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Bruckner’s hope

June 2, 2017 Fr. Innocent Smith, OP 5

Earlier this year, Carnegie Hall in New York City presented a series of performances of the Nine Symphonies of Anton Bruckner by the Staatskapelle Berlin led by Daniel Barenboim. This was the first time the […]

The Dispatch

Catholic Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

February 28, 2017 Paul Senz 0

In the history of classical music, there are figures who stand out above all the rest. While there are seemingly countless composers who left indelible marks, or who created works of indescribable beauty and poignancy, […]

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The Dispatch

Catholic Composers: Henryk Gorecki

February 17, 2017 Paul Senz 0

Henryk Gorecki is not a name that is known to the general public; in fact, it’s likely not a name that the general public even knows how to pronounce. But he was a figure of […]