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The transformation has not been a fundamental shift in the attitudes of the vast majority regarding the role of government, taxation, regulations, economics, education, or even healthcare, where Obama had his signature legislative achievement.
Austen Ivereigh's misrepresentation of the law illustrates why the "Amoris" debate is becoming, to use Ivereigh’s term, so infuriating for defenders of ecclesiastical tradition.
Some observations in the wake of this weekend’s developments.
On the Readings for Sunday, January 15, 2017
In my view the Maltese bishops have effectively invited the Catholics entrusted to them (lay faithful and clergy alike!) to commit a number of objectively gravely evil acts.
A documentary from the Knights of Columbus profiles several individuals who have been touched by the message of Divine Mercy.
The American Chesterton Society has published a collection of 18 weekly talks that Venerable Fulton Sheen delivered in 1938—and they have never appeared in book form before.
Msgr. Stephen DiGiovanni's book "Aggiornamento on the Hill of Janus" offers a snapshot of a once-stable institution caught in the maelstrom of ecclesiastical confusion and crisis—and offers lessons along the way.
The path for the Anglican Ordinariate hasn’t been completely smooth since its founding, but its members are thriving in their unique position within the Catholic Church.
The classic Western answer to the denial of Mary’s perpetual virginity is St. Jerome’s fourth-century tract "Against Helvidius", and Martin Luther echoed and affirmed it in his own day.
On the Readings for Monday, January 9, 2016, the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Not only is "La La Land" one of the great musical films of all time, it echoes the same starry eyed dreams of myself, my wife, and countless others who have pursued artistic brilliance and fell short.
Keller’s essay illustrates how pastors are going to stumble into accepting the central flaw in AL: implicitly assuming that a Catholic’s assessment of his or her own conscience is the sole criterion governing a minister’s decision to give holy Communion to a member of the faithful.
We are all one and the same to Satan, souls to be vanquished and consumed. We are swimming in these perilous waters, and even the most hydrophobic aren’t immune from its influence.
Fr. Spadaro's tweet, as short and simple as it is, has a decidedly nominalist (or voluntarist) bent to it, for it rests on the apparent belief that God can indeed act contrary to what and who is he is.
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