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Faith and doubt in the films of Martin Scorsese

February 24, 2017 Filip Mazurczak 2

Martin Scorsese’s latest film, his adaptation of Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence, has provoked mixed reactions from Catholic reviewers, from adulation to criticism. Indeed, the film—which deals with Jesuit missionaries in Japan during times of extreme […]

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My Top Ten Movies of 2016

January 2, 2017 Nick Olszyk 0

Let’s be honest. 2016 was not the best year in any category, and cinema was no exception. There were overblown sequels, unnecessary politicking in kid films, tragic deaths of great stars, and Independence Day: Resurgence. […]

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The Great Space Escape

December 23, 2016 Nick Olszyk 0

MPAA Rating: PG-13 USCCB Rating:A-II Reel Rating: (4 out of 5 reels) When the Star Wars anthology series was first announced, most fans – including myself – greeted the news with great enthusiasm. After all, […]