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CWR Articles > Current Issue: August 2016
WYD shows Poland can help the West rediscover its roots
By Filip Mazurczak
Larger than expected and on fire for the faith, the crowds at World Youth Day prove that Poland still is a Christian powerhouse.
“Ad orientem” and the problems of modern church architecture
By Erik Bootsma
Even if every priest were to suddenly have the desire to celebrate the Mass in the ancient and traditional orientation, there remains a major obstacle—the architecture of the churches themselves.
The Pope and Perón
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
Does a long-deceased Latin American populist provide us with insight into Pope Francis?
Ben-Hur, 2016: A classic tale for a new generation
By Jim Graves
An interview with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, executive producers of the new big-screen adaptation of Ben-Hur.
Vladimir the Inevitable? Understanding the rise of Putin
By Joseph Kremers
At each stage of his rise to power, Vladimir Putin demonstrated an understanding of both the Russian psyche and the tactical conditions of the post-Soviet world.
New documentary shows Franciscan friars among the world’s “outcasts”
By K. V. Turley
The new project from Grassroots Films is a powerful and beautiful depiction of the work of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal with the impoverished and the desperate.
China and Vatican Make Preliminary Agreement on the Election of Bishops
By Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.
Pope Francis is not the first pope to turn his pastoral gaze toward China, and in the long scope of the Middle Kingdom's history, the Vatican’s overtures to China are not so unusual.
Brexit, Trump, and Identity
By James Kalb
People recognize on some level that the current situation is bizarre, and that an accepted system of identities rather like the inherited one is basic to human life.
Francis and Fundamentalism
By Carl E. Olson
Why should we equate Christianity to Islam in terms of its inner dynamic—that is, its core beliefs about God, man, the temporal order, and so forth? Why must we think that Islam and Christianity are equal in terms of moral teachings?
Islam, ISIS, and Turkey
By Derya M. Little
A brief history of Islam in Turkey, and what it means for the rise of ISIS.
Pope Francis vs. Gender Ideology
By Robert R. Reilly
In the end, reality always wins. An old saying has it that: God always forgives; man sometimes; Nature never.
Franciscan Beat
By James Matthew Wilson
David Craig’s verse is a poetry of what Robert Lowell, that most refined, or “cooked,” high modernist of Catholic poetry, called “the raw.”
God and Brexit
By George Weigel
When biblical religion collapsed throughout Europe, subsidiarity and respect for difference imploded as well. The vacuum was filled by a monochromatic notion of “democracy.”
Friendship, forgiveness, and chariots: The Ben-Hur team discusses their new film
By Jim Graves
The actors and production crew behind Ben-Hur talk about their fresh take on a classic tale of betrayal and mercy.
Saint Teresa of Jesus and the Search for the Sacred
By Fr. Erik Varden, OCSO
Does the Church’s liturgy enable, now, the expression and communication of sacred realities? Is the ‘sacred’ still a meaningful category?
Poverty, Politics, and the Church in Pope Francis’s Argentina
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
Argentina is trying to break with 70 years of populism, corruption, and general economic decline. But in the age of the Argentine pope, what role will the Church play in this process?
Surprised by the Beauty of 20th-Century Music
By Paul Senz
While avant-garde art dominated the past century, notes Robert R. Reilly, glorious and melodic music was being written all along, even if often suppressed or neglected.
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