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A real reformation of the Islamic religion would require a repudiation of large parts of Muhammad's legacy, which is akin to reforming Christianity by repudiating Christ

Can Islam be reformed? It’s a tricky question because, according to a great many Muslim leaders and Western leaders, it doesn’t need reforming. As they keep insisting, the beheadings, slave trafficking, and general violence committed in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam.

Despite the many attempts to prop it up, some cracks are now appearing in that ...

Social issues and common causes are making some Catholics reconsider cultural and political alliances leading up to crucial May 6th election

When British voters go to the polls on May 6 to choose a new government, the 18 seats decided by citizens of Northern Ireland may prove crucial in helping either the Conservative or Labour parties to form a coalition. Electorally, the region usually splits down a predictable line: members of the Protestant community voter for parties that want to remain part of the United Kingdom, Cat...

“At the end of the day,” says Eduardo Verástegui of Metanoia Films, which produced "Bella" and "Little Boy", “if you take faith out of the equation, you collapse.”

Eduardo Verastegui is a man of many talents: singer, model, actor, producer, pro-life speaker. After a successful career in music as a young man, he began acting in Mexican telenovelas, earning the nickname “the Brad Pitt of Mexico”. After moving to Hollywood to pursue a career in films he returned to the Catholic faith of his youth. Verastegui then co-founded

As Chicago’s shepherd, Cardinal George formed a new generation of priests, emphasized orthodox catechesis, and defended marriage and life

In his seventeen years as the Archdiocese of Chicago’s chief shepherd, Cardinal George, who retired last September, leaves behind a legacy as pastor, teacher, and defender of the Faith, including on the national stage during his presidency of the USCCB (2007-2010). He died April 17 after a long battle with cancer.

“He was a man of tremendous intellectual powe...

The PBS series, based on Hillary Mantel’s novel, is brilliant television—and a serious distortion of history, rooted in the last acceptable bigotry

“Wolf Hall,” the BBC adaptation of Hillary Mantel’s novel about early Tudor England, began airing on PBS’s “Masterpiece Theater” Easter Sunday night. It’s brilliant television. It’s also a serious distortion of history.

And it proves, yet again, that anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable bigotry in elite circles in th...

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