Smaller But More Vibrant

May 6, 2011 Jim Graves 0

This interview appeared in the June 2010 issue of Catholic World Report.  Bishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, 54, was born and raised in San Diego. He was one of four children. His father was a fisherman. […]


On the Brink

May 6, 2011 Daniel Allott 0

Melanie Phillips is an award-winning columnist for London’s Daily Mail. Educated at Oxford, she won the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996. She is the author of Londonistan and All Must Have Prizes, among other […]

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Special Report

Defying Easy Categorization

May 6, 2011 Mark Sullivan 0

In April 6, Pope Benedict XVI named Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of San Antonio, Texas as coadjutor archbishop of Los Angeles. Archbishop Gomez, 58, will automatically succeed Cardinal Roger Mahony when Mahony retires on February […]

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Ever Ancient, Ever New

May 6, 2011 George Neumayr 0

Pope Benedict’s critics had hoped Summorum Pontificum would disappear without a trace. It hasn’t. His apostolic constitution authorizing wider use of the Traditional Latin Mass continues to bear fruit, some of it annoyingly visible to […]


The Apostles of the Slavs

May 6, 2011 Michael J. Miller 0

Twenty-five years ago, the Polish Pope issued his fourth encyclical, The Apostles of the Slavs (June 2, 1985), to commemorate the 11th centennial of the death of St. Methodius, who with St. Cyril evangelized the […]

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A Demographic Disaster

May 4, 2011 Michael J. Miller 0

On April 24, 2010, the Associated Press reported that in 2009 the Chinese government commissioned a study of the possible effects of discontinuing or “refining” its onechild policy. The article cites Zheng Zhenzhen, who conducted […]

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Good Returns

May 4, 2011 George Schwartz 0

It would be difficult to determine exactly how many people who consider themselves pro-life also invest in the stock market. But my experience as an investment counselor and mutual fund manager indicates that many investors […]

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A “Socially Conscious” Order

May 4, 2011 Austin Ruse 0

The Christian Brothers Investment Service (CBIS) is the largest or nearly the largest institutional investor of Catholic money in the world. With close to $4 billion under management, the CBIS handles the investment portfolios for […]



May 4, 2011 Kathy Shaidle 0

“If you find out, tell me.” That was Christine Choury’s exasperated response to one reporter’s now all-too-familiar question: Where is Bishop James Wingle? Choury, the director of communications for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops […]