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CWR Articles > Current Issue: June 2016
Catholicism and Citizenship
By Christopher White
"I can’t be a good citizen if I don’t love my country," says Stephen White. "That doesn’t mean ignoring the country’s flaws and failings. ... It does mean that I strive to do what’s best for my country..."
Vatican II and Eastern Orthodoxy’s Approaching Council
By Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
There are stylistic and substantial differences between the upcoming Great and Holy Council of Orthodoxy and the Second Vatican Council, but also three important similarities.
"Love & Friendship" and the Holy Folly of the Twelve Commandments
By Christopher S. Morrissey
The holy foolishness of Whit Stillman sharpens the wit of Jane Austen’s "Lady Susan" into wisdom
Pope Francis: Newly canonized saints were "deeply united to the passion of Jesus"
By Catholic News Agency
The Holy Father spoke to thousands of pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square for the canonization of St. Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary and St. Maria Elizabeth Hesselblad, the first to be proclaimed Saints during the Jubilee of Mercy.
A Bright Star in Ireland’s Sad Religious Prognosis
By John P. McCarthy
Recent political developments, such as the passage by over 60 percent of the electorate of a constitutional amendment last year accepting same sex marriage, definitely suggests a changed Ireland from the 1980s.
Maronite Monks Work to Establish Monastery in Washington State
By Jim Graves
"This is our charism," says Abouna Jonathan Decker, "adoring the living God in silence and solitude in the tradition of St. Maron, St. Sharbel and St. Nimatullah Kassab."
As Pan-Orthodox Council Approaches, Conflicts and Uncertainty Intensify
By Fr. Cyril Hovorun
Some Orthodox factions insist non-Orthodox Churches, including the Catholic Church, should not be called "Churches". That's just one of many serious disagreements casting a cloud over Crete.
The Metaphysics of the Bathroom
By Robert R. Reilly
What accounts for the prominence of the issue of transgenderism and the passions that it ignites?
Fox's Book of Augustine
By Dr. Jared Ortiz
"Augustine: Conversions to Confessions" is a sprawling and imperfect biography of the great Doctor of the Church, but it is also surprisingly excellent, avoiding many of the common biases found in other modern studies.
Back to the Land, Back to the Lord
By CWR Staff
Property, prosperity, prestige, success, power, popularity—none of this lasts, emphasizes Marcus Grodi, author of "Life from Our Land". In fact, they can all be distractions from attaining that which is most important.
Stop Being "Shocked" and Start Being Honest
By Carl E. Olson
Our leaders, on the whole, refuse to acknowledge the truth about Islamism, and so they acquit themselves poorly while treating us like mindless subjects.
Kimberly Hahn: Wife, Mother, Author—and Local Politician
By Jim Graves
"During the course of the campaign, we knocked on over 8,000 doors, out of a possible 9,500. I campaigned the night before the election well into the darkness."
The "Benedict Option" or the "Gregorian Option"?
By Fr. Andrew Liaugminas
Since the Benedict Option appears to be more motivated by cultural preservation than a supernatural outlook on engagement of the world, the Church is better pursuing a path that holds to the necessity of spreading the Gospel in the world.
How Saint John Paul II Conquered Communism
By Filip Mazurczak
The documentary "Liberating a Continent" is a subtly provocative refutation of what our secularized elites believe about what truly drives history and how Christianity impacts the world.
Pope Francis, Marriage, and the Missing Middle Term
By Edward N. Peters
As happens so often when amateurs plunge into technical areas that they do not understand, Francis has taken a very narrow but plausible point and grossly exaggerated it.
When Should We Ignore Tradition?
By James Kalb
One of the most important services of tradition is that it takes into account realities current ways of thinking leave out. It summarizes experience, and experience changes how things look to us.
Warning Signs in Orlando
By William Kilpatrick
There were numerous signs that Omar Mateen might turn jihadist. There is plenty of evidence he acted upon radical Islamist beliefs. But we're told by President Obama and others to ignore all of it.
Europe as a ‘Soft Utopia’
By Todd Huizinga
We in the West must decide between self-government, on the one hand, and Fonte’s “slow suicide of liberal democracy”, on the other. In the end, the struggle is really about the purpose—the telos—of politics.
Confessions of an “elitist”
By George Weigel
“Elitist” is now used as a scare-word to prevent legitimate criticism of ideas and behaviors once thought beyond the pale.
Catholics in America: A Tale of Two Flags
By Russell Shaw
Yes, assimilation has been the preferred strategy of Catholic leadership since the days of John Carroll. But should it always be? There is good reason to think it shouldn’t.
Orlando in Hindsight
By James V. Schall, S.J.
While Islam is, as I judge it, a false religion, it is held by true believers who are much more accurate in their reading of their own classical texts than any of their critics.
"No summer progress": Eliot and the defense of Christian civilization
By Edward Short
The great Christian poet’s prose writings demonstrate his fascination not only with the question of what constitutes Christian civilization, but of how best to understand, protect, and revitalize it.
"Brexit" and the Failure of Europe
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
The continent that once ruled the world seems adrift as its soul is consumed by bureaucracy and political correctness.
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