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Contrary to what modernists would have us believe, the modern worldview is not the result of a sudden and complete repudiation of the classical view upheld by medieval thinkers.

This book is for big picture readers, those who seek to view things in a long term perspective. 

Its thesis is that the moral values that underpin the legal and political systems of Western countries are being seriously eroded by the ongoing conflict between what is generally referred to as the “classical worldview” and the “modern worl...

This week the long-time host will say goodbye to his popular apologetics radio show, and hello to a new media venture.

After seven-and-a-half years at the helm of the enormously popular national radio show Catholic Answers Live, Patrick Coffin is stepping into the life entrepreneurial. A new media platform, led by a podcast called The Patrick Coffin Show, is now being launched through the Indiegogo crowd-funding site.

How to avoid poisoning your soul on social media

Not long ago Time magazine ran a cover story about Internet trolling with the alarming but not inaccurate cover blurb “We’re losing the Internet to the culture of hate.”

Trolling and other antisocial behaviors are widespread online. They can even be found in devout Catholic circles, though outrigh...

“Jim: The James Foley Story” is deliberately ambiguous on questions of the murdered photojournalist’s faith.

In the burning desert heat, there stands a man dressed all in black. His face is hidden. In his hand, he holds a blade. Kneeling beside him, dressed in florescent orange and with arms tied behind his back, is Jim Foley, American photojournalist and ISIS hostage.  

This is, for many, the first image they saw of the captured American. It...

How do Catholics avoid reducing the faith to the pursuit of fundamentally secularist causes?

From the Church’s earliest beginnings, Christians have sought to make this world a better place. Whether through thinking about how to order the political realm more justly or by serving the poor in conditions of indescribable filth, great saints ranging from Augustine to Teresa of Calcutta exemplify this living-out of the Gospel message.

Like everything ...

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