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Intense pressure from political and cultural elites, together with millions of dollars in foreign funding, resulted in a victory for gay rights activists in the majority-Catholic country.

Ireland, once dubbed “the most Catholic country in the world” by the future Pope Paul VI, has become the first country in the world to adopt same-sex marriage by means of a popular vote.

For months, opinion polls had been consistent is showing huge levels of support for the constitutional amendment to re-define marriage.

How can new robotic technology help save lives within warfare without overriding humanity’s ability to control and limit the effects of the lethal technology it introduces?

“War is hell.” (William Tecumseh Sherman)

NO TO WAR! War is not always inevitable. It is always a defeat for humanity.” (St. John Paul II,

Current events are a reminder that there is nothing quite as hellbent—quite literally—as a grave sin unleashed, publicly encouraged, and culturally affirmed

The Reuters' headline declares that the old is out and the out are in: "Gay Ireland hails 'a new Republic' as same-sex marriage approved".

This quote, a few paragraphs into the piece, says even more:

Catholic teaching on contraception will always be a "sign of contradiction" and it will always point to an inconvenient, counter-cultural truth: more contraception means more divorce and more abortion.

In his preface to A Man for All Seasons, playwright Robert Bolt describes protagonist Thomas More as

a man with an adamantine sense of his own self. He knew where he began and left off… but at length he was asked to retreat from that final area where he located his self. And there this supple, humorous, unassuming and sophi...

A study, written by one of Fr. Schall's former students, of the public art and urban spaces in northern Ireland reveals how secular philosophy and globalization have supplanted tradition and religion


A university professor rarely knows what happens to former students who pass on out of the university to their own lives. Once in a while, a former student will write. He will tell you what he is now ...

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