Special Report

Without Conscience

May 13, 2011 Sean Higgins 0

Bob Laird remembers the day the woman first came to Divine Mercy Care’s Tepeyac Family Center, a Catholic OB-GYN service in Fairfax, Va. She was fearful that she had already lost her child. “She had […]

Special Report

The People’s Veto

May 10, 2011 Sean Higgins 0

In the days leading up to Maine’s gay marriage vote on November 3, it seemed like a big, possibly momentous, shift in American culture was about to take place, one that could give major momentum […]

Pelosi, the Bishops, and Immigration

May 4, 2011 Sean Higgins 0

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not, despite her powerful position, a riveting speaker. The San Francisco Democrat tends to stammer and fumble somewhat, even before friendly crowds. And the crowd she addressed on May 7 […]

Special Report

The Coming Realignment

May 2, 2011 Sean Higgins 0

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, thinks she may have witnessed the exact moment the tipping point was reached in the congressional fight over health care and abortion. She was in Michigan […]