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Sacraments and Politics

May 14, 2021 Dawn Beutner 8

Should Catholic politicians who publicly support abortion be denied Holy Communion? Various Church leaders have weighed in on the topic, both for and against. Bishop Robert McElroy recently continued the debate with an article that […]

The Dispatch

Worker Saints and the month of May

April 30, 2021 Dawn Beutner 3

When Pope Pius XII declared May 1 to be a memorial in honor of Saint Joseph the Worker in 1955, it was obviously a rebuke of Communist Russia’s “May Day” celebrations of the rights of […]

The Dispatch

The Saints and Sinners of Holy Week

March 30, 2021 Dawn Beutner 0

In his fascinating book Villains of the Early Church: And How They Made Us Better Christians (Emmaus Road Publishing, 2018), Mike Aquilina offers excellent insights into some of the famous characters who caused trouble for Catholics […]

The Dispatch

The Mathematician Saint

March 27, 2021 Dawn Beutner 1

Saints inspire others to become saints, and the famous Saint John Bosco proves that point. Don Bosco, as everyone called him at the time, was a priest who founded religious orders of priests and sisters […]