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Pope Francis’s scarlet letter

Dr. Edward Feser July 26, 2021 71
Consider two groups of Catholics:  First, divorced Catholics who disobey the Church’s teaching by forming a “new union” in which they are sexually active, thereby committing adultery.  And second, traditionalist Catholics attached to the Extraordinary [...]

A New Reformation

Francis X. Maier July 24, 2021 19
Editor’s note: The following text is adapted from July 24 remarks at the 2021 national Napa Institute summer conference. Napa’s summer conference gets better every year. It’s an island of encouragement in a world that [...]

The Mass of Vatican II

Editor’s note: This essay appeared originally in the September/October 2000 issue of Catholic Dossier and is based on a lecture on the liturgy given by Father Fessio in May, 1999. The Constitution on the Sacred [...]



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