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Vatican Opens the Door to Anglican Converts

October 21, 2009 Catherine Harmon 0

According to the CDF statement, personal ordinariates will operate under the jurisdiction of an ordinary, who will be appointed from among former Anglican clergy. Ordinariates will be established in cooperation with local Catholic episcopal conferences, […]


Pilgrim’s Regress

June 15, 2009 George Neumayr 0

It sounds like an over-the-top Tom Wolfe novel: a successor to the apostles conducts an affair with a male graduate student, is accused of “date rape” and emotional harm by said student, and raids the […]


Portugal’s fighting saint

May 6, 2009 Sandra Miesel 1

Nuno Alvares Pereira is not a household name in America. His canonization on April 26 is unlikely to change that. But in Portugal, Nuno is a beloved national hero whose feats of valor in the […]

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The (baffling) view from Rome

April 30, 2009 George Neumayr 0

L’Osservatore Romano’s sympathetic front-page editorial by Giuseppe Fiorentino about Barack Obama’s first 100 days is baffling (full text available here). On every contested issue related to the natural moral law, Obama is advancing dangerous policies. […]