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CWR Articles > Current Issue: July 2014
Cahill's Self-Serving History of Heretics and Heroes
By Michael B. Kelly
Outrage-free history has never been easy to write, and Thomas Cahill is not up to the task in his new book on the Renaissance and Reformation
Transformers, Dinosaurs, and Angels
By Christopher S. Morrissey
Transformers: Age of Extinction offers a surprisingly interesting grand-scale speculative mythology to match the size of the battles between its robot aliens.
10 Things You Should Know About the American Founding
By Bradley J. Birzer
On this Fourth of July, 238 years after Congress declared independence from the British Empire through the Declaration of Independence, it’s well worth reminding ourselves of a number of things about the Founding era.
Chaldean Patriarch Fears Iraqi Christian Exodus
By Michael J. Miller
Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako remarks on ISIS, the future of Iraq, and the responsibility of the West
Cardinal Kasper and the Church Fathers
By Adam G. Cooper
In seeking pastoral solutions for divorced and remarried Catholics, Kasper misrepresents the position of the Church Fathers.
Alice von Hildebrand: Reflecting on a Life of Teaching, Scholarship, and Prayer
By Jim Graves
With her memoirs due out later this summer, the prolific writer and scholar looks back over decades of service to the Gospel and to truth.
Canada’s Pro-Life Convict is Free Again—But Not For Long
By Steve Weatherbe
Mary Wagner’s mission takes her into abortion clinics and behind bars.
The World and the Church
By James Kalb
We are all, faithful Catholics and secular humanists alike, members of the faith-based as well as the reality-based community
Dragon, Empire, Soldier, Lord
By David Paul Deavel
Michael Lotti's new novel of St. George fits the needs of girls and boys ... of all ages
Unveiling the Tactics (and Tantrums) of Tyrannical Feminists
By Carrie Gress
The concocted “war on women” is sheer marketing genius; it is also angry, irrational, and dishonest.
Social Justice and the Witness of the Saints
By Christopher White
An interview with Brandon Vogt, whose new book examines Catholic social teaching through the lives and witness of fourteen Blesseds and Saints
What’s Behind Attempts to Block Canada’s Only Christian Law School?
By Steve Weatherbe
The campaign against the proposed law school at Trinity Western University reveals intolerance posing as tolerance.
The West Was Wrong in Iraq—and Christians are Paying the Price
By Michael Coren
Like it or not, the venomous persecution of Iraqi Christians is a direct consequence of western foreign policy.
“Too Late Have I Loved Thee”: On the Genius of Franz Joseph Haydn
By R.J. Stove
He seems to need rediscovering with each new generation. And by the way, let’s lose the fatuous “Papa Haydn” tag.
The Pope, Persecution, and Religious Freedom
By James V. Schall, S.J.
The bluntness of Francis’ speaking of actual persecution of Christians on the scale that it is occurring is most encouraging
Obama’s Executive Order and What it Means for Catholic Organizations
By John Paul Shimek
Without exemptions for religious organizations, the new federal policy may hinder the work of Catholic social service providers and educational institutions.
Recovering an Enchanted World
By Anne Hendershott
In turning Maleficent into a feminist morality play, Disney subverts the nature of fairy tales and suppresses any sense of magic and moral logic.
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