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CWR Articles > Current Issue: October 2015
Thomas More: The Saint for the Synod
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
Just as some contemporary Northern European bishops are presently seeking to fudge similarly settled Church teaching, considerable efforts were made by bishops in 1533 to persuade More to be more flexible with Henry VIII's demands
The Church Must Be Prophetic in its Teachings on Marriage
By Stephan Kampowski
As this year’s Synod on the Family opens, Church leaders must be willing to clarify what Christian marriage is and what it is not, and propose it with a prophetic stance to a culture that becomes more and more ideological.
Walker Percy and the Atticus Finch Question
By Dr. Randall B. Smith
The great Southern writer had the wisdom and courage to admit that the cultural Stoicism of men like his beloved Uncle Will suffered from a tragic flaw and was “no longer good enough for the South.”
"The Church has no authority...”: On the Limits of the Pope
By Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
Papal authority cannot be used to promote favored papal causes, no matter how noble. It is to be used to keep the Church one and focused on the one true God.
Full text of Cardinal Erdo's introductory report for the Synod on the Family
In his introductory speech to the synod fathers, the synod's relator general examined current challenges to the family and marriage, the vocation of the family, and the family's mission today
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