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No Country for Old Mutants

March 8, 2017 Andrew Svenning 0

The X-Men film franchise has included some significant hills and valleys, high points and low, over the last 17 years. It has produced some greats; X-Men 2 comes to mind as probably the pinnacle. There […]

The Dispatch

“A Day without [Some] Women” [Updated]

March 6, 2017 Teresa Tomeo 0

If you’re like me, your reactions this coming Wednesday’s “Day without a Woman”—the latest radical feminist protest on behalf of “the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people”—may include one or all of the […]

The Dispatch

Could a pope be in schism?

March 4, 2017 Edward N. Peters 0

Concerns that Pope Francis could cause a schism in the Church have been percolating in Catholic circles for some time now: US Catholic,Crux, Inside the Vatican, The Spectator. More recently, though, a narrower and more technical question has begun to surface, namely, whether […]

The Dispatch

A Lent to remember

March 1, 2017 George Weigel 0

The best Lent of my life involved getting up every day at 5:30 a.m., hiking for miles through ankle-twisting, cobblestoned city streets, dodging drivers for whom traffic laws were traffic suggestions, avoiding the chaos of […]