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For the past fifty years or so, Christian thinkers have largely abandoned the art of apologetics and have failed to resource the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition in order to hold off critics of the faith.
Rodney Earl Sanders of Kosciusko, Mississippi, was arrested last Friday in the brutal killings of Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill.
Compared to 2012, Catholic support for the GOP nominee is down significantly.
The prolific and popular author discusses his new book How to Be Holy: First Steps in Becoming a Saint, which he describes as a "festooning" of "the main points" of a great classic.
On the Readings for Sunday, August 28, 2016
Along with recent films ParaNorman and Boxtrolls, the Laika studio has a notable track record of promoting New Age progressive spiritual values—and Kubo reaches a new low point.
Michael O’Brien’s latest novel is a fascinating paradox of a tale, both gritty and idyllic.
Pope Francis leads 11,000 pilgrims in praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary after news of dozens killed in devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake about 100 miles from Rome.
Russell Shaw’s new book on Catholics in America offers a look at how we’ve arrived at our current situation—Catholic politicians supporting public policies that flatly contradict basic moral truths taught by the Church.
The New Orthodoxy, the State Religion, is that abortion is a positive good. And a Pro-Choice Puritan is a person with the nagging feeling that somewhere, a woman doesn’t choose abortion.
He was a fierce man, a fierce priest, and a fierce professor. He possessed perhaps the most penetrating and intelligent eyes and brow I have ever encountered in a teacher.
On the Readings for Sunday, August 21, 2016
An interview with Bernhard Meuser, editor of the original German edition of DOCAT.
During a presidential campaign in which whose finger will be on the nuclear trigger is an issue, Walter Miller’s dark vision remains pertinent.
A new book by Mike Aquilina examines the history behind the classic novel and its numerous film adaptations.
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