Most words are not crimes

December 7, 2015 Edward N. Peters 0

I am not sure what Archbishop Rino Fisichella meant when he said that “we need to understand well ‘physical violence’ [against the pope] because sometimes words, too, are rocks and stones, and therefore I believe […]


One city does not make a world

December 5, 2015 Edward N. Peters 0

The bi-annual papal blessing “Urbi et Orbi”—to the City (meaning Rome, of course) and to the World—is a charming Catholic event reflecting the solicitude a pope feels for the City entrusted to his episcopal care […]


A license to sin

November 24, 2015 Edward N. Peters 0

There is, I fear, no end in sight of the nonsensical nonsense being unleashed in the wake of various high-level ecclesiastic dalliances with doctrinal ambiguity and disciplinary confusion in regard to holy Communion for divorced-and-remarried […]


Compassion has nothing to do with it

November 10, 2015 Edward N. Peters 0

A batch of recent articles by solid Catholic writers assures worried readers that Pope Francis has not changed Church doctrine on the permanence of marriage—which he has not, of course, though I guess some rattled Catholics […]


Who is satisfied with “Mitis Iudex”?

September 13, 2015 Edward N. Peters 0

Ross Douthat’s speculations on Pope Francis’ “marriage endgame” are interesting (as usual) and in some respects I agree with them. But in one major respect, I disagree. Douthat writes: “Fast-tracking annulments weakens the credibility of […]