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On the Readings for Sunday, March 29, 2015, Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

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My hope is that when an exhaustive (and exhausting) history of the Great Inter-Synodal Battle of 2014-15 is written someday, the collective sense of it will b
The priests, from England and Wales, affirm "that doctrine and practice remain firmly and inseparably in harmony."
The most refreshing thing about this Disney film is that, at several turns, it portrays a world in which the virtuous choice is the beautiful choice
A look at some recent stories about the Holy Father and his pontificate
On the Readings for March 22, 2015, the Fifth Sunday of Lent
We are witnessing one of the greatest social engineering feats of our time
Some thoughts on the Holy Father's recent remarks to a delegation from the International Commission against the Death Penalty
This "Cinderella" is not only free of ideological agendas, it reflects a deeply Christian vision of sin, love, and salvation
Appealing to the divine origins of human life is ruled out in the policy debates of a pluralistic secular democracy
The months leading up to the World Meeting of Families this September should be a time when Catholics ponder the full, rich meaning of marriage and the family
The growing popularity of HGTV suggests, among other things, that many viewers are drawn to the realities of restoration and redemption

Some years back, while doing research in a monastery library, I came across a passing reference to a priest and soldier. It intrigued

A four-year-long battle of accusatory e-mails between blogger David Domet and Fr. Thomas Rosica appears to be settled—for now.
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