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CWR Articles > Back Issue: January 2014
“The Best Books I Read in 2013”
By CWR Staff
Featuring contributions from Dana Gioia, Anthony Esolen, Thomas Howard, Michael Coren, Joseph Pearce, James V. Schall, Brandon Vogt, and many more.
A Word About Words—and 2013
By Carl E. Olson
Our world is full of promises, plans, policies, and pleas, making it hard to hear just one Word
Pope Francis, Economics, and Poverty
By James V. Schall, S.J.
Comments made by Cardinal Bergoglio in 2010 shed light on his understanding of capitalism, work, and the poor
Life, Literature, and the Horror of Abortion
By Christopher White
An interview with Edward Short, author of Culture and Abortion
Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan: An Icon of the Vietnamese Church
By Sr. Maria Thuan Nguyen
Representing the resilience and fidelity of Vietnamese Catholics, Cardinal Thuan’s life reminds Christians everywhere to proclaim the Gospel in all circumstances.
Putting a Face on Down Syndrome
By Leslie Fain
As widespread, non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome becomes a reality, it becomes more important to show that these children—and their families—can have good lives.
Prospective Chromosome Therapy for Down Syndrome: Hopes, Fears, and Ethics
By Sister Renée Mirkes
New research on potential therapies for Down syndrome raise hopes as well as ethical concerns.
The Russian Orthodox Church and the Papacy
By Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
The recent statement by the Moscow Patriarchate “on the problem of primacy” is born of desperate, and desperately sad, insecurity
Fostering a Culture of Vocation and Evangelization in Vancouver, BC
By Jim Graves
An interview with Archbishop J. Michael Miller of Vancouver, British Columbia, who has just celebrated the 10th anniversary of his episcopal ordination.
What’s Normal?
By James Kalb
Why should we want to be ordered around by social engineers who don’t understand what they’re doing?
March On!
By John Burger
Roe v. Wade anniversary draws pro-life activists to events in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and other cities.
Questions Remain in California Priest’s Tragic Slaying
By Brian O'Neel
Father Eric Freed was a beloved pastor in a small Northern California town. Why he was brutally murdered on New Year’s Day remains a mystery as a suspect is charged with the crime.
Looking at Islam Through Catholic Eyes
By William Kilpatrick
Comments by Pope Francis about “authentic Islam” suggest a failure to see Islam as most Muslims understand and live it.
Ecology, Abortion, and the Left
By William L. Patenaude
It is impossible to be pro-ecology and pro-abortion.
A New Religious Community Takes Root in Santa Rosa
By Jim Graves
Mother Teresa Christe of the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa discusses her journey from sedevacantism to communion with Rome and the establishment of a community of sisters devoted to prayer and Catholic education.
Michael O’Brien’s Literary Icons
By Eric Thomason
Voyage to Alpha Centauri explores familiar and timely themes, but in a very different setting.
Roman Rights and Wrongs
By Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
What needs to change for East-West unity to happen?
“They Preach Christ’s Gospel of Peace and Justice”
By Dorothy Cummings McLean
A Ukrainian priest and historian discusses the crisis in Ukraine.
Catholic Universities: Identity, Faith, and Power
By Dr. Eric Cunningham
We are fighting to preserve and recover the Catholic faith in our schools precisely because it has been replaced by “Catholic identity.”
Who Is God?
By Thomas P. Harmon
Remi Brague's little book, On the God of the Christians, offers a startling and fresh presentation on the identity, being, and actions of God.
The War on Christians in the Middle East
By Michael Coren
Baroness Warsi, UK's Minister for Faith, warns of the possible extinction of Christianity in its historical heartlands
15 Lies at the Basis of Our Culture
By James V. Schall, S.J.
Each of these lies, on examination, denies or violates a principle of reason or a fact of science
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