Mr. Smith’s 30 Years in Washington

May 1, 2011 Daniel Allott 0

Congressman Christopher Smith, age 57, has served New Jersey’s 4th congressional district in the US House of Representatives since 1981. Smith, a Republican, is a champion of pro-life causes as well as human rights and […]

Special Report

Informed Dissent

April 28, 2011 Daniel Allott 0

I couldn’t see it at first. I had just walked into the Centro Tepeyac Women’s Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, north of Washington, DC. It was late January, and I had come to see for […]

Special Report

Down Syndrome and Abortion

April 27, 2011 Daniel Allott 0

Sarah Palin is not the only one. Right now 400,000 mothers are going through the same experiences every day—the simple joys, the profound challenges, the unexpected blessings. Ann Robertson is one of them. Like Palin, […]