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CWR Articles > Back Issue: February 2014
The Lingering Trance of Green Dolphin Street
By Patrick Coffin
"Our whole marriage has been a...slip of the pen?"
Spiritual Healing After Sexual Abuse
By John Burger
Revealing her own history of abuse in book, former rock journalist Dawn Eden reflects on how the Church can improve its pastoral care of victims
How Do We Advance Subsidiarity?
By James Kalb
Like other aspects of Catholic social teaching, what subsidiarity requires most of all is that Catholics live as Catholics
Sola Shea
By Mark P. Shea
Mark Shea interviews Mark Shea about By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition
Pope Francis by the Book
By Joanna Bogle
Three books attempt to shed light on the life and vision of the pope “from the ends of the Earth.”
The Evangelistic Brilliance of Frank Sheed
By Carl E. Olson
An interview with Dr. Joseph F. Martin about one of the greatest Catholic apologists of the past century
What is the Point of Religious Education?
By Dr. Leroy Huizenga
The best education in the Faith is the practice of the Faith.
A Man Obsessed With Sanity
By Carl E. Olson
Author and apologist Frank Sheed, once introduced as "Aquinas in a Collar and Tie", was a master of precision and clarity
What Is the US Doing About Religious Persecution Worldwide?
By John Burger
While President Obama calls religious freedom a “key objective of US foreign policy,” experts question how high a priority combating persecution really is.
The U.N.'s Cynical Assault on the Church
By Michael Coren
The double standard employed in abuse-justified attacks on Catholic teaching is both surreal and calculated
A New Order Responds to the Lord’s Call for Unity
By Jim Graves
An interview with Sister Mary Philomena Fuire, superior of the Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace
Christianity and Islam, Dialogue and Monologues
By Peter D. Beaulieu
Robert R. Reilly's monograph, The Prospects and Perils of Catholic-Muslim Dialogue, argues that the real problem with political and social structures in Islam is theological
Mission, Dialogue, and Difficulties
By James V. Schall, S.J.
How religious freedom went from the freedom to practice and explain the Faith to permission to merely do what the State allows
Bishops—The First Ones Called to Preach the Gospel of Life
By John Smeaton
A pro-life leader in the UK calls on bishops worldwide to throw their support behind efforts to strengthen a Culture of Life.
The Romance of Religion
By Christopher White
Father Dwight Longenecker on his new book and the adventure, drama, and beauty of the Christian faith.
Newman and the Idea of Sanctity
By Edward Short
Though writing in the 19th century, Bl. John Henry Newman anticipated the fervor of today’s evangelical atheists who seek to disabuse us of what they consider the illusions of faith.
The Oblates of the Virgin Mary: For Our Lord and Our Lady
By Jim Graves
Fr. Jeremy Paulin, OMV, discusses the history of the Oblates, his journey into the order, and the challenges and blessing of religious life
Francis, Faith, and False Assurances
By Carl E. Olson
There are a lot of people who are going to be surprised by how Catholic the Pope really is
The UK Ordinariate Three Years Later: A Snapshot
By Joanna Bogle
Some former Anglican communities thrive, some still struggle to find a permanent home after crossing the Tiber.
Make Your Lent Beautiful with Lent at Ephesus
By Christopher S. Morrissey
A practical guide to incorporating the latest hit album from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles into your Lenten meditations.
A Mixed Rendition of The Greatest Story Ever Told
By Nick Olszyk
Son of God is a decent film that too often feels like a television movie with unobtainable ambitions
Star-Struck: The Oscars and Reality
By Dr. Edmund J. Mazza
Seventy years ago, two films attesting to the “really real” won multiple Oscars. Would they even be nominated today?
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