Ecclesia et Civitas

What is “Pro-Life”?

January 10, 2017 James Kalb 0

In America, “pro-life“ mostly means “anti-abortion.“ The name helps counter the “pro-choice“ brand and emphasize the positive concerns at stake. It also supports closely-related concerns such as euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and various reproductive […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

How many cheers for capitalism?

December 6, 2016 James Kalb 0

Many Christians argue for capitalism on the grounds that markets and private property support man’s rightful freedom, and doing away with them means poverty and tyranny. That seems a strong argument, so in response opponents […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

Dictatorship and Relativism

November 6, 2016 James Kalb 0

A lot of bad things happen in a world that has lost God. One is the disappearance of the rational freedom that is the natural setting for faith, science, morality, and pursuit of the common […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

Norms, Abnormality, and False Liberation

October 2, 2016 James Kalb 0

What’s bad about normalizing homosexuality and other forms of sexual nonconformity? If a woman becomes sexually involved with another woman, or redefines herself as a man, how does it harm anyone else? Why not just […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

Brexit, Trump, and Identity

August 8, 2016 James Kalb 0

Brexit and the Trump movement, with their emphasis on  the decisive importance of national identity, show that explicit identity politics has spread to all points of the political compass. That’s not surprising, since identity is […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

When Should We Ignore Tradition?

June 18, 2016 James Kalb 0

Last month I noted that tradition is not self-contained or absolute. It’s complex, so that superior, subordinate, and parallel traditions often come into conflict. Local tradition may say one thing, Church or national tradition quite another. […]