Church-attendance numbers tell a different story

As has been widely reported, President Obama carried the Catholic vote in yesterday’s election. But more detailed voter information is now starting to appear, and a more complicated picture emerges. Fox News’ exit poll took into account the frequency with which believers attend religious services, and reported that among Catholics who attend Mass weekly, 57 percent voted for Romney and 42 percent voted for Obama.

Some other interesting exit-poll information: among believers of all religions, those who attend services weekly went 59-39 for Romney, and those who said they attend “occasionally” went 55-43 for Obama. Those who thought abortion should be illegal in most/all cases went for Romney by 76 and 79 percent, respectively; those who believe their state should not legalize same-sex marriage went 74-25 in Romney’s favor.

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Catherine Harmon is managing editor of Catholic World Report.