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"This Jubilee ... intends to call the Church once again to its missionary priority of being a sign and witness in every aspect of its pastoral life."
Joss Whedon’s “Avenger” films work as a sort of antidote to Tolkien and Lewis, shaping the imaginations of young people so as to receive a distinctly different message
A recent study shows that home schooling youth are high in character development, higher than others, and also high in religiosity, higher than others
On the Readings for Sunday, May 3, 2015, the Fifth Sunday of Easter
"I could not remain in a church that effectively excluded gay people," says the Canadian author and apologist, "I felt that the circle of love had to be broadened, not reduced."
When divorced from God’s plan, work is merely labor—a rudderless everyday job
The film is at its strongest when it hints at a veiled reflection on technology as a mediator for human relationships
Like hipsters, the movie "Ex Machina" has a cool look but is ultimately rather shallow and pretentious
The controversy likely to be raging in the U.S. in September makes it desirable that Francis set out a strong case for religious liberty and uphold man-woman marriage in his public remarks
Once upon a time, Catholic men from working class families could be sports idols—and role models as well
A religious sister asks for prayers for war-ravaged Syria and its besieged Christians.
"The Telegraph" apparently finds it bothersome that Coloma Convent Girls' School presents the dark side of premarital sex and strongly encourages chaste choices
Treviño’s desire to help troubled women led her to a job managing a Planned Parenthood clinic. Ultimately, it brought her back to the Catholic Church and into the pro-life movement.
On the Readings for April 26, 2015, the Fourth Sunday of Easter
Temptation wouldn’t be as tempting if it wasn't disguised in so many brilliant and attractive ways
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