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The Holy Father explains that justice and mercy "are not two contradictory realities, but two dimensions of a single reality that unfolds progressively until it culminates in the fullness of love”.
Though the commercial is, of course, playful, it exaggerates something quite real—but NARAL insists the child in the womb should not be "humanized".
Italy is still the only country in Western Europe that does not have a law on civil partnerships. Does this mean that Italy is lagging behind, and that countries like the UK and France are more advanced?
The head of the Franciscans in the Middle East discusses the plight of Christians in Iraq and Syria.
The best Lent of my life was in Rome in 2011, working on a commentary on the liturgical texts of each day of the season
I am a uniate, and I am not ashamed of being a uniate. The imperative of union—however problematic its execution—is from the Lord.
Lent, like Advent, is a time of penitence. Here we identify ourselves with the Lord's fast and ordeal in the wilderness, which He bore for us.
Their efforts to follow the Franciscan principle of poverty lead many to pursue a relatively simple lifestyle, which has direct benefits for the environment.
On the Readings for Sunday, February 7, 2016

• It's been far, far too long since my last "Carl's Cuts", which 

“Great are the works of the Lord.”
The Ghomeshi scandal has Canadians asking if Jian Ghomeshi used his liberal credentials as a front to abuse women.
During a visit to the US, the prefect of the CDF offered a reflection on "Deus Caritas Est" and dismissed attempts to pit one pope against another.
For good people in particular, Lent is a time to take a closer look at whether some Satanic solicitation—call it the temptation to be too pleased with themselves—has begun whispering to them.
"Kung Fu Panda 3" features some beautiful animation but is otherwise unbearably flat, with recycled jokes, dull characters, and a contradictory approach to its own universe.
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