rocky ground; with the assistance of the Virgin of Guadalupe they hope to bring their peers on col...
By Filip Mazurczak
“Maybe WYD London 2022 will be our Pentecost,” says one of the organizers of the effort to bring WYD to the UK.
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