The Dispatch

An Apologia for the Junior Clergy

January 29, 2021 Peter M.J. Stravinskas 25

On January 27th, the National Catholic Reporter posted an article, written by Peter Feuerherd, with this tantalizing headline: “In came Latin, incense and burned books, out went half the parishioners. Post-Vatican II North Carolina Catholics […]

The Dispatch

Epiphanytide and the three epiphanies

January 6, 2021 Peter M.J. Stravinskas 3

One of many “calendar mistakes” in the post-conciliar reform was the suppression of Epiphanytide, subsuming two of the “epiphanies” into Christmastide and leaving the third out almost completely. As you undoubtedly know, “epiphany” comes into […]