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"If a writer focuses on the art of storytelling whilst commending everything he writes to the Glory of God, the vocation of the writer – to embrace the paradox of upholding the Truth through fiction – should fulfill itself."
At its most basic, the canonical tradition recognizes two types of sinners (private and public) and two types of Communion distribution (private and public).
I do not think that Pope Francis changed any doctrines or disciplines in "Amoris Laetitia", but the Exhortation is it is marked by ambiguity and incompleteness when discussing certain key, doctrinal and/or disciplinary factors.
Catholic campus ministry programs at secular institutions may provide the most immediate channel through which to spark more vigorous discussion among young adults concerning the limits of science and the role of faith.
As a work of cinema, the film itself is rather unimpressive; yet even if it were worse, it would be impossible to not recommend it. This story needs to be told.
“Why,” laughs the secularist, “are you against abstinence-only training for guns, but in favor of it for sex?” Simple. Sex outside of marriage is wrong. Contracepted sex is wrong. Safe gun handling isn’t.
Could it be the case that the “liberal world order” needs fixing rather than dismantling, as some “populists” propose today?
Catholic leaders are calling for an end to violence in the world’s newest nation.
Moral rectitude, the concrete living out of the Christian way, can move even the most hardened unbeliever to faith, and the truth of this principle has been proven again and again over the centuries
In 2016, Angels In Disguise added to its list of programs the Georgie Kurtz scholarship – named in honor of Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz’s brother, who was born with Down syndrome and passed away in 2002.
Dominion means that we use natural resources prudently, with an eye to being good stewards, while recognizing that it’s morally preferable for human lives to be protected and enhanced than to conserve every last living organism in the biosphere or to leave every natural resource untouched

Canon 377 § 5 of the 1983 Code states “In the future, no rights and privileges of election, nomination, presentation, or designation of bis

On the Readings for Sunday, February 19, 2017
The 20th-century composer drew inspiration not only from his Polish heritage, but from his Catholic faith as well.
No pope and no body of bishops—or laity, for that matter—have the authority to change, revise, reverse, alter, or fundamentally rework what has been gifted to the Mystical Body of Christ in Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture.
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