Ecclesia et Civitas

What Are Catholics To Do?

March 7, 2013 James Kalb 0

The world goes its own way without much regard for the Church, because it has very little regard for truth—that is to say, for reality. The problems go to the roots of current ways of […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

The Church and the Constitution

February 8, 2013 James Kalb 0

American political institutions give us all part of the responsibility for how we are governed. Catholics need to carry out that responsibility in accordance with their best understanding of man, society, and American political life. […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

Tardy Reflections on the Election

January 9, 2013 James Kalb 0

A great many things might have changed the results in November. Hurricane Sandy might have headed into the Atlantic instead of the Atlantic states. Or moods might have shifted, so that memes like “the war […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

Turning the Corner

December 6, 2012 James Kalb 0

In the last several months I’ve been discussing the problems Catholics face dealing with public life today. The recent election underlined some of them. The bishops and others made their pitch about threats to the […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

An Undemocratic Future?

November 15, 2012 James Kalb 0

Democracy means “rule by the people,” but today that seems an increasingly distant ideal. We live in a diverse country of 310 million people with a government responsible for a huge range of domestic and […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

The Church and Social Programs

October 16, 2012 James Kalb 0

A couple of months ago I noted that the Church generally supports and cooperates with political authorities. She interprets their efforts charitably, supports whatever can be justified, and, when some particular measure is undeniably bad, […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

The State and the Sacred

September 17, 2012 James Kalb 0

Every functional society is based on a system of common understandings about man, the world, and the common good. Otherwise those who take part in it won’t be able to cooperate effectively in the network […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

Equality and Catholicism

August 7, 2012 James Kalb 0

America has taken freedom and equality as her highest political goals, and her most basic problems have to do with that commitment and how it should be interpreted. Recent events have focused attention on changing […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

The Left, the Right, and Catholicism

July 9, 2012 James Kalb 0

Catholicism sees freedom as directed toward the good life, and fills in the details with its understanding of God and man. Liberalism likes to avoid big issues like God, man, and the good, because they […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

In the Middle of the Journey

June 14, 2012 James Kalb 0

The Church favors peace, and her basic concern—leading men to God—is not specifically political. For that reason, her approach to politics has generally been irenic. She urges the faithful to obey the law, respect the […]