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The modern world is full of larger-than-life personalities and outsized egos. People everywhere seem far more preoccupied with “sel

Statements out of Rome reflect the tension between two schools of thought regarding war

Just in time for Christmas, as they say, the

The arguments around the synod compel us to look at Newman’s work regarding the evolution of doctrine.
The Book of Life is marvel to behold, featuring stunning cinematography and a surprisingly traditional love story
A young Dominican priest in Kenya shares his thoughts on the recent Synod and the challenges facing Catholics in the West and in Africa
Margery Eagan "prays" that Francis will get rid of "anti-gay bigots". Here are 6 problems with her "arguments".
The printing press constituted a revolution, and something very similar, but even more explosive, is at work today
On the Readings for Sunday, October 26th
The pilgrimage from Bury St. Edmunds to Walsingham is an occasion to put everything into proper perspective
Kath-net interview with historian Ulrich Nersinger, author of a biography of the new Blessed
A review of Gone Girl
"The man deserves to be discovered by many more people.”
The proclamation of Jesus Christ, says the retired pontiff, is not about numbers or power, but the transmission of "that joy which has been given to us."
No one comes even close to John Paul II in capturing the hearts and minds of young people with the beauty of the Church’s teaching on marriage and family
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