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CWR Articles > Current Issue: April 2015
The Prophetic Challenge of St. John Paul II
By Carl E. Olson
Pope John Paul II's rich teaching is a remarkably rich and cogent whole, a mosaic that rewards repeated study and contemplation
Indiana, Religious Freedom, and the Denial of Reality
By Carl E. Olson
The likely result of recent clashes, says Robert R. Reilly, will "be fewer such religious freedom bills proposed in the future and ... Republican candidates for president will keep their mouths shut about this issue"
"They Killed Him": Deicide and Holy Saturday
By Leroy Huizenga
Why Holy Saturday started to hit me differently a few years ago
Without Easter, We’re History
By Carl E. Olson
How different would our lives be if there had been no Redemption and no Resurrection?
The Measure of Mercy: Francis and the Extraordinary Jubilee Year
By Dr. R. Jared Staudt
The horrors of the 20th century and the pontificate of Pope St. John Paul II form the backdrop to the Holy Father's recent announcement of a Holy Year of Mercy
The Rise and Fall of Catholic Communities
By Kevin Schmiesing
Every age is at once a story of corruption and decay, renewal and growth.
The Return of the Exorcists
By Alessandra Nucci
With papal recognition of an international group of exorcists comes a renewed interest in their ministry and role in the pastoral work of the Church.
After Garissa Killings, Kenyan Catholics Seek Answers, Offer Solace
By Allen Ottaro
The problem of the radicalization of young people is the most challenging battle as Kenya responds to radical Islamic violence
The Battle Over the Sexes: Catholic Perspectives on the Gender Debate
By Benjamin J. Vail
In debates over gender we see competing views of the human person—what it means to be human—in stark contrast.
The Reasonable Character of the Credibility of the Christian Faith
By James V. Schall, S.J.
The Church understands that it needs thinkers to examine and explain why arguments are leveled against it and whether or not these arguments are valid
A Catholic Patriotism
By James Kalb
America is not a system of beliefs but millions of people living together, so rejecting some beliefs now treated as official is not rejecting America
From SF’s “Gay Mecca” to Healing in Christ
By Jim Graves
Feeling trapped and miserable in the gay lifestyle, Joseph Sciambra found freedom in the love of Christ. Now he helps others to find it, too.
Cardinal Francis George, the Emeritus Archbishop of Chicago, dies at 78
The first Chicago native to become the city’s archbishop, Cardinal George retired in 2014; he had shepherded the archdiocese since 1997.
What’s Up With Wes?
By Savanna Buckner
Wes Anderson films are certainly unique, spawning parodies of his quirky style and mysterious sense of humor. But is his artistic vision truly complete and whole?
The De-Christianization and Gradual Islamization of France
By Charles Adhémar
Islamist networks in France and across Europe are increasingly organized and well-armed, but it is France that is sitting on a powder keg
A Lion of the American Church: Thoughts on the Passing of Cardinal George
By Fr. Robert Barron
Cardinal George was a spiritual father to me. In his determination, his pastoral devotion, his deep intelligence, his kindness of heart, he mediated the Holy Spirit.
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