The best pro-life ad in ages is actually a pro-abortion ad

Is someone at the Center for Reproductive Rights secretly pro-life?

When Austin Ruse posted this bizarre ad over at First Thoughts, I thought, “This is a hoax – there is no way this is a real ad produced by a pro-abortion group.” I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better depiction of how abortion-on-demand facilitates the sexual objectification of women—I know I’ve never seen a creepier one. But, lo and behold, it is a real ad produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights, and it is really intended as a “celebration” of what Roe v. Wade has done for American women.

Ruse compares it to Lena Dunham’s pro-Obama “first time” ad, and it certainly has the same “Who on Earth thought that was a good idea?” quality to it. But this ad takes the head-scratching strangeness to a whole different level—it ends up being a pretty successful depiction of one of its opponents’ central arguments. In the end abortion doesn’t empower women—it makes it easier for men to exploit and use women for sexual gratification without hard consequences. Abortion ensures that a man can have as much sex as a woman’s willing to give him without having to worry about messy, complicated by-products like babies.

Lookin’ good for 40?

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