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CWR Articles > Current Issue: December 2014
Revisiting Pope Leo XIII and Reclaiming Catholic Social Doctrine
By Gregory J. Sullivan
Anthony Esolen's new book is a lively defense and erudite explanation of "first principles and human realities"
From Anglican Bishop to Catholic Monsignor
By Jim Graves
An interview with Msgr. Peter Wilkinson, a former Anglican bishop who realized the “dream” of full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.
Normality Is Not Hatred
By James Kalb
Today’s politics has no place for legitimate authority based on higher standards, so power must base itself on Choice, otherwise known as the Triumph of the Will
You Better Watch Out—St. Nicholas is Coming to Town
By Christopher B. Warner
The seldom-told stories of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
"Behold Your Mother!": Meeting the Virgin Mary in D.C.
By Br. Gabriel Torretta, O.P.
A new exhibit at The National Museum of Women in the Arts draws together a stunning collection of Renaissance and Baroque artwork
Catholicism’s Latin American Problem
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
Those interested in reviving Catholicism’s saliency in everyday life in Latin America should consider how they can make Christ front-and-center of their social outreach
Catholic Radio Launches in Los Angeles
By Jim Graves
After a long absence, Catholic programming enters the country’s largest radio market.
Catholic "Women Priests": Can There Be a Discussion?
By Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Those Catholics who are seeking and hoping to "ordain" women are working within a hermeneutic of revolution
The Poet, the Great War, and "The Break"
By Gerald J. Russello
David Jones' great poem, "In Parenthesis," is a modernist masterpiece, a war poem, and a guide to the story of salvation
An "Exodus" Plagued by Extravagant Mediocrity
By Nick Olszyk
Ridley Scott's telling of the story of Moses has numerous flaws. Better to read the Good Book instead.
ISIS, Assad, and What the West is Missing About Syria
By Alessandra Nucci
Syria, once home to a unique, multireligious society, is being destroyed. The West is turning a blind eye to the real cause of the tragedy.
Resisting Torture Logic
By Michael Coren
As Catholics, we cannot condone torture, even of terrorists.
Vatican Report on US Sisters Largely Positive, But Concerns Remain
By Ann Carey
The six-year apostolic visitation process closes with praise and gratitude for the sisters’ work, while encouraging continual renewal and self-evaluation.
The Catholic Con Regroups
By Anne Hendershott
Gearing up for 2016, left-leaning Catholic political organizations prepare to make the case for the Democratic platform.
Is Catholicism the "Babylon Mystery Religion"?
By Mark P. Shea
How the story of the Magi sheds plenty of light on the historical soundness of the Gospel of Matthew and how early Christians viewed paganism
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