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Fifty years ago Catholics undoubtedly placed too much emphasis on sin and guilt. But in correcting that problem, we’ve lurched to the other extreme and embraced the polar opposite.
Those murdered in Paris weren't killed because they shared certain “universal values.” They were murdered because they embodied, for the murderers, the West and its commitment to freedom.
Sister Helena Burns has a new movie for you about Blessed James Alberione
As the God-man, Jesus represents and affects the deification of humanity. Jesus is God's final and definitive rescuing of the human project.
Why we must exercise great caution when it comes to some proposals to facilitate irregular reception of the Sacrament even if such proposals are couched in apparently sophisticated scholarly terms
And why the only rational alternative to Catholicism is fatalism-hedonism
On the Readings for Sunday, November 22, 2015, The Solemnity of Christ the King
Those suggesting that divorced-and-remarried Catholics may invoke the “internal forum” to justify their taking holy Communion despite an irregular marriage status should consider these six points
If the Son of God came into the world, not to fetch us out of our humanity but to redeem and glorify us in it, then the places most closely associated with the redemption should reflect the grubby diversity of the human condition
Katniss Everdeen, the Hunger Games heroine, has invited comparisons to Joan of Arc. Despite superficial similarities, the comparison is inapt.
In recent years, Steven Spielberg has emerged as a latter-day Frank Capra, a celebrator of core values and the courage required to defend them
The process of the reception and digestion of a synod may take years or decades of careful study before we can speak of a synod having taught something authoritatively—if, indeed, it has
Mankind is perfectly capable of wreaking horrible evil anytime it chooses. But that does not imply that the devil is uninterested in human evil or that he derives no perverse pleasure from it.

Yesterday's CWR feature, "Making the Case for Ca

Jesus used prophetic language to describe his approaching Passion and death, through which he, the promised Messiah, would deliver his people from tribulation and inaugurate the restoration of Israel
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