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CWR Articles > Current Issue: July 2016
Benedict XVI discusses resignation, "gay mafia," Pope Francis in new book-length interview
By Catholic News Agency
The interviews, conducted in 2013 after Benedict's resignation, are with veteran German journalist Peter Seewald.
"The Innocents" and the Secret It Reveals
By K. V. Turley
This movie is ostensibly about faith and suffering, but there is little narrative drive or direction, and challenging questions are never really addressed in a substantive way.
10 Things You Should Know about Catholics and the American Founding
By Bradley J. Birzer
In celebrating the 240th anniversary of American independence and the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, it’s worth remembering the role that Catholics and Catholicism played in 1776.
Martyrs on the Fourth of July
By Dr. Leroy Huizenga
Ultimately, two things are effective in defeating ideologies: guns or the witness of martyrdom. With Jesus, we ought to go with martyrdom, the fruit of profound love of God and neighbor.
The Joys and Challenges of Filming the Story of Salvation History
By CWR Staff
Steve Ray, who has been working for 16 years on the ambitious "Footprints of God" series, discusses his vision, describes the difficulties, and asks for assistance as the project nears the finish line.
In vibrantly Catholic Poland, growing secularism produces new challenges
By Filip Mazurczak
The land of St. John Paul II continues to be strongly Catholic, but signs of decline suggest that a boost from Pope Francis’ visit later this month will be welcome.
Finding the Way of Beauty
By Carrie Gress, Ph.D.
Author and artist David Clayton on living the “via pulchritudinis” in our daily lives.
Mich. diocese opts for liberal arts over Common Core
By Paul Senz
The new classical curriculum in the Diocese of Marquette aims at an active engagement with Catholic tradition, the great works of western culture, and moral and intellectual formation of the whole person.
A Flawed Search for Japan's Hidden Christianity
By Dr. Eric Cunningham
Its inherently fascinating content and commendable literary quality notwithstanding, John Dougill’s "In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians" is not likely to satisfy serious researchers into the history of Japanese Catholicism.
The Panorthodox Council: A Fragile Hope for Aggiornamento?
By Fr. Cyril Hovorun
Despite serious difficulties, the recent Holy and Great Council became a truly conciliar event which reflected the complexities of the Orthodox commonwealth while demonstrating its relevance to the modern world.
Catholicism and Global Institutions: It’s Time for a Rethink
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
“Brexit” underscores that the Catholic Church’s present approach to international political organizations requires modification, if not a complete overhaul.
Cardinal Sarah has challenged "the prejudices" behind "certain modern liturgical practices"
By CWR Staff
An interview with Sacra Liturgia’s international coordinator, Dom Alcuin Reid, about the recent London conference and the reactions to Robert Cardinal Sarah’s Address.
The adventurous life of radical dependence on God
By Jim Graves
The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal serve the inner-city poor, and depend on Divine Providence to provide for their every need.
Political Pragmatism and Catholic Public Action
By James Kalb
What does a Catholic do when he finds his outlook radically at odds with the direction of politics and public life?
Why the Church Cannot Reverse Past Teaching on Capital Punishment
By Edward Feser
If Pope Francis were to teach that capital punishment is “absolutely” immoral, he would be contradicting the teaching of scripture, the Fathers, and all previous popes, and substituting for it “some new doctrine.”
Race and Policing in an Era of Moral Equivalence
By William Kilpatrick
The employment of the therapeutic technique in the service of the coercive state is nicely exemplified in the attempt to draw a moral equivalence between the killing of five police officers in Dallas and the shooting of black suspects by police who c...
Evangelical Exodus: The Protestant seminary that produced dozens of Catholic converts
By Paul Senz
A new book tells the story of how numerous faculty members and students of a North Carolina Evangelical seminary found their way to the Catholic Church.
Reason, Authority, and the Roman Rite
By Dr. Leroy Huizenga
Catholics are often finding themselves in a situation in which the Church’s authorities sometimes seem to set themselves against the Church’s own teaching and rites.
Why the Death Penalty is Still Necessary
By Edward Feser
Given the Church’s longstanding and irreformable teaching that death may in principle be a legitimate punishment for grievous crimes, the key issue for Catholics is an empirical and practical question.
With new ordinations, the Jesuits see hope for the future
By Anne Hendershott
In many respects, reports of the death of the Society of Jesus are greatly exaggerated.
On making the world safe for Jesuits
By James V. Schall, S.J.
A new book explores the Jesuit connection to world Catholicism and world problems in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Europe, Islam, and Saint James the Moor-slayer
By Mary Jo Anderson
Despite the appalling specter of Islamic terrorism now gripping Europe—the attacks and slaughter in Munich, Nice, Brussels, Paris—Europeans, while once united in faith, aren't likely to seek the intercession of St. James today.
Church leaders respond to “pain and horror” of French priest’s murder
By Catholic News Agency
Fr. Jacques Hamel, 84, was killed Tuesday after two armed gunmen stormed a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during Mass.
During WYD, Krakow’s Jewish community pays tribute to John Paul II
By Filip Mazurczak
The history of Christians and Jews in Poland is long and complicated. An exhibit at Krakow’s Jewish Community Center illustrates John Paul II’s role in bringing the two groups closer together.
In Poland, Francis shows profound respect for the nation’s Christian history
By Filip Mazurczak
Meeting with government leaders and visiting the shrine of the Black Madonna, Pope Francis demonstrated an understanding of Polish Christianity’s unique history as well as the challenges it faces today.
Catholic street evangelization and getting “back to basics”
By Paul Senz
Steve Dawson spends his days talking to strangers about Jesus—and rejects the idea that street evangelization is a "Protestant thing."
A Christian Future or a Pagan One?
By Gregory J. Sullivan
R.R. Reno’s new book argues that progressivism is waging a war on the weak, and that “putting an end to that war is the most important social justice issue of our time.”
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